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2017-05-12 12:36 am

I may do a proper review tomorrow, however…


The vocals were a LITTLE low in the mix, so sometimes clarity was a bit lacking. Thankfully I knew most of the words anyway.


They didn't play my favourite song, but they did play Holly's, and the look on her face when she heard the opening bars is a thing I will treasure for always.

I am very happy and slightly deaf and slightly hoarse. But definitely very happy.

ISIHAC on Sunday! :)
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2017-05-12 10:24 am
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Concert review: Iron Maiden at First Direct Arena, Leeds

Well, I say review, it's more a disjointed set of ramblings.

background about why we went )
Shinedown )
Maiden themselves )

We had a really great time, and Hol really loved it, and is fully looking forward to Alice Cooper in the autumn now :)
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2017-05-12 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 12-05-2017