Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

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I'm a heavy user of email filters; almost everything that is emailed to me gets sorted and categorised before I even see it. Here is a picture of my Gmail sidebar as it currently stands:

All the labels except Starred, Sent, URGENT and Politics are set to only show up on the list if there is something new in the label. This means the sidebar doesn't become too unwieldy - I have almost 30 labels. Politics and Sent are ones I dip into often enough that I always want them to be there; Starred are ones where I need to take some form of action, so I star them so they are easily and readily accessible. URGENT is used in the same way Arthur Dent uses his manila folder marked URGENT, and so is just there as a joke, really.

But really, I only have three categories of email:
  1. Email I want to see straight away - this gets put into the relevant label (say, Work, or Family and Friends) and stays in the inbox; this email will send me a push notification on my phone. The number of email addresses in this hallowed category is very very small indeed, because being in this category basically guarantees my instant attention.

  2. Email I need to deal with when I can - this gets put into the relevant category but skips the inbox so I do not get a push notification and it doesn't add to my huge piles of stress and panic. I can then, when I have the brain bandwidth to deal with a particular type of email, go and look in, say, Politics and see what there is in there that I need to deal with. I'd say about 40% of emails sent to me are in this category.

  3. Go to Crap, go directly to Crap, do not pass inbox, do not collect 200 spoons - this is stuff which, while it's technically possible I might want to read it, is unlikely to be useful or interesting or have any point to it. It gets labelled "crap", and it gets put into Crap, and it never touches my inbox and it therefore doesn't stress me out. Almost all marketing email goes in here, which probably accounts for another 40-50% of what I get sent, and increasing amounts of other stuff is on this list too. I check it once or twice a day, usually on my phone, because it's very satisfying swiping to delete while declaring "crap, crap, crap..."
Once you have this system set up, it is but the work of a moment to, when you get email from a new address, add a filter for that address. And it is easy enough to edit a filter so that, for example, if you split up with someone you don't have to have them in Household any more, or whatever labels you decide work for you (Household is not one of mine, as it happens, but an example of one other people might want).

Sadly, while this system is great, it doesn't stop collossal bellends from emailing you at all, just sorts them into more manageable groups of bellendery.

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