Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

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So those who are interested will have already seen Zoe's report on which amendments were taken and weren't and I am happy to answer questions about individual ones if people really want me to, but I think there are two things that need to be covered that are merely skirted in Zoe's article:
  1. The Supporter's Scheme, and how the votes on it are going to work

    So, you will see from Zoe's article that we rejected a whole load of separate vote requests. This is not because we are not going to be taking lots of votes. We are going to be taking LOADS of votes. There is a reason Geoff is chairing that debate himself, and that's because he is very very good at running complex vote patterns. If you're invested in what happens with this, you really really need to study pp12-14 of Conference extra, which details exactly how the voting will be run, however, in precis, there will be seven votes as follows:
    1. Yes if you want registered supporters to be on Policy Working groups, No if you don't (simple majority)
    2. Yes if you want to exclude members of other political parties from the Supporters' Scheme, no if you want members of other parties to be able to be registered supporters of ours (simple majority)
    3. Yes for overall support for the supporter's scheme (2/3rds majority)
    4. (Only if 3 passes) Yes if supporters should be able to vote for Leader (2/3rds majority)
    5. Yes for non-MPs being able to be leader (2/3rds majority)
    6. Yes to scrap the 12-month rule for Approved PPCs (2/3rds majority)
    7. Will depend entirely on the results of previous votes.

    I'm expecting most of those to be counted, TBQH. I'll be very surprised if not. But regardless, if you plan to vote in the Supporter's Scheme debate, study conference extra so you know exactly what you are voting for and listen carefully to the debate chair. You do not want to do a Chris Grayling and end up in the wrong lobby.

    In terms of how I plan to vote? I think this is ridiculous cargo cultism, won't solve any of the problems the leadership think it will, and will create a whole bunch of new ones on the basis of expecting staff who have just had half their colleagues made redundant and are already doing far more work than can reasonably expected to suddenly run a two tier membership scheme with no extra resources. It's madness. I shall be voting no, yes, no, hell no, no, no but I don't much care, and almost certainly no.

  2. The Europe Motion

    You'll find this on p9 of Conference Extra, and if you want to amend it (which I am sure, having read it, some of you will) you have until noon on Friday to submit amendments. Hopefully by that point we will know at least a bit of what is going on and it won't all just be chaos... hahahahahahaha only kidding, of course it will be chaos, but you can submit amendments anyway.
Any questions?

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