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Date: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 04:31 pm (UTC)
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I was on an updated Sprinter coming home from Brighouse today! With the new seats (more comfortable, I think) and a nice little dot matrix screen telling you which station you're at and which stations it will stop at and when. That should be the basic train on Northern by the end of the year - and even if there's still a few junk buckets still around, they will definitely be rarer.

Northern's trains are taking their time getting better - they had delays on deliveries of new trains from Spain, delays on deliveries of used trains from Scotland and delays on deliveries of electrification in Bolton (which means they don't have enough diesel trains), plus their own internal crapness, but they do have (almost) all the Scottish trains at long last (only two of 30-ish still left) and are starting to get West Mids trains (first delivery on time), and the Bolton electrification is complete (first test train went through just before Xmas). All we need is for the Spanish manufacturers to deliver trains that pass testing and run reliably no more than six months behind their current (delayed) schedule, and then the refurbished Sprinters will be the worst trains on their network - that's the train I was admiring today as being a big improvement.

Northern say "end of October" - I suspect that "next Summer" is more likely - but even if I'm right on timing, there will still be a lot of improved trains running around this time next year, and we'll definitely be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, Northern, all you have to do is decide to keep guards, stop treating your staff like shit, and learn how to run a reliable service on time, and you might get all the way up to "acceptable".

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