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A casual glance at the news these days will see lots of journos giving the fash the publicity they crave reporting on this new craze of pro-brexit protestors in yellow hiviz jackets. Why, you might think, would people who abhor Europe and all it's works suddenly adopt the markings of a European protest movement? Why do people who object to being dismissed as gammons voluntarily clad themselves in mustard?

A little trawl through some UK primary legislation will bring you to the Public Order Act 1936 {wikipedia link for those who get the heebie jeebies at the thought of reading Acts of Parliament}, which prohibits the wearing of political uniforms on protest marches. While this may come as a surprise to many of us who have marched at Pride happily emblazoned with rainbow Libby Birds (or, for that matter, the execrable red "never kissed a tory" shirts), the Act has seen some use in recent years against fash members of the far-right political group Britain First. And if you look at the make-up of these groups of British Gilets Jaunes, they bear a striking resemblance to groups like Britain First and other far right groupings.

It's almost like, as Cass pointed out on twitter this morning, they've found a uniform that's worn by lots of people in the course of their work and thus it is difficult for the police to prosecute them for wearing it...

Of course it's properly shitty for those poor buggers who actually have to wear hiviz for work, that they are now starting to be tarred with this brush. And workplaces who change their hiviz colour to green or orange or pink off the back of this are not going to be stopping the fash from wearing those colours too. Well, the fash probably wouldn't wear pink, now I come to think of it, given how much they hate us queers... So I guess if you have a choice at work, pick the pink hiviz?

ETA: I have now seen them referred to as "Neon Nazis" and that's just too perfect to not pick up :)
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