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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 05:57 pm
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So for various reasons including not actually having my own room for most of the last few years my audiophile tendencies have gone unloved. My lovely Technics turntable sat lonely and unconnected. My vinyl languished on its shelves.

Recently I got my room back.

So I decided to reward myself for getting it (mostly) sorted out, tidy and shipshape by buying myself one of these.

Oh. My. God.

I am hearing some songs as I haven't heard them in YEARS. All those people who tell you that there's no audible difference in sound quality between compressed digital stuff and analogue are bullshitting. I know this because one of the first things daughter and I did was put on Fear of the Dark (1998 digital remaster) followed by Fear of the Dark (2015 remastered for hipster vinyl) and it was astounding. So I have spent most of the last couple of days excitedly fishing out old records and cooing over how amazing they sound. Side 2 of Welcome To My Nightmare gave me goosebumps.

Of course even if you're not as much of an audiophile wanker as I am, and are merely a tech geek, I'd still rec the particular amp I bought because it works seamlessly with things like spotify too. Best of both worlds? Hell yes. Thank Cthulhu for hipsters, I say. You'd never have got something that did spotify AND vinyl even a couple of years ago... I can punt podcasts to it from bed! I am really genuinely massively happy with it.

Of course now I need to get new speaker cables, and build a proper stand for it, and... ;)
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