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I'm sure Zoe's post on LDV will be up soon detailing what got selected and what didn't, once all the submitters of motions have been informed. When that goes up I'll have a couple of comments about which motions I liked and didn't like. But right now I'm here to give you the scuttlebutt about the rest of the meeting.

Firstly, conference office was not immune to the recent upheavals in staffing that HQ has suffered, and we are going to be saying goodbye to a much-loved and very long-standing member of staff. Conference office staff do a huge amount of work, and I don't think the party in general necessarily appreciates that, because much of it is invisible work. With conference people only notice when things don't run smoothly, rather than when they do. I hope the restructure doesn't have too much of a negative effect on York conference: that said, I'm sure you lot will all let me know if it does.

A decision has been taken as to where the 2020 conferences will be, but I can't tell you what it is yet (sorry). After York this spring some work will be undertaken to look at a bunch of alternate venues to the ones we have used in the last few years, some of them suggested by members, and we are going to find a way of communicating to members why certain venues do and do not make the list (and why). Inevitably all venues elicit both positive and negative comments in some measure, and doubtless there will be a lot of robust comment on this whatever happens.

We discussed also encouraging members not only to put forward motions, but to put forward motions on particular topics: it was felt that sometimes it would be timely to have a motion on a particular topic, and that might also encourage submissions in general. Prompts work for fanfic, so they should work for conference motions too. I can't promise you that it'll actually come in the form of a prompts grid, but who knows?

The other notable thing that happened was that I found myself in unexpected agreement with Simon McGrath 3 times. It's really disappointing when the right wing bogeyman turns out to actually be a reasonable and affable human being... ;)
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