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Monday, March 18th, 2019 09:12 am
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I survived. Chaired a Q&A and a debate, co-hosted Glee, ran a training session which seemed to go over well, and voted in a couple of debates. The Supporters' Scheme has gone pretty much as I expected although not quite as I might have hoped: conference basically voted in favour of setting up a glorified email list and not giving supporters many of the huge swathe of rights the leadership wanted to give them. FPC has the option to let them sit on policy working groups if it wants to (they already had the option to put anybody they wanted on policy working groups anyway...) and supporters can access the members' only area of the federal party website. But they can't vote for leader. Thank Cthulhu.

I was aide for the Leader's Q&A, so I got to see how Geoff plans that with Vince (and even have a tiny bit of input), which was fascinating. And (according to one of the stewards later) I did a very good job of looking interested while the actual Q&A was happening. Go me!

Not The Leader's Speech is getting so popular now that I think we may have overwhelmed the chosen pub: happily they had lots of staff on anyway because it was a Sunday and they do Sunday lunches, but I think we're getting to the point where we might have to specifically book a place, rather than just warning them in advance "you're going to get a lot of Lib Dems in at x time". Especially given Autumn is in Bournemouth, where there are only really two options for a pub to go to (unlike York where there's millions).

Self care was sub-optimal, though. Got a barely adequate five hours' sleep Friday night, plus about an hour nap during the day, then an even worse four hours' Saturday night with a half hour nap when Not The Leaders' Speech was over, and then a good nine hours last night. I now feel a bit more human and less argh-jittery-adrenalin after the nine hours, but I really ought to do better than that. I suspect sleep would have been even worse without a good napping partner, though, so thanks to Beloved for that. Diet, meanwhile, was horrific: 90% booze and sausages. I am craving salad.

Spring conference is always a bit more full-on than autumn because we have to cram everything into such a short space, but I think I need to remember that a bit better when planning.

And now to pack up, check out of hotel, and go home to my doggies. I have missed them SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

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