Hellboy (2019)

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 09:41 am
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Daughter and I went to see Hellboy yesterday. We liked it.

It's probably not going to win any awards or anything (with the caveat that Suicide Squad did actually win an Oscar) and it's definitely A Neil Marshall Film, and the historical wank is very wanky, but I don't really think any of that matters. I mean, you don't go see a Hellboy film for historical accuracy, do you?

It was fun, and the three leads worked well together (am counting Hellboy and catboy and Alice as the 3 leads), and it did a good job of ramming home the "Evil people co-opting the language of social justice are still evil, while some people who look evil are actually good" message - which I suspect is the problem a lot of Broflakes are having with it.

Lovejoy gave a competent performance as Hellboy's dad, Milla was GREAT as the evil witch Queen, and there was a lovely little cameo from Sophie Okenado (basically, she rules). All told, it was a fun way of spending a couple of hours, and I'd happily buy the bluray. Oh and the soundtrack was BANGING.

Ron Perlman Hellboy is very different, concentrating more on subtle emotion than action as it does, but that doesn't mean this one is not a valid film, and I am sad it has been received so negatively and we are therefore unlikely to get a sequel.

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