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I have spent most of the morning in search of a suitable dog bed for Byron which is not ludicrously expensive. It looks like I am going to be spending about £30 (I found a website with some on clearance which will be fine) if my Last Hope (mum's friend Martin) doesn't come up trumps. This is all because poor old Byron he has been usurped by Mister Mat and is being FORCED not to sleep on mummy's feet any more. I feel terribly guilty about this and am looking to assuage that guilt by making his chosen sleeping spot (the top of the stairs) a bit more comfy for him. So I went round TWO pet supermarkets this morning, and have been looking online too, trying to find a doggy bed that is the right size, shape, and comfiness# but isn't £200. I really didn't think it would be THAT difficult to get a dog bed that fits my criteria, but obviously I am too choosy.

However, although I haven't got Byron's bed sorted out, I HAVE got a new climbing branch for Mr Pug and a new hide because he's getting too big for his skull. I miss my Puggy. Mat gave him a little cuddle last night when we went for custody visit with Pug and to pick Shrubby up. It was all cute.

# it must be soft, and 30"/76cms in width, and rectangular. This is because it needs to fit on the landing at the top of the stairs. And oval one will get torn quickly, a hard one is no good when humans need to walk over it (would be a recipe for stubbed toes) and obviously if it's too big it won't go in the gap and too small and it will have gaps round the sides.
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