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Mat and I have had our first ever proper shouting argument. I thought you'd all like to know.

As predicted it was about something very silly - I had done some tidying up and he put something in a place I didn't want it to go, and I got cross because he had marred my tidying up, and he didn't understand why I was cross because he thought he was tidying too, and then I got upset because I couldn't make him understand why I was cross, and then he got cross because he couldn't understand, and before you know it we're both shouting at each other... Yeah. Very silly. But it shows how easily these things happen, especially when I am in the fretful mood I have been in today. The sooner Wednesday night is over the happier I'll be...

Anyway. We have clung weeping to each other and apologised, and hugged and kissed and apologised some more, and then made each other laugh with silly hats and such, and everything is all right now. He has commandeered my comfy office chair and is playing his silly computer game, and I am in bed listening to classic rock and playing about on LJ.

I could do with a very large brandy, though. I might go and get one...

ETA: a couple of minutes ago the computer game noise stopped. I looked up to see why and Mat was waving the brandy bottle at me.

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