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I Abhor What You Are Saying...

... But will defend to the death your right to say it.

This is one of those maxims I unswervingly advocate. It's a founding principle of my moral structure. It's why I detest and decry No Platform stances.

I found it tested to the limit this morning when I heard Peter Hitchens on Start the Week referring to himself as reasonable, along with many other unsupported and unsupportable assertions which went completely unprobed by old Jug Ears Marr.


I am therefore going to make a small amendment. I abhor what you are saying, but will defend to the death your right to say it as long as you are saying it at a reasonable hour when I have had chance to wake up. Otherwise I reserve the right to get into a frothing rage and scream obscenities at the radio for your total, utter vacuous selfish pompous ARSENESS.

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Hmm. It's one of those sayings I'd find more credible if I knew any modern liberals who'd even been to prison for defending a cause (I have, for example, known Green Party MPs who've been arrested on demonstrations- not seen that happen with any Lib Dems), let alone died for one. I personally wouldn't die for someone's right to say something stupid/wrong, because I'd rather die for someone's right to say something true, and it seems just as likely for either to be restricted, so I'd rather save the dramatic political rhetoric for times when someone has something worth saying to defend.

OK, having posted this and being redirected a couple of times now to log in to openID, I am also not going to even faff around on the internet for my right to say anything again. I was already logged in to LJ ffs.
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There are none, and have never been, and Green UK MPs. However, many Lib Dem MPs were at the recent G20/climate camp protests, and it's their presence that is revealing the police complicity in provoking the small amount of violence.

In addition, virtually every Lib Dem MP is on record that they will refuse to be put onto the National Identity Register, Clegg and Huhne have both been leading on this while in the role of Shadow Home Sec.

if I knew any Is always a dangerous statement. Frequently, people making it are doing so because they haven't looked.
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I don't see any contradiction. I can be totally in favour of your right to spout nonsense while also being in favour of my right to then criticise you.

(Anonymous) 2009-05-11 12:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Heh. Don't hold back, now... tell us what you really think! ;-)

::hands you a towel for the froth::

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Sorry, that was me. Silly me, thinking I'd still be logged in to OpenID since I just logged in & marked the little 'login' ticky box like FIVE MINUTES AGO. ::eyeroll::

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Problems? Inherited from LJ?? You shock me!

Anyway, 'tis a moot point now that I have a shiny DW invite. Thank you for facilitating!

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Count on it! Once I have one, of course.

::eyes crazy insane schedule and realises she should have got off the computer 5 minutes ago::


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Christopher's the only Hitchens for me.

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I've found I can't turn the radio on in the mornings until Andrew's left the house for work, or else I hear a lot of shouting too.

It's especially bad if he's awake in time for Fart for the Day, but luckily that rarely happens.

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I'd start a support group but it'd only be me and Mat in it ;)
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i like cats.aspeshaly buterflys.