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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 06:17 pm
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So, in my annoyance at losing the charger for my phone, I decided to look at my service provider's website. And... welll... I am getting one of these. It's costing me £2 a month more than I am paying at the moment (including data charges), but I am getting 500 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data, and unlimited calls to phones on the same network, rather than 300 minutes and 300 texts and having to pay a daily rate for data. And it's shiny! £2 a month isn't too much, is it? I'm very poor at the moment... Still, it's nice to have something shiny on the way. And I shall still have my 7373 if it breaks, and the new charger will fit both...

Good luck

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Whilst the increase in line rental for all the extras is worth it (I'm now using over 250mb a month of GPRS on my phone, which only two years ago would have cost £500 on Vodafone!), a Nokia 5800. Ouch!


Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
stormsearch: (Default)
From: [personal profile] stormsearch
I just upgraded in order to change to a very similar tariff to you, and since I had to choose a phone, I got the 5800. I wanted to get something useful, but I wasn't fussy about upgrading because I am very, very happy with my current phone - 6500 Slide - and the previous one - 6280.

It is indeed very shiny. I think you will definitely love it. I did find a couple of things would take getting used to: the phone can vibrate a little every time you press a key - eg, when you're texting - but I found it was still very difficult to walk and text at the same time. I'm quite used to being able to type a message while looking where I am going, and only occasionally looking at the screen. With the touchscreen, you can't do that, there's not enough feedback.
The only other annoyance was that when you're on a call, you can bring up the number pad, but it only shows numbers, it doesn't show letters (like a standard mobile number pad). If you are phoning your bank, for instance, and it wants you to type in the third and fifth letters of your password, you're going to have to work it out from memory.

However, given how much you use the internet connection, I definitely think the other features of the phone will more than make up for those minor annoyances. Oh, and the games are pretty good too.

(Incidentally, if you are flashing your phone around and make anyone insanely jealous, I'm intending to sell my 5800 on, since food and rent are slightly more important than shiny shiny handset.)

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 06:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] stormsearch
Oh yes - you should definitely play Bounce when you get your phone. The small shrubbly one might also like it...

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
stormsearch: (Default)
From: [personal profile] stormsearch
In which case, you're definitely going to love it. Aside from the two details I mentioned above, the phone is pretty much fab. I think you're going to be very happy with it.

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
stormsearch: (Default)
From: [personal profile] stormsearch
So exciting! Not long now! You'll have it by tomorrow. Just think - in 24 hours time you might be updating from The Shiny. :)

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
almadsfeika: (jewitch star)
From: [personal profile] almadsfeika
I have one of them, and tis shiny. The battery life is not all that great though - be prepared for it to need a fair bit of charging if you use it a lot.

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 11:03 pm (UTC)
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Default)
From: [personal profile] karohemd
Hopefully without Coldplay on it. ;o)

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