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Earlier I tweeted something about looking fat on the video with Cleggy. This prompted a deluge of people telling me I wasn't fat, that the world was a scary place if I was having self esteem problems, that everything was OK...

So here are my vital statistics, as of about 30 seconds ago:
  • Height: 5 foot 2 - 62 inches, 157.5 cm

  • Weight: exactly 13 stone - 182 pounds or 82.5 kilograms

  • Chest: 42.5 inches - 108 cm

  • Waist: 34 inches - 86.4 cm

  • Arse: 46.5 inches - 118 cm

  • Inside leg: 28.5 inches - 72.39

  • Clothes size: 18 (UK) 16 (US) Tape measure today says bra size is 34G. May need trip to Bravissimo soon, since I'm wearing a 32D at the minute...

  • BMI: 33.3
These are not the measurements of a slim person. I am fat. This is a statement of fact, not a cry for help.

How I feel about being fat is completely different from that statement of fact. Today, I am actually feeling pretty good about myself, physically (admittedly some activities in Bournemouth might have helped a bit with that ;) ). Other days I feel a bit less good about my body. But my feelings on the matter do not change the facts. And yes, I know BMI is flawed and you're better off in the overweight band than the supposed ideal band, and that given my muscularity it probably overestimates my fatness. But people, I am well into the obese segment.

I am fat.

Whether or not I want to do anything about that is another issue entirely. But please stop trying to tell me I aren't. I know you all mean well, but I also know it isn't true.

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