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Work has been fun this weekend. Vinyl night was a scream last night - someone brought in the It Ain't Half Hot Mum album and we played Whispering Grass and everything! - and people have been generally good-natured and happy. I am knackered, though. Conference takes it out of you, and then not even having a full day to myself between that and three long shifts at work, and my foot still not being 100%... Looking forward to day off tomorrow, that's fer damn sure.

However, I have achieved some stuff. Mostly in the planning of other stuff, but still...

[personal profile] djm4, I have booked a late start for work on that Saturday, so we can go to support opposing teams at the football. My brother is also coming up for that match, and he has a friend supporting Leyton (Wilf, apparently) so maybe some joint transporty thing might be a plan? I know you'll have small people with you, but still, greenery and all.

And... I just read that preceding paragraph back to myself and realised how much I am failing in the eloquence department this evening.

I am off to get rascally drunk. More blogging tomorrow, and exorcising of the plot bunnies that are bouncing about it my head thanks to your prompts :D

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