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If you want to buy me a present, this is the place to be. Assuming it is not in your power to supply world peace or a liberal government, the list below gives some practical options:
  1. This is my Goodreads To Read List. Find one of the books on it at your local bookshop or on amazon or Waterstones.com or whatever, and then send it to me. Many of the books on there also have "buy this book" links which will take you to an online store selling them.

  2. My Amazon.co.uk Wishlist is reasonably up to date, and contains many items that are not actually on amazon, it's just a convenient place to have a wishlist.

  3. My Universal Wishlist which somehow always ends up on amazon.com is less up to date because I often forget it's there, and merging it into the main wishlist is a total pain in the bum so I haven't done it.

  4. Nice fabrics are always welcome, with some provisos: 100% natural fibre only; I love quilters' cotton because it comes in so many cool designs. In terms of design if it has space/planets, bats, or spiders on it and is black or purple you're probably on safe ground - although I am a bit pickier about skull and skeleton things I generally like those too. Also, you can never have enough heavy black cotton drill in our house :)

  5. Nice booze is likewise, always welcome. I favour very pale and hoppy when it comes to beer, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc when it comes to wine, peaty when it comes to single malts, interesting (i.e. not Gordon's) when it comes to gin, and very very expensive XO when it comes to brandy. I don't do alcopops or sticky sugary liqueurs generally, although I'll make an exception for Amaretto and Frangelico and other nut-based-things because I put those in sinister milky drinks at bedtime :)

  6. You can also buy my daughter pressies, should you so wish. I tend to be made happier by people buying things for Hol than for me.
Of course, if you do just want to give me money, I won't say no, click to donate via

Date: Saturday, October 31st, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
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there's a little something on the way to you from your amazon list :)

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