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The windows in our house have needed mending for ages. Today is the day the landlord finally sent the window man round. I am looking after the dogs in a room where he doesn't need to go, and working from my laptop (boss has me doing research into arcane bits of law today).

But the window man is here.

And I can't even go to the loo, because one of the windows he is mending is the bathroom window.

And I really really need to pee.

Typing out a blog post helps, right?
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1) What is the first song you remember from your childhood?

Now I'm Here by Queen.

2) What is the first music you purchased with your own money?

Poison by Alice Cooper

3) What's a piece of music that you know by heart?

Crikey, there's hundreds. Everything from hymns to classical to Five Finger Death Punch. I'm singing pretty much constantly.

4) What's a song that makes you turn off the music right away?

The Archers Theme tune

5) And why?

Because if I give in to The Archers my radio 4 addiction will be total and complete.
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So, having ironed out a few teething problems, here is the t-shirt store I promised you guys:

Awkward Squad Clothing and Accessories

A few little notes in answer to stuff people have already asked me, which I assume might be stuff other people might ask:
  • The size range there is not my choice, it's the manufacturer's; I do have a request in for larger sizes.

  • Similarly, the yellow t-shirts only being available in less-curvy is down to the choices the manufacturer makes available to me; as soon as yellow is there in curvy/small/bags I'll make it available.

  • There are SOME other styles of shirt that I haven't used, but you can't have v-neck t-shirts, zip hoodies, or curvy-cut hoodies. Sorry.

  • If you have any particular requests for a shirt, let me know. I'm not promising anything, mind. But, for example, it would be quite easy to do a $yourarea version of The Calderdale shirt.

And finally, I just want to highlight a couple of the designs:
If you buy one, let me know what you think. The guinea pigs all seemed pretty pleased with theirs, but they are possibly pre-disposed to be nice to me.
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Thanks to those of you who commented on this entry and emailed me and tweeted me and (in some cases) phoned or even spoke to me in person! All the conference feedback that I have received has now been compiled into one document and passed on to the relevant person for discussion at the FCC debrief meeting in a couple of weeks. I've had acknowledgement of receipt, so it's definitely in and none of you need to fret.

I'd like to especially thank the people who said such useful things about disability access issues. I can't promise they will all be acted upon in the way you might wish (I wish I was that all-powerful) but FCC does take things like that very seriously: participation is so important, and we want to make it as easy as we can for people.

Once I know what decisions are taken I will, of course, feed them back to you folks :)
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Look at the comments to my last blog post.

It IS possible for the comment section to work like we all think it should.
There are people imparting information. There are people disagreeing with each other, but respectfully. There is kindness and an apology when a tiny bit of friction happens. People are civilised!

Now, if that can happen - and indeed ALWAYS happens, because my f-list is made of awesome - on my humble blog why the blue buggery fuck can't the newspapers with all their money and paid moderators manage it on their sites? I mean yes, there's scaling issues, but surely it's not beyond the realms of possibility?

Mind Maps

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 09:47 pm
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Can anyone explain to me how they are not just a pointlessly distracting and inefficient way of displaying a list? Is this an ASD thing? Like, are they genuinely helpful and useful for allistic folk but not for us? They must be useful to somebody, because enough people rave about how great they are, but I genuinely do not get them at all.

(this post brought to you by trying to explain them to daughter and finding myself saying "look, they're pointless and shit, but if you've got to do one for your homework, you've got to do one for your homework")
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Federal Conference Committee has it's feedback and debrief meeting relatively soon. Is there anything you would like your friendly neighbourhood FCC member to feed back about your experience of conference? I'v"e already had a bunch of useful comments left on this entry but I'm sure other people have more to say, and you'd be most welcome.

Was there anything that you found particularly praiseworthy, or that particularly bugged you? under the courtesy cut for non-libdems, who don't care about this stuff )

Thanks, folks!
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One of the things I have to do at conference is help to plan debates; this necessarily involves looking at a lot of Speakers' Cards. There used to be, in the agenda, an illustrated guide to filling in Speaker's Cards. This hasn't been in there for a little while now, and judging by some of the cards we got submitted, it needs to come back.

In lieu of that, though, I have done my own (somewhat irreverent, and rather long) version under the cut )
I hope to get more cards like that last one, and less like the other seven, by the time next conference rolls around.
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... well, you might want to keep a weather eye on @Awkward__Squad on Twitter.

The store is all built, and the sample shirts are on their way to victims test subjects, and assuming everything is OK with them we are going to launch properly next week. I'm reasonably confident everything will be OK with them, because we are using Rapanui's print on demand service TeeMill, and Rapanui are ace: organic, fairtrade, non exploitative, full of recycling, etc. We chose them because:
  1. I care about the ethical stuff, and I know most other Lib Dems do too;
  2. We know their t-shirts are good quality and feel nice to wear because we have bought from them before;
  3. They are UK-based so no air miles or customs charges for us or anyone buying a shirt;
  4. They print each shirt to order using DTG printing, so there's no minimum numbers and small overheads (£10 a month).
There are loads of DTG printing services in the UK, but none of them offered better ethics than TeeMill, and the actual store setup was pretty painless. They are slightly more expensive than some other services, but we think it's worth it for the not having to worry so much about exploited workers and pollution.

Obviously, because the shirts are print on demand, we can easily add new designs; we're hoping that this will be a thing we can do in future. Who knows, perhaps we will become the premier source for Lib Dem T-shirts? We'll see.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to this weekend. How about you lot?
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First new Trek series in more than 20 years! And I'm happy to report I really loved it, although I had a couple of niggles:cut for Spoilerphobes )
All in all, a solid start and I am actually excited to see how it goes from here.

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