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Voted in lots of stuff yesterday, and went to the DELGA AGM, which was fab, but, of course, the main event was the Botties. Everyone who is anyone was there: Lynne Featherstone, Jo Swinson, Charlotte Gore, Helen Duffett... Oh yes, and some dodgy Tory guy who told me off for not booing loudly enough for him.

I called every award right apart from non-Lib Dem blogger, which I thought would be Stuart Sharpe's, and the main one, which I was sure was Charlotte's, but in the end went to the lovely Mr Quist. I guess it's deserving, if somewhat predictable, but I did have to spend some time afterwards consoling a very distraught elephant, and reassuring him that Scary Charlotte would get the same fate that befalls all drummers...

The other interesting bit was when we got crashed by a crazy lady. She was very shouty, and accused us all of being rich and fleecing the taxpayer. Hurrah for informed and considered opinion. If she can afford to be drinking in the Marriott, she's richer than I.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to tell you all that if you are anywhere near a telly with freeview or similar this afternoon, watch BBC Parliament's live coverage of the conference. At about 5.30 there will be the very boring report of the Federal Finance committee, which will be very dull indeed, but if you stick with it until the questions afterwards you might catch televisual sight of me. The chair of the session, my dear friend Jon, will be asking my question for me, but I have the right to ask supplementary questions, so even if I waive that right you should get a fleeting glimpse of me.

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Spent this morning handing out flyers for the Save Our Pubs motion, which seemed to be incredibly popular. I got a couple of recruits helping me hand them out, even, although one of them was the crazy guy who came to rant about all politicians and demonstrate. He seemed a bit fazed by the number of Liberals who actually wanted to engage with him LOL.

Other interesting things of note:
  • Libel Law Reform fringe was very interesting. Evan Harris was as awesome as ever, Ben Goldacre is shorter than I thought he was, Simon Singh has very impressive hair, and Nick Cohen seems to be under the impression that political journalism in the US is much healthier than in the UK, which is a bit of a weird perspective.

  • Have run into many cool people, such as man-of-the-moment Mark Reckons, my illustrious sponsor, the gravelly-voiced sexpot, Daddies Richard and Alex, Jo Swinson, David M, Charles Kennedy, Shirley Williams, etc. etc.

  • El Presidente is currently doing really well on the Wii Sports ski-jumping competition they have going in the exhibition hall

  • The TUC leave their stand really early, which means that tired people on crutches can use the seats on their stand to sit down. Explaining to people that you're not actually the TUC is fun in this circumstance LOL
Am going to be going in to see Professor Richard Dawkins do his thang in the main hall in half an hour or so. Am having a brief snatched social moment with Mat's sister and her very cool little boy at the moment - talking and typing. Conference is v cool but v busy.
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He shook my hand. If I had scrofula, I'm sure it's been cured. And you'll all be relieved to hear that I wasn't horrible to him. Mainly because I was sat right next to him.

srs leader is srs

(Pic by the Duffettmeister)

The Leader was very relaxed, cracking jokes and chewing sweets, and giving Linda Jack and I advice on crutch painting (apparently he was on crutches for 3 months once). The interview set-up was slightly different from usual, because there were two Not Yet Lib Dems there, who were members of a volunteering thing who had come to find out how party conferences work. Apparently their write-up will appear on LDV.

I don't really have time to do a full write-up right now, so I'll just bullet-point the bits that interested me the most:
  • Nick likes Polly Toynbee as a person, but thinks she has a very rigid and narrow definition of progressive and only one remedy for everything, and is mildly frustrated by the fact that it doesn't seem to have dawned on her that that remedy has been being tried for 12 years and is making things worse not better

  • He regrets not being more forceful about flipping and capital gains tax with the expenses scandal, but doesn't share my view that we reacted too slowly and too shell-shocked - in fact several people in the party told him he was reacting too quickly.

  • He didn't actually use the term, but he clearly thinks the Tories are Entitlement Queens, and it annoys him as he thinks power should be earned, not just inherited from ones family of a safe seat.

  • With regard to downloading of music etc. The internet is beautiful because it's free and any attempt to control the uncontrollable is doomed, but he does understand the concerns of people who are losing their livelihoods because of it, and thinks that new business models are needed. He liked the idea of bands putting stuff out themselves, bypassing the record companies, and then making the money off live performance.

  • He likes the fact that spokespeople for the party can just speak their minds, with the caution that it should be made clear when this is not a statement of policy.
Overall, I got the impression that he is becoming comfortable in his role, and he is passionate and convicted in his liberalism. He might be Cameronesque in background, but he isn't in behaviour, and calling him Cameron-lite is grossly unfair.

The other thing that kind of caught my attention (being sat so close) is that grey is appearing in the sideburns, the ear hair, and the chest hair, but not on the head... I can't help but wonder if there might be a bit of Just For Men in the Clegg household.

If you want to have another perspective on this, Count Packula Prince of Markness has already posted his, and Stephen Glenn is sat next to me frantically typing his up. Others present (not already mentioned) were Ali Goldsworthy, Mr Quist, and of course, Millennium.

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I have dropped one baby off at my mum's, and two (somewhat hairier) babies off at my brothers, and been through loads of roadworks and many rubbish drivers, and am now ensconced in the hotel.

Room is lovely, bath is deep, I feel human again now I have had a bath, and the one fly in the ointment is that I can only get wifi in the hotel lobby, because they only have it at reception due to there not being much demand given that the average age of their guests is 70. So I am listening to someone murdering classic fifties pop songs (Carter's version of The Impossible Dream was SO much better than this guy's) and several old bids with Brummie accents discussing Stewart Granger.

Oh Gods, they're singing along...


Anyway, I am here, I am safe, and I am looking forward to interviewing the Glorious Leader tomorrow morning.

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... of stuff I have been meaning to link to, but not got around to:

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!
Great article about poly-ness in the Indy.
Definition of Kyriarchy, which is a word I like lots.
Cities at Night photographed from the International Space Station. American cities are scary. I like London: it looks like a bacterium :D

Right. That's it. Shutting down. Will see you all in Bournemouth! :D

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A list of places I intend to be for the following week is under the cut )

Some of those will probably fall by the wayside, though, especially given the distance between them and my limited mobility... Anyone got a spare chariot? It doesn't even have to have huge knives on the wheels...?

By the way: if any of you are going to conference and wish to see me make a complete tit of myself by speaking to a packed hall, your best best is to vote for Greg and Gareth's Save Our Pubs emergency motion to be The Emergency Motion, because you can bet your arse I'll be putting a card in for THAT one.

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009 04:59 pm
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Despite very much liking these on ebay, and having the offer of some to lend from Jo - except she can't get them to me before I set off for Conference - I shall be heading off to Argos to buy crutches soon to ensure I have them in time.

And then dropping Holly off at my mum's for her week-long sleepover.

And then off to Hebden Bridge for their Liberal Drinks event. Whose idea was it to have it on the eve of Conference? I blame YOU John Beacroft-Mitchell! :P

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