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  • 2000AD is 35! Yay! Happy birthday 2000AD. Stay Awesome! I hope that one day miss Holly will be drawing Dredd. And not Nicolai Dante, who I never really got the appeal of. Maybe Anderson PSI or Sinister Dexter or Durham Red or Venus Blue Genes...

  • The Phoenix, though difficult to get hold of (we had to go to OK Comics in Leeds, which is an hour's journey), proves to be perfect for my Hol. She loved the section on how to make your own comics (thank you Neill Cameron), and she loved ZomBee in issue 6, and she loves Corpse Talk (yeah, she's her mother's daughter).

  • Doctor Who Stuff - sadly I think Hol is growing out of Doctor Who Adventures. She still likes the freebies, but I think this is going on the probably discontinue list. And she's already told me she'd like to stop getting Doctor Who Monster Invasion. IDW's Doctor Who Comic, OTOH, continues to be a delight in terms of writing and humour. The art is OK, although not to my taste, but it ALWAYS causes me to laugh out loud, and thus is worth the money.

  • USian comics. I'm just going to talk about the DCnU here: Batwoman continues to have the best art I have ever seen in an American comic; certainly comparable to some of Siku and Simon Bisley's 2000AD stuff when I was just graduating from the Beano to 2000AD. Also, the character is awesome and the story is great. If I were to recommend just one American comic to an adult reader it would be this. Batgirl, OTOH, I am close to dropping. I love Gail Simone's writing, and I love the flatmate in particular, but... Barbara Gordon is Oracle. Having her as Batgirl is Bad and Wrong. I've given it six issues and I just can't get used to it. Sorry. Suicide Squad is also Bad and Wrong in all sorts of problematic ways, from Harley's costume on down... But I'm enjoying it. I'm not enjoying Batgirl. I am flawed and human, oh dear. Birds of Prey... I thought it would be impossible to get used to the new lineup on Birds as it has been with Babsgirl, but I am really enjoying having Ivy on the team (helps that she's always been a favourite of mine), and I love Ev and Katana too. Justice League Dark I am loving too; by contrast Green Lantern Corps is just DULL, although not as dull as the main Green Lantern title, which got dropped after two issues of Hal Jordan's MANPAIN.
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... As proposed by TheWherefores on tumblr now has a name - Women Write About Comics - and a home on Wordpress which is fed to DW as [syndicated profile] womenwriteaboutcomic_feed. I think this is a spankingly good idea and am in. Anyone care to join me?
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Perry should TOTALLY not have a shaved head!

And isn't he supposed to be littler than Clark? Larry is HUGE!

But, you know, he is an awesome actor and I'm sure he can overcome these minor issues and portray the role well.

But seriously. Lawrence Fishburne. Rawr. I now want to go see this film, and I had hardly any interest in it at all before, finding Superman in general a bit dull. Well done, casting peeps.

ETA: also: did anyone else have the YAY Diane Lane! OHSHITKEVINCOSTNER reaction to the casting of the Superparents?

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Because who wouldn't want to be caught between Lucius Malfoy and Batwoman? For srs! Watch this vid:

This makes me want to 1, listen to more p!nk 2, make a p!nk icon and 3, get my Sixie costume made and go to a con.

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I read this this morning, and my immediate thought was YES!

Part of the reason I never got on with Russel T Davies' vision of Doctor Who was that it was so clear he had grown up wanting to be the Doctor's COMPANION. I never wanted to travel WITH the Doctor; I wanted to BE the Doctor. I wanted to be Dennis the Menace and Batman and Mr Spock and Judge Dredd too. And I wanted to be Freddie Mercury and Alice Cooper and Bruce Dickinson. And later I wanted to be Rumpole, or Paddy Ashdown. Like the first commenter on that post, it never occurred to me (and I thank my Dad for that) that because all my heroes were boys, I wasn't supposed to want to be like them, I was supposed to want to be WITH them, to be their soppy female helpmeet.

My Holly wants to be a Green Lantern.

At least that's a narrative possibility - there ARE female green lanterns, even if they are generally peripheral to the male ones.

I hate this world, that it tries to frustrate her dreams of awesomeness and give her dreams of playing second fiddle instead. My little girl is amazing, and she deserves to have amazing heroes to look up to and dream of emulating. Why is there still, after so many years, only a handful? Why do Ripley and Wonder Woman have to shoulder this burden alone? DAMMIT, WORLD, GIVE ME MORE FEMALE HEROES!
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Barbara Gordon is without question the most prominent wheelchair user in the DCU. Whether she is the most prominent wheelchair user in comics is arguable - I would say Charles Xavier probably has her beat on that score by dint of having appeared in more movies - but she is still a person who carries a lot of representational baggage. Predictably then, the news that she will be going back to her old position as Batgirl has been met with a huge reaction. For some it has been joy that she will be going back to the role that they love her in. For others the reaction has been less joyful. If Babs is Batgirl again, does this necessitate the loss of Oracle? How will this be done? Will there be a timebend so that The Killing Joke never happened, or will she get a "cure", or will it be the "special suit" option?

All of these options have their problems; all of them will be disempowering to some degree.

Thise of you who are thinking "but how can taking someone out of a wheelchair be disempowering?"? You need to think about how Babs has developed as a character since The Killing Joke. Costumed heroes are ten a penny (or possibly a dime a dozen) in the DCU. Female ones are not really that rare. But Babs, from her position behind the keyboard and in the ear of pretty much every DCU hero at one time or another, and always the Birds of Prey and almost always the current iteration of Batgirl... She is arguably more powerful than any of the people in capes on the streets. She runs things. She is the brain behind all those superheroes muscles. She shows that you do not need to have supermobility to be a superhero. Oracle is very special indeed. That said, even in the DCU, as a character archetype, she's not unique. Proxy has been being trained up to be Oracle's successor in Batgirl; perhaps she could be Oracle's successor in the DCU in general? I know she can never replace her, but she could succeed her.

Another steand of thought: if Babs is going to be Batgirl, what happens to the current Batgirl, Steph "I was Robin once, me" Brown? I've been a big fan of the current run of Batgirl. And then there's the ongoing situation with the Batgirl before Steph, Cassandra Cain, who has a HUGE following among lady comic geeks. The Batman Inc model gives me hope on that score; why does there only have to be one Batgirl? Surely there's room for Steph and Cass AND Babs, with Babs in the Bruce Wayne overseer-of-the-Batmen role?

Basically: my gut reaction to this news was horror. But I can see ways around it. If Proxy slots into the Oracle role, and is played as prominently as Babs has been (and with Gail Simone still on the writing staff I don't see why that's not still a possibility) then the representational issue is less of an issue (it's still there, but it's not as awful as it could be). If there are multiple iterations of Batgirl, just as there are now multiple iterations of Batman, then that's an interesting road to go down too. Yes, it could all be horrible, slash-and-burn-everyone-but-the-able-bodied-white-men at DC, but it doesn't have to be, and the news of some of the comics that ARE definitely happening gives me some hope on that score.

So I am waiting to see what they actually do before I unleash the full force of my condemnation on DC comics.

Also waiting to see what happens to Secret Six. I'm expecting the axe to fall on it, but hoping it doesn't...

Thor 3D

Friday, April 29th, 2011 10:42 pm
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So whenever [personal profile] matgb and I go in a comic shop, I have to explain to them that 1, it'll probably be me who buys something, so they'd better not do the TalkingToTheBloke thing, and 2, he's a Marvel and I'm a DC. It's a product of chance - I got into DC via Judge Dredd and the Judgement on Gotham Crossover; Mat got into Marvel from reading Transformers comics as a kid. But I'll happily go see Marvel movies. I liked Spiderman. I liked Iron Man. I even liked Fantastic Four.

Thor, though?

Thor was something else.

The bits I didn't like first: as usual, the 3D wasn't worth it for most of the movie. The end credits are the most impressive bit of 3D, and I'm not just saying that flippantly, they were gorgeous, but... Would have been nice to have that gorgeousness throughout the film. Loki... Loki should not be angst-ridden. Yes, he and Thor should fight, but he should be a prankster, not a tortured soul. And the usual gripe about too many boys and not enough girls applies; although this film does pass the Bechdel test with two girls talking to each other about particle physics, so it's nowhere near as bad in this regard as most of Hollywood's output. And... that's it. Those are the only holes I can find to pick.

The script was fun, but hung together pretty well - the humour didn't detract from the story and the story didn't detract from the humour. There was The Arthur C Clarke Quote. There was proper character progression, and characters who were characters and not just ciphers. Yes, in a SUPERHERO MOVIE, there were proper characters. The actors were brilliant, in particular Idris Elba, who should get heaped with awards, Kat Dennings, who Mat and I both fancied as Jane's geeky friend, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Jaimie Alexander as Sif and Rene Russo as Frigga, who was... well, I didn't realise it was her, that's how good SHE was. And the beefcake male lead was appropriately beefcakey, and the Danish mentor-of-Jane guy kept reminding me of Jon Voight.

The costumes were AMAZING, as were the make-up and character effects. The ice giants were very well done. The cinematography was GORGEOUS. Brannagh has done a really good job of the direction, and it was the right film for him to direct, I think, and I hope like hell he does more Marvel movies; in fact, I go so far as to say he's the anti-Sam Raimi. Sam Raimi's Spiderman I was excited about having seen Evil Deads (obviously) and Darkman and such, and I didn't think that Spiderman had a Sam Raimi stamp on it at all (suspect there was some hand-tying, there, but...) whereas this? I was expecting pretty generic for some reason, but Brannagh's fingerprints were all over it.

So, all in all, on the whole Oh yeah, he's a Marvel and I'm a DC thing?

Might be starting to waver.

I mean, it's still not Batman, but...

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010 10:54 pm
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You might notice that I have a new little thing in my sidebar, in between Holly's wishlist and my paypal link, and it looks like this:

Flattr this

Yup, I got my invite code for Flattr. If you've never heard of flattr, it's a sort of cross between hitting "like" on Facebook, and paypal. The video below explains all:

I put in a small amount of money, I flattred Jesus and Mo (because, hey, they're Jesus and Mo, and the barmaid in that strip is my idol), and now I get to get flattred myself, assuming people like what they read enough to give me a slice of their pie.

Flattr is in closed beta at the minute, so I suspect it's unlikely I will start making more than I put in any time soon - I'm not cool enough - but if you want in, I do have three invite codes to give out. Interested? Say so in the comments.

Hopefully this is the kick in the pants I need to get the wife to tell me how to code the little row of buttons under each post which he has on his blog, too...

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