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I have just coded the reaction post for today's Who Daily, and it's a bit bare. If you see any good reactions/reviews today or tomorrow morning, could you drop me a link here so that I can add it to tomorrow's post, which I will be doing in the morning. Or if you need a prod to remind you to write a review, consider this it...

Lib Demmy peeps, if you wrote a review, please link it here whenever you posted it, because I have been mega busy and not backread today, and you won't get picked up by the WD aggregator. Thanks!

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Under More Destruction

Thursday, June 10th, 2010 11:10 pm
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OK, I now have pretty much sorted out the layout (still need to make the gaps a bit smaller I think) and also done a proper pale version for you weirdos who like things pale.

Please click here to test it out, and let me know if anything seems odd or broken. Thanks.

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Under destruction

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 01:43 pm
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Have been playing about with layout and stuff today. The main difference noticeable to the reader is going from one sidebar to two. There is some stuff still needs fixing (placement of header text and gaps bretween modules, f'r'instance) but I am basically happy with it.

But don't expect it to be fixed very soon; I have to get ready for work now.

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PSA: Spring Cleaning

Friday, May 21st, 2010 09:38 am
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Have removed a lot of people from Facebook and Twitter friends lists today. Both are now back under 200 people, which is a level I feel comfortable with. If you've been removed, it's probably because we don't interact at all; if you still want to follow me then feel free to do so; my public facebook profile is here and of course, twitter is always public anyway.

I will be cutting down my blog reading list too. This probably won't affect my list of trusted people who have access to locked posts on DW, but it may affect LJ because the two aren't separate over there... Sorry.

Being Helpful

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 12:24 pm
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Have just read about the latest LJ fail. Stealing money from your users is pretty rough, but doing it through an insecure third party is even rougher. Anyone who wants to jump ship, I still have four invite codes for DW. Let me know if you want 'em.

March sponsor is MArk Reckons. Laptop still buggered, but he'll get a pretty logo soon.
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As February starts to bite, the tradition of it being a shitty month seems to be continuing. Following in a long and glorious tradition (well, following Mortimer, anyway), the current Queen of Lib Dem blogging, Charlotte Gore, has hung up her keyboard. We mourn her passing, and reminisce about her many fine rants.

But as we mourn, we must celebrate the fact that this means a succession to the throne, and the next highest ranked female Lib Dem blogger is the one and only Caron. May Cthulhu bless her and all who sail in her.

My February Sponsor is

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A Short Break

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 09:22 am
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I am working ridiculously long hours this weekend, so probably won't see you all until Monday, when I shall be unveiling my new sponsor. Thanks for the advice on the car, I shall have to beg for more money to get it MOTed. I hate being in debt... It's so frustrating that Mat actually HAS a job now, but we won't actually start seeing any money from it for at least another month.

Anyway, say goodbye to Ozzy...

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PSA: Sanity Break

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 04:35 am
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For a number of reasons I think it would be sensible for me to take a sanity break for a couple of weeks. If you need to contact me I'll still be phoneable and textable, but I'm going offline for a while, so don't expect me to be blogging or twittering or answering emails. Thank you for understanding, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

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All Who'd Out

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 02:51 pm
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I just spent the last four hours coding the mammoth Who Daily reaction post to yesterday's episode of Doctor Who. Not all of fandom hated it as much as I did, but the reaction is mixed to say the least - although everyone loves Cribbins. Many of you reading this will find yourselves featured. You can thank me for the traffic later; right now I'd just like you to click this link, to lovely Andrew Ducker's masterful, pithy, and succinct summary of Doctor Who: The RTD Years.

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I was a bit harsh on the Stylish ff extension earlier. I mean, for starters it has made Lib Dem Act bearable to look at...

But what is this Stylish thing? I hear you cry. Well, if you are using Firefox, you can install Stylish and use it to make websites with colour schemes which you don't like, or which give you a headache, or which you can't read due to vision impairment... You can use it to make them better.

Let's use Lib Dem Act as an example. Here is what it looks like in it's natural form:

Now, lots of people really like that. It's a Tory colour scheme fresh and trendy and exciting. But two minutes looking at that big sea of white + very bright colours, and I'll be having a migraine. This is the reason my blog is coloured the way it is.

Install Stylish, and add the style "Lights Out" and it looks like this:

MUCH more bearable.

However, I realise that there are lots of you out there who like to have the pattern of your retinas emblazoned on the back of your skulls. If you're one of these, you want "Black Text on White Background", which makes Lib Dem Act look like this:

And my blog look like this:

Horrible, isn't it?

* shudder *

But yes, Stylish allows you to customise the web to make it look how you want it to be, whatever that might be. You can even, Cthulhu help me, make everything pink if you should so desire.

So really, seriously now, you have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to complain at ANYBODY about how they design their blog. You don't like it? Change it your bloody self and stop whining.

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If you do, I won't be subscribing to your comments. I try, I really do, but when I tick the ticky box, it sends me an email, and if I click the link in the email it tries to make me sign in, and I can't remember my password, and frankly, I can't be arsed jumping through four hoops just on the offchance that someone might reply to one of my comments.

Yes, I'm lazy.


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You can find it here. The content is general, rather than Lib Dem focussed, so do feel free to click through and have a skeg, even if you're not a party member.

If you want to subscribe to my posts on LDV, assuming they let me make any more, the feed address is here and they are syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] ldv_jennie_feed (although, obviously, I would recommend reading ALL of Lib Dem Voice by adding [syndicated profile] lib_dem_voice_feed to your f-lists, I recognise that some of you may not want to...)

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(with apologies for the spammery)

Please to be letting me know if the links in the footer don't work for you.

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... adding the final polish to my maiden post for Lib Dem Voice.

* wibble *

I'm ridiculously nervous about it. Hopefully it will go down all right. I've hit send on it now, and any misgivings I might have will have to just remain.

I'm also, in light of this rather passive-aggressively worded comment, and because the subject keeps coming up, becoming resigned to the fact that people who aren't on DW or LJ (and maybe even some who are) don't know how many useful features are available to readers, and/or can't be bothered to click the links that appear at the top of every sodding page.

I am therefore tweaking my footer a bit. Hopefully this will work, but if it doesn't, expect more tweaking. ETA: more tweaking ahoy SUCCESS!

The next person to complain about my colour scheme, which (I re-iterate) is set up to be comfortable for MY EYES because DW is my feedreader as well as my blog, will not be met with such a polite response.

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Just a quickie before I go to work. I've just been playing with Google Analytics. This post got linked to by Lib Dem Voice and Iain Dale's Daley Dozen and I found it interesting to compare the results.

The Daley Dozen link brought me 90 readers, of which 87 were new. This is good, right? Well, yes, but mostly they only looked at that particular post, and spent an average of 30 seconds on the blog. Ouch. Harsh judgement from the readers of the egregious tory tosser.

Lib Dem Voice brought me only 8 readers, that's five less than twitter (and only three more than Charlotte Gore), and only 3 of them were new. However, most of them went on to read another blog post, and they spent an average of 3.40 minutes on the blog.

Quantity, or Quality?

It's not as easy as Daddy or Chips...

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... I have been re-arranging my sidebar. Again. Please to be noting that I now link to my profile on Lib Dem ACT among other things. I've also got around to making buttons for most of the links, as opposed to having them as text. If you are on any of the networking things in particular, do feel free to add me as a friend. I'll probably add you back on some of them. If I remember to check my friend requests.

I really ought to get out of bed at some point today. Suspect it will be about 20 minutes before I am due at work...

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Busy busy busy

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 01:55 am
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Have been pretty busy with work and various other things, and have been bad at reading. My DW inbox has 394 messages in it, my email a mere 90, and Facebook 186. Also I have stuff that I need to link you guys to, and my brain is not working.

Have I missed anything important recently?

Mat is still making me watch old!BSG, and it really is totally rubbish. The only thing in it which even approaches cool is old!Tigh, who is dead sexy. Dirk Benedict is THE worst actor ever, and I keep being confused by stuff like Boomer being a bloke.

Am properly amused by the fact that Steed is playing Satan in it, though.

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You can find it here.

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A New Venue for me

Thursday, November 12th, 2009 12:21 am
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I just finished my first post for GeekaChicas ([syndicated profile] geeka_chicas_feed) and am waiting for the editor to approve it, and edit it for horrendous HTML cock-ups etc. I hope nobody minds my British spelling...

The subject of the post is The Sarah-Jane Adventures, and how awesome it is, and I'll let you know when it's up. If it goes up.

* wibble *

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At the top of my sidebar it says "syndicate" and I would like it to say "subscribe". Any ideas how I would go about this, because it doesn't appear to be an option in the customise style thingy?

Yes, I am looking at you, [personal profile] cesy. ;)

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There follows a list of female bloggers who may or may not fall into the definition of political that you use, but who are all very much worth reading. Lots of them are sciencey. This is not an exhaustive list. I just went through my userifo and grabbed out those who caught my eye. I have undoubtedly missed some people; this is because I am only human. Apologies if you are one of those I missed.

The People's Republic of Mortimer - if you're not already reading Alix, there's no hope.
[personal profile] innerbrat - despite her misgivings about being thrust into the politics blogging arena, I genuinely think Debi is one of the best bloggers out there. Feminist, scientist, comics geek, and one of my small daughter's biggest heroes. Debi is the very definition of awesome, and I love her to bits.
Lynne Featherstone MP - great site design, and a blog that illustrates very well how posting about local issues can be tied in seamlessly with what the nation is talking about.
Feminist SF - where feminism and science fiction collide.
[livejournal.com profile] strangefrontier - car-mad PhD scientist and stand-up comic. Not entirely cisgendered.
Mothers for Women's Lib - does what it says on the tin. A group blog for feminist mums.
[personal profile] pickwick - subtitler working for the BBC among others. Good source of insider info about the beeb, Doctor Who mad, very strong on freedom of information.
Geeka Chicas - a group blog run by [personal profile] asato_muraki by and for geeky women.
Feminist Law Professors - tends to concentrate on American law, but useful non-the-less.
[livejournal.com profile] caseytalk - an American diplomat currently living in Uzbekistan, who writes on a variety of subjects.
Pink Stinks - campaigning for non-gendered toys for children, and the non segregation of existing toys.
[personal profile] sashajwolf - Scottish Lib Dem Christian, with very forthright and informed views.
When Fangirls Attack - link blog concentrating on gender issues in comics fandom. Surprisingly wide range of topics covered under this narrow-sounding heading.
[personal profile] el_staplador - Liberal Christian blogger. Very intelligent. Reminds me that atheists don't have the monopoly on rationalism. Not a stepladder fetishist, despite my initial misreading of her username.
Caron's Musings - about equally split between Lib Demmery, general politics, and Formula 1 racing.
[personal profile] lizbee - Australian bookstore worker, Doctor Who maniac, and feminist. Very witty. Good place to get a handle on Doctor Who fandom.
[livejournal.com profile] ihavecake - stand-up comedian transplanted to London from Yorkshire.
Sara Bedford - Lib Dem mum and Arsenal fan.
[personal profile] stormsearch - corset-mad sailor. Has interesting views on a variety of topics.
Charlotte Gore - everyone already reads Charlotte, right?
[personal profile] cesy - mathematician and lovely lovely person.
[personal profile] ginasketch (or [livejournal.com profile] ginasketch) - illustrator, feminist, and activist on mental health issues. Currently obsessed with entomology.
Crust of the Grouch - artist and non-aligned politics geek.
[personal profile] nanila - American expat scientist living in England and working on the Cassini spacecraft project.
PC Bloggs - has been somewhat inactive since being featured on radio four earlier this year, but still awesome.
[livejournal.com profile] neohippie - Texan bioscientist, pagan and anglophile. My abiding memory of Amanda when I met her was her joy that You guys have DARWIN on your MONEY!!!
Penny Red - feminist and Labour supporter who is totally supporting the wrong party.
[livejournal.com profile] purple_pen - lecturer in Roman History and geek about all sorts of things. We went to Leeds Pride with her this year, and she's very cool.
Jane Watkinson - a young Lib Dem, sometimes slightly naive but always entertaining.
Helen Duffett - Helen is Mum to every Lib Dem Blogger. She organises us, wipes our noses, smooths our clothes, and not one single person has a bad thing to say about her. Either she really is some kind of divine maternal presence, some incarnation of the Goddess, or she's a bloody good actress and has every single Lib Dem in the country completely fooled.
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This post is dedicated to Jo Swinson MP and Count Packula.

According to the office of National Statistics NB, this is a .pdf download, of the internet-accessing population in the UK as a whole (51% female), 6% of men write a blog, and 8% of women. More women are blogging than men. This is a fact. Of those who state their gender on Dreamwidth, the majority are female, and the same goes for Livejournal. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo... All these are female-dominated, to a greater or lesser extent. It's harder to find stats for blogger or wordpress, but I suspect they are out there somewhere.

So why are most of the "top" bloggers men?

Why is the assumption that the blogosphere is male-dominated so entrenched? Why is there a blokosphere?

Part of the reason for this is undoubtedly that although the gender breakdown of people accessing the internet is roughly equal, men spend more time at it. More men READ blogs than women (26% to 16%), more men internet shop than women, more men watch TV and download films than women... Yet with the upload of user-created content there is virtually no difference (25 and 24%). So women are putting their views out there, in blogs and on YouTube and in fora, but the men are not listening.

To take an example closer to home, Lib Dem Voice has a daily feature where they link to two notable news stories and two blog posts they feel are worth recommending. The two blog posts are nearly always both by male posters. The people who write the feature are nearly all male. Men link to men. However, having looked at the last 300 posts on Lib Dem Blogs to see what the pool is like that the LDV editors are choosing from, 216 of them are by male posters, 45 by female, 31 by non-gendered pseudonums or group blogs, 6 by the Honourable Lady Mark who defies categorisation, and 2 by fluffy animals with boys who help them type. That's a heavy male bias right there, so even if the editors of LDV are consciously seeking out good female posts, they are going to find it difficult to find them. Now, I know for a fact that there are at least three female bloggers on my f-list who are Lib Dems, and yet have not submitted themselves to Lib Dem Blogs. So there is a self-selection problem here.

But there is also a definitional problem. I had to have quite a long discussion with That Tory Blogger to get him to count [personal profile] innerbrat as a political blog. She posts about gender disparity and sexuality and things like that all the time, but because she doesn't post about the party politics, she wasn't considered a political blogger. Dan Dan the Wikio Man and I had a similar discussion about The F-Word and various other feminist blogs. Wikio had them listed under General, because feminism isn't politics. The narrow definition of politics to include only geekery about party politics and the Westminster Bubble excludes women.

Yet another part of the problem is that although what might be termed initial content (blogs, tweets, etc.) is majority-female, promotion tools, such as Digg, Technorati, blog aggregators like Lib Dem Blogs, etc. are majority-male. So men recommend posts by men to other men. None of this is necessarily a conscious bias, it's just the way things are.

So how do we change the way things are?

Well, for women, I would suggest starting to use promotion tools much more extensively. Don't worry about whether or not you will fit in, or whether or not the men want to hear you. Barge into the room and make yourself heard. Submit yourself to Lib Dem Blogs, Digg yourself, join Bloggers' Circle, Technorati and Wikio. Don't assume that people who are interested in your blog will find it by themselves. But also read, comment on, and interact with male bloggers. @reply people on twitter with posts you think they might be interested in (like Dazmundo did to me yesterday). Sponsor my blog, FFS! Nearly all of my sponsors have been male. Put yourself out there. Make yourselves noticeable and people will notice you.

For men... Look outside your bubbles. Ryan, instead of waiting for Lib Dem Bloggers to submit themselves to you, go out and look for them. LDV editors, instead of just scanning through Lib Dem blogs to find stuff that might be interesting, compile your own reading lists and look outside what we can all access through the aggregator anyway. Everyone, cross promote your female friends and fellow bloggers. Make a conscious effort to read the fantastic female blogs there are out there, like Feminist Law Professors, [personal profile] innerbrat, Angry Black Woman, [personal profile] nanila, Geeka Chicas, even our own dear Charlotte Gore, as opposed to just reading the blokes recommended to you by other blokes.

Women bloggers are here. We want to be heard. All we need is for people to actually hear us.

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Blog Admin

Monday, October 19th, 2009 03:23 pm
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OK, so, in response to this survey, I have lost the page summary and reduced the tag cloud a bit. The free text sidebar box has changed quite a bit. I have added in a bit about why I am a Lib Dem, made a page to link to with a list of endorsements and quotes, because they were getting out of control, and now only have my current sponsor and one quote in the sidebar, and have added some more links in the networking section, which might possibly need to be renamed at some point. The bottom one is a bowing to outside pressure - it's a paypal donate button, retooled slightly to fit with my idiom ;)

All this in readiness for the new year which is, after all, less than two weeks away. I ought to think about resolutions, really...

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Monday, October 19th, 2009 09:06 am
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I've pretty much decided what I'm going to do with my sidebar (indeed, have already done quite a bit of it), but if there's anything you like/don't like you still have time to make your case; I'm going back to bed till at least lunchtime. Of course, if you don't give a toss, feel free to carry on with your morning :D

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Blog Admin

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 12:16 pm
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Firstly, it's coming up to the 21st of the month which is when I change sponsor. I do have one lined up, but he's not been particularly active on his blog, so I'm not sure it's worth his money me linking to him at the moment; also he's a PPC, so sensibly his timeslot should be the month before the election... Anybody fancy giving me some money for next month? Or anybody I owe money to fancy reducing my debt a bit? Drop me an email (jennieDOTriggATgooglemailDOTcom) or leave a comment to this post if you want to appear at the bottom of my every post for the next month.

Secondly, my sidebar is getting too big, so I am going to take some stuff out of it. The thing is, I don't want to take stuff out that people find useful. I'm going to merge sponsors and quotes into "endorsements" and have a post to link to for the majority of them. I am also thinking of removing page summary, and possibly the tag cloud. What do you guys think about this?

Poll #1481 Blog Admin
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

SB should:

View Answers

keep the page summary
3 (33.3%)

lose the page summary
6 (66.7%)

SB should:

View Answers

make the tag cloud bigger
0 (0.0%)

keep the tag cloud the same
4 (40.0%)

make the tag cloud a bit smaller
4 (40.0%)

make the tag cloud a LOT smaller
1 (10.0%)

lose the tag cloud completely.
1 (10.0%)

What is the ideal number of tags to have in the tag cloud (it's currently set to 50)?

View Answers
Mean: 43.75 Median: 50 Std. Dev 27.24
01 (12.5%)
252 (25.0%)
504 (50.0%)
750 (0.0%)
1001 (12.5%)
1250 (0.0%)
1500 (0.0%)
1750 (0.0%)
2000 (0.0%)
2250 (0.0%)
2500 (0.0%)
2750 (0.0%)
3000 (0.0%)
3250 (0.0%)
3500 (0.0%)
3750 (0.0%)
4000 (0.0%)
4250 (0.0%)
4500 (0.0%)
4750 (0.0%)
5000 (0.0%)

SB might be overthinking this a bit

View Answers

Yes, and it's very annoying
1 (10.0%)

Yes, but it's endearing
4 (40.0%)

3 (30.0%)

2 (20.0%)

Look, it's Saturday lunchtime, I've just got up, and I can't think about anything. Why are you asking me all these questions??
6 (60.0%)

Ticky box!
6 (60.0%)

Thirdly, if you read blogs but don't write your own, you might want to take a look at this (non-partisan) series of posts on Lib Dem Voice. My lovely fiancé's instalment has just gone up, and I will be writing a little bit for it myself later in the year.

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