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miss_s_b: (Fangirling: Arachnia Janeway)

I spend AGES hanging round the Rue Morgue in a Gorilla suit, & what do I get?

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Created on 2009-04-13 12:29:40 (#52508), last updated 2017-10-23 (1 hour ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 27
Website:A List of Places You Can Find Me Online

My interests list below should give you a few ideas about the stuff I'm into, and if you want to know more then subscribe to me. I'm quite happy for anyone to read my public posts, of which there are plenty. I'm also happy for anyone to follow me on any of the other services I use publicly - a list of which can be found here - but if you want me to give you access to the f-locked stuff on my blog I shall need to know who you are. And if you want me to subscribe back? You'd better be very interesting, because I already know lots of interesting people (see the list of what I am already reading below) and my time is finite.

Credit where credit is due: The central image in my header is Young Nanny Ogg with mug of ale, by Paul Kidby. You can buy a print of this picture here.

Interests (101):

alice cooper, atheism, attractive geekery, beards, big stompy boots, biking, bisexuality, blackadder, books, bottoms, brighouse, british politics, christopher lee, civil liberties, cthulhu fhtagn, daleks, discworld, doggies, douglas adams, drinking tea at terrorists, electoral reform, epic tight pants, equality, ethical non-monogamy, fangirling the underdog, female-fronted metal, feminism, flimsy moral standards, fountain pens, free speech, george orwell, getting one's knee down, gin, h. p. lovecraft, innuendo, intellectual snobbery, iron maiden, isambard kingdom brunel, jaded old goths, james may in leathers, john stuart mill, jon lord's mighty organ, kinky older men, lechery, liberalism, liberty, m.r. james, manly thighs of doom, men with curly hair, men with interesting facial hair, men with long hair, militant agnosticism, mocking politicians, molesworth, monty python, mooncup evangelism, motorcycles, nac mac feegle wha hae!, nanny ogg, oblate spheroid enthusiasts, old british horror movies, old harry's game, pedantry, people called brian, perving over rock stars, philosophy, pinky and the brain, playing the guitar badly, procrastination, proper beer, proper doctor who, proportional representation, pterry, pun wars, queen, random things of rassilon, real ale, red dwarf, religious debate, reproductive freedom, sapiosexuality, seventies porn colin, sexy brains, silliness, snafflin' coobeastie, snuggles, steve harris's knees, subversion, tattoos, the meaning of life, triumph motorcycles, victorian literature, victorian scientists, villains, vincent price, wankel rotary engines, wasting time, wordplay, world domination, writing things down so as not to forget them, yorkshire
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