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The main conclusions of the regulars in the pub were that the audience was pre-selected by the BBC to be as hostile as possible, that Griffin wasn't given enough chance to air his views, and that it was a complete set-up.

Of course, the little he DID get to say was packed with lies and half-truths, but that doesn't matter. The perception is that poor ickle Nick was bullied by the nasty BBC and that's a bit of a problem, IMHO.

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Just a quick note here to say well done to the beeb for not bowing to the authoritarian lackwits from Unite Against Facism, and keeping the booking for swivel-eyed racist twat Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time. I fully believe that once people actually see what they are voting for they will find somewhere else to lodge their protest votes against the major parties, even if it is the Loonies or the Legalise Cannabis Guy.

The irony and counterproductiveness of UAF protesting AGAINST Griffin's right to hoist himself on his own sticky petard is rich indeed. I just hope someone has the sense to batter him on the BNP's women's policies, because everybody knows they are racist, but not everybody knows about their policies on, for example, abortion - and those of you who are anti-choice would do well to bear in mind this research - and female employment.

I particularly "like" this official policy: The BNP would end the artificial politically correct promotion of either sex into jobs for which they tend to be less well suited. We would introduce financial incentives for women to have children and so offset the present dangerously low birthrate. Wages for mothers would give women the choice to stay at home and be mothers or go out to the world of work. Many women who want to stay at home and provide the best upbringing for their children are forced out to work. The British National Party would end this outrageous discrimination against the family. Together with building a healthier economy, this will remove the present necessity for so many to take low paid jobs, ending the present spectacle of exploitation disguised as ‘rights’. In a BNP Britain, women will have a choice on whether to seek employment, and will not be forced to make a decision between children and career.

Please, Chris, Bonnie, Jack, hell, even Baroness Warsi, SOMEBODY nail him on this bollocks tonight.

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Even though I know that famouse Doctor Who writer [livejournal.com profile] lonemagpie is right when he says that
The BNP's votes were actually *down* across the board - but because so many mainstream voters stayed home, and because Labour's collapse was even greater than expected, it still allowed them to get in with less votes than last time.
, I still can't help but feel the same as the lovely Mr Matthewman.

I hope all you bastards who stayed at home and didn't vote because they're all in it for themselves and they're all the same and my vote wouldn't make a difference anyway are really fucking proud of yourselves this morning. My money... MY MONEY is going into the pockets of two racist scumbags. We have tax-payer-funded fascists in this country now. I have a Bastard Nazi Party MEP. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Fail, fellow countrymen. Epic fucking fail.

In more amusing (if slightly personally embarrassing) news, and speaking of Doctor Who writers, Daddy Alex has confessed to me that he went to a Doctor Who event on Saturday and might have inadvertently told my favourite Doctor Who writer about my huge crush on him. Oops.

Oh well. If you're reading this, Mr Lidster, sir, you have no need to run screaming in terror. It's very unlikely you will ever have the misfortune of meeting me, and if you do all that will happen is I will go red and stare at my shoes and mumble a lot, like I generally do when confronted with people I admire greatly. You can ask all the people who were present for the blogger interview with Vince Cable for confirmation of this if you like. I had to have a very large swig of brandy before I was capable of speaking, and was uncharacteristically quiet for the whole thing, aside from my question about bees. Which I really ought to write up at some point...

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