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Just a quick entry today: Very pleased to see that the lovely Julian Huppert has won the parliamentary beard of the year vote even though I voted Thurso.I note that this was despite the desperate, misspelled, last ditch efforts of the Labour candidate for Calder Valley. As our own, dear, beardy candidate ACMcG said:Julian's defeated opponent was much more gracious:Anyway, props to Julian for winning, AND for coming up with that hilarious punning hashtag; commiserations to King Beard Thurso for only managing third despite my vote, and may there be more beards of all parties in parliament come 2015.
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The actual episode was OK. Rattled along at a fair pace. Probably won't stand up to too many repeated viewings. Plot had more holes than Blackburn, Lancashire. Needed MOAR RIVER, or even SOME River. John Hurt awesome. David Tennant reminding me of everything I hated about his Doctor. And Clara and Kate FTW. And apparenty I am the only person left on earth who isn't a zygon. Which means zygons ARE good kissers, and I need to do some exploring of some people to find out what to do with all those suckers... >:)

The Afterparty thing on BBC3 was car crash telly but amusing. Highlights were seeing so many girlcrushes in one place. Alex Kingston and Suranne Jones on VT and then Lou Jameson and Jean Marsh and Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred oh my. And Sylvester McCoy playing the spoons on Bernard Cribbins' arse. And...

Well, you all know what's coming don't you? BEARDY COLIN! *fans self* ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Beardy Colin ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Beardy Colin getting immensely and adorably excited by an enormous cake. And slapping Sylvester's hand away when he reached for the cake. Colin/cake OTP :) Yes, yes, I'm a strange person.

By far the highlight of the evening, though, was the utterly hilarious Five-ish Doctors, written and directed by Peter Davison, and starring Peter Colin and Sylvester. THAT is going to stand up to repeated viewing. I haven't laughed so hard in a very, very long time. Colin and the Vengeance on Varos special edition! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I would so totally not have been running away...

And now the comedown has hit and I am in bed. Sleep would be sensible because I have to go to thought bubble in the morning... And yet I'm knackered-but-not-sleepy and I have Lib Demmy design work to do and the graphics prog is just there... But if I do design work it'll be crap, cos look how I am abusing the elipsis again... Maybe I'll just go look at Ichabeard on tumblr for a bit...

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