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On Saturday night I went out for a couple of beers. Of the five beers I tried, all of which were labelled as Pale Ale, in three different pubs, only one was actually pale.

I blame Greene King for this. Their shitey, piss weak, nasty-tasting "IPA" which is neither the strength an IPA should be (5.5 or above), nor the colour a pale ale should be, is none the less cheap, therefore lots of outlets sell it, lots of idiots drink it, and the brewers have thought well if they can call THAT an IPA and get away with it...

If you beer is brown, it's not pale. Pale Ale should be Straw Yellow or even paler. For an attempting-histoircal-accuracy IPA I might accept this, but this or darker is right bloody out, OK? This is not rocket science, people. And the next time I order a "Pale" ale that comes out the pump the colour and flavour of Black Sheep Best Bitter, I'll be naming and shaming the brewer.
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Mornings fill me with horror -
Cold, grey, wintry ones particularly so -
And when the cold grey tide of news
Issues forth from my radio
Filled with war, murder, hate, death,
Corruption, sleaze, and depressing reality
In the sardonic tones of Humphries;
Or the sorrowful lilt of Naughtie;
Or the overeager gloat of Davies;
Or the vainglorousness of Webb...

Yet there is one voice
Whose calm authority seems to soothe
And silently impart:
Yes, things are bad,
But don't despair:
There's still radio 4,
There's still me,
And if you make it till teatime, you can have comedy.
Maybe even,
If you're lucky,
Sandi Toksvig
Or Sue Perkins.

Of course, today I didn't even have to wait till teatime, because Wordaholics was on at 11.30am, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I really hope it doesn't just stop at 6 episodes.

In other news, this morning I woke up in a different bed to the one I went to sleep in, with Roxy in succubus position on my chest, and with a black eye. I have no explanation for any of these things, other than the very general one of Beer festival finished yesterday, and you might have had a bit much to drink, Jennie. The black eye is particularly puzzling; [personal profile] matgb insists I didn't have it when I went to bed, and you'd think I'd notice it occurring in the night...
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The fact that one of the Milliblands has got headlines for jumping on the Save Our Pubs bandwagon that Greg Mullholland and other Lib Dems have been successfully piloting for years, or the fact that Mike Smithson, famed sage of politicalbetting.com thinks that my livelihood and the lifeblood of many communities (not just rural ones) is trivial and laughable.

OK, so Millibland's "bold" plans are nothing more than to appoint a minister for pubs, and not to do anything about the beer tie, or the stupid over-regularion of the market, or the ridiculously complicated duty regime (here's an idea: differential taxation on cask and bottle/can), or any of the other issues that plague my industry. But that does not mean that the issue is not a serious one, affecting not just the lives of barmaids, but the fabric of our communities.

To dismiss this as so much sausages is, I venture to suggest, slightly short-sighted of the seer.

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My boss leaves her copy of The Publican on the newspaper pile for the customers to leaf through once she's read it. Last night there was much hilarity over the adverts for this. If you'd like to count the misogyny fails in the advert, do feel free. Even the unreconstructed Yorkshiremen at work spotted and laughed at lots of them. Do it fast, though. I expect Iron Press to not last very long as a product.

Me, personally, I'd rather have a drink for Real Women, like Sarah Hughes.

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I have discussed scheduling with mine host, and determined that Tuesday night is a suitable evening for BEER. Obviously the location will need to be somewhere fairly central so that everyone will be able to easily come. It will also need to be somewhere that has Proper Beer, at least to begin with (although I wouldn't be averse to ending up in the CroBar drinking silly cocktails).

Where is good, and who wants to come?


Friday, November 13th, 2009 11:24 pm
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Imogen made me have beer. And then Colin made me have beer. And then Mat made me come home because he has workeded and he is all tired and needs snuggles, but I want MOAR BEEER!

Mmmmmmm Beeeeeeer.

This posst is brought to you by Abbetdale Moonshine and my lack of self control.

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So, we are having a Hallowe'en Beer festival at work, and several of the things we are doing (Costume Competition, pumpkin-carving, Quiz, etc.) require FABULOUS PRIZES TO BE WON! Now, while I would like to be able to offer (for example) free passes to next year's FFW (Aw, go on Tony, Peer, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE??) and signed prints of [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie's Werewolf and Cthulhu pics, I recognise that maybe people won't be willing to give away such valuable things in these hard economic times (whilst, obviously, still hoping that they will).

I have a couple of duplicate DVDs that I can throw in, and obviously there's always beer, cos it's a pub. Anyone else have any exciting ideas for stuff we can offer?

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Friday, June 19th, 2009 11:53 pm
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I has my laptop back! She's as good as new!

Also, I have had much beer.

Also, this made me giggle, and not think of anyone called Rupert at all, honest.

ETA: Pop Quiz! If you write for the Daily Fail, how far UP do you have to reach before you get to the bottom of the barrel to scrape it?

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So. Linky links.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009 05:52 pm
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Several of you have said that you will miss my netcasts on LC. Well, PHEAR NOT! Starting today, I shall be doing a replacement feature on here. It'll probably end up being three or four times a week, rather than daily. It will be five link items (blogs or news items or whatever else floats my boat) and one meme. And because I hate the word netcast I shall be calling it something else:

The Blood Is The Life!

Fresh squeezings from the veins of the internet

(Somehow, that just seems so... me!)

I'll be making an icon later, but for now, here are today's picks:And today's meme: Mugs

Do you have a mug or mugs which is/are Your Mug(s), at home or at your workplace? Describe it/them, upload pictures, tell us why it is special to you. - via [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat

Home: I have three mugs that I get upset if anyone else uses them. The first, and most important, is the Wile E Coyote Capricorn mug that Sarah H bought me for my 18th birthday. I can't find a picture of one online, but the picture on it is similar to this one. The text on it is so faded it's barely legible now (because Ian used to put it in the dishwasher), but it reads Capricorns are ambitious and self-confident, and zealously persistent, but shouldn't go off half-cocked because that could be hazardous to their health. It's special to me because it was a present, and because it has my favourite cartoon character and my star sign on, and it's very me. It's very faded and old, but I still love it, and if it ever got broken I would cry lots. It's also advice I could probably do with bearing in mind more often...

The second is a Snape/McGonagall mug that [livejournal.com profile] anisiriusmagus bought me for another birthday. I was heavily into RP at the time, and I used to play McG.

The third is one I bought myself from the WB store in Manchester, when it was still there. It's green, and has all the WB cartoon characters on it, and holds a pint, which makes it perfect for sinister milky drinks at bedtime.

Workplace: the pub I work in only has one of these left - the traditional half-pint dimpled beer mug - and I treasure it. It keeps the beer cooler than the fancypants newfangled tulip ones, and it just feels RIGHT. My dad used to drink beer out of the pint version when I was a kid. If it got broken, I think I would actually have to buy some more, after saving up for a few weeks.

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Beer Festival!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009 12:37 pm
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It's a Festival! Of Beer!

Less than a week to go to beer festival at work, and the nerves are starting to set in. Vicky and I have decided on wearing some kind of May Queen getup, since it will be MayDay on the first day of the festival. This might mean a trawl through the charity shops on Monday to find some not-black clothes...

Anyway, if anyone is free next weekend, and in the area, do feel free to pop in. We will have lots of beer and you can come and point and laugh at me behind the bar.

The Barge and Barrel Spring Beer Festival - May 1st - 4th inclusive. Bring your own Maypole. Wicker Men not supplied.

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