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Those of you who have known us for a while will know that Miss Holly likes to have the radio on to go to sleep. Unfortunately she also regularly "forgot" to put the sleep timer on. Some weeks ago we hit on the idea of having her listen to Big Finish stuff. She loves Doctor Who, we have lots of CDs, and most importantly, each CD will finish after a maximum of 74 minutes...

We started her with The One Doctor last week, which she LOVED, and has now listened to several times. While I was away at conference she decided she'd like to try a new one, and [personal profile] matgb let her pick one out. Obviously, because she's 8, she picked the one with pirates in, and Mat wasn't familiar with the story...

When I put her to bed tonight it was disc 2 that went in and I left her laughing delightedly at The Gallifreyan Buccanneer. Part of me hopes that she will just enjoy the piratey bits and not pay attention to the deeper ramifications of the story. Part of me hopes she DOES get the deeper ramifications. Part of me hopes she falls asleep before the sad bits... But I think I may have to answer some questions in the morning.

I feel strong in my conviction that at least Mark Gatiss will have no questions about my parenting decisions....
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Well poo. I have been getting these out of the library of late, and most of them are really good. And now they are stopping doing them because their license to publish short story Who fiction from the BBC is going to expire. I LIKE short stories. I wish people published more of them.

Anyone know how much 28 x £7.50 is?
Anyone fancy spending it on books for me before it's too late?

* not for the first time, wishes she was rich *

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