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- Linkspammer still broken, sorry about that.
- I kind of feel like I want to blog more than I have for ages, but I'm not really clear what about. It's like an itch. This is an attempt at scratching it. It's not really working. Maybe I ought to do another Liberalism 101 post.
- I've got to go to exercise class in a bit and I'm so wiped out after emotional roller coaster yesterday* and adrenaline rush of dentist terror** this morning that I really don't want to. I know it'll do me good though.
- Daughter is playing lots of Tetris99 since it came out and the music is properly embedding in my head.

* my brain decided that yesterday was a great time to press a whole bunch of self destruct buttons. Happily some of them didn't work.
** I really really hate going to the dentist. My actual dentist is lovely, but that doesn't, sadly, stop the soul-wrenching terror.
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1, I have updated my Endorsements page.

2, With some regret I have turned off anon commenting. I've had a sustained campaign from a particularly persistent (and resistant to anti-spam measures) spambot while I've been at conference, and while it will have made no difference to any of you lot because I screen anon comments by default, scanning through 647 comments to see if any of them were actual comments from actual people was extremely irritating. I'll probably turn anon comments back on in a bit, once the spambot has realised it's pointless, but until then if you have a burning desire to comment on any of my posts you will have to create an account. Sorry.
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[community profile] gallifrey_times went away for a long while, but since I've managed an issue per day all week, I think I can confidently say that it's back.
  • If you are a Who fan who wants a daily shot of news and reviews and links to fanworks, please subscribe. We're a bit like Who Daily on LJ (although we explicitly try not to tread on their toes - there was a time when I was a back up for Who Daily as well as doing GT and I still have a lot of affection for them).

  • If you're a Who fan who does fic, or reviews, or art, or vids, or podcasts, or any other content you want promoting to other Who fans? please request to be added to our watch list - I'd really REALLY love to have more Dreamwidth-hosted content on there.
(X-posted from [site community profile] dw_community_promo)
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Yesterday I offered a sweepstake: the person who won could ask me to write 500 words on a topic of their choice. As it happens two people said exactly the same answer, so here is entry one of two. Adelle asked me to write 500 words on “why you blog and what you get out of it OR puddings”. Tempting as puddings are, I'm going for the former...

First, a definition: as far as I am concerned, blogging does not just mean “writing a blog”. That’s part of it, certainly, but just as vital are reading other people’s blogs, commenting and moderating comments, sharing links to interesting blogs written by other people, etc. If you just write without doing any of the rest of it, you’re Doing It Wrong.

That out of the way, there are several reasons why I blog.

1, Habit.

I’ve been doing it for over 15 years, now. I started before the term “blog” was even a thing (yes, of course, on LiveJournal), and I continue now it’s old hat and out of fashion. Very often I get the thought “I must write something about that”, and almost a quarter of the time I actually get around to doing it.
When I got out of the habit of blogging for a while when my depression was really bad, it made things far worse. I lost some of the web of connections which strengthens my feeble grasp on sanity. This was not a good thing. I am glad I have reaquired the habit, if not quite as prolifically as at some points in the past.

2, Mental Health

It helps me, a lot of the time, to get things down. Sometimes just writing it helps, sometimes posting it publicly helps; often it’s the easiest way to tell loved ones what I am thinking. For example: this morning I have been turning the nightmare I had last night into a fic which may or may not get posted publicly later; the nightmare is now less scary because I’ve pinned it down to the screen and made it squirm.

Additionally, like Andy has, I have found that my friends tell me that my blogging helps them; both in understanding where I am coming from and in clearing their own thoughts, or even just so that they know they are not alone in thinking or feeling X or Y. Every time I think I have overshared, someone will post a comment or send me an email or a twitter DM saying “thank you for posting that, it really helped me to deal with a similar thing”, or words to that effect.

3, Community

If I didn’t blog I wouldn’t have such a strong and diverse friends group full of interesting people. I reckon 90% of the friends that I really value I met through blogging, and a further 5% on top of that are people I met online before ever blogging. My attitude to blogging and it’s component parts is shared by a lot of others, and thus a little overlapping set of communities are formed, and it’s genuinely the biggest, most lifechanging thing I have ever been involved in. I met all my current partners either directly or indirectly as a result of blogging. I joined a political party because of blogging. I can’t overstate the importance of blogging to me, really.

and I think you'll find that's exactly 500 words ;)

Paid Promos

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 04:01 pm
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For the avoidance of doubt, this blog does not do paid promos. I will occasionally recommend a product if I have tried it and liked it. I will not advertise your shop, pub, Artisan brewery, mail order wife business, or anything else, no matter how politely worded your enquiry nor what inducements you offer me.

For the brief period of time that I DID have a blog sponsor, several years ago, it was always somebody I knew well and would have linked to anyway. I stopped doing it because I was uncomfortable having even that limited form of advertising. An anonymous comment left on my "ask me anything" page is not enough for me to get to know you well, and even if it was I don't take blog sponsors any more. I don't have advertising of any kind. The reason I chose this blog platform is that it promised to never have adverts, whereas my previous blog platform started accepting them.

So please stop wasting my time and yours leaving me comments asking me to advertise your product.

(I post this more in hope than expectation but there has been a bit of a slew of them lately. I'm just grateful I have anon comments screened)
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I've been chatting to Martin Robbins recently and I share his incredulity that the blogosphere isn't aflame with outrage over the plans to include blogs, either by conspiracy or cock-up, depending on who you believe, in the Leveson Royal Charter.

Here are four blogs posting about it:


Frankly I am unsurprised that Sunny Hundal is putting his faith in the DCMS to 1, do what it told him it would and 2, not cock up the implementation. Sunny, bless him, has always had a touching faith in people that drove me mental even in the days when I used to post at LC. What excuse does everybody else (other than Martin and Index on Censorship) have, though?

I admit, I have been internet-shy the last few days because of the furore over That Woman, but I would have thought I'd have at least heard a squeak from the Lib Dem blogosphere. Were any of you invited to these meetings? Or are we just waiting for the other shoe to drop before we build up a proper head of outrage here? I'm genuinely perplexed.
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Am getting an error message when I try to comment on your posts about Lisa Harding. This is annoying. I don't know if the comments went through at all, but in case they didn't, I shall reproduce the one I left on the second post here (the one I left on the first post got eaten by the internet, which is probably for the best, given the juvenile level of innuendo I used in it ;))

Anyway, here is what I said:
"With regards Lisa; all of this has happened before - SSDD. If it's impossible to debate or reason with her, failure to engage shouldn't be a big surprise or outrage." [this is a quote from a previous, anonymous, comment to mine]

But, if George deletes his posts, how are people supposed to know? George didn't know because nobody ever says this stuff publicly; they whisper it in private messages and behind Lisa's back.

This /does/ keep happening with Lisa, and I'm amazed I haven't been a cause of it myself yet, but I think the reason for that is that I try to know when to stop, if only for the reason that I don't want to hurt anyone, and whenever this happens, Lisa is incredibly hurt by it.

Lisa herself may not see it as a favour to her to leave these posts up, but I think I do, if it means people know to tread more carefully around her and not cause her the enormous amount of pain that this will have done.

(Jennie Rigg here, having trouble commenting with my account - are you sure you haven't blocked me, George? ;))
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My anti-tracking-software browser plugin blocks Disqus completely. I don't even see it's there. So, you know, if I don't comment on your blog, it's probably not because I don't want to but more because I don't want Disqus and or your blog tracking me and where I have been before I visited you or where I go after. And if I assume you have comments disabled, that's because I don't see Disqus at all because the plugin strips all elements of it out of my web experience.

Just so you all know.
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... since they appear to have turned off the comments option only have Disqus comments and I don't see them as an option because of my anti-tracking-software-blocker.

The relevant post is here. My immediate reactions are as follows:
  1. While I totally agree with you that one shouldn't be sent to jail for tweeting offensive crap, no matter how offensive it is, I think you REALLY drop the ball on the other half of your post

  2. Calling someone a bigot does not in any way shape or form equate to a 56 day jail sentence.

  3. Calling someone a bigot does not restrict their freedom of speech either. I got called a bigot myself yesterday, for saying that those advocating prayer as a method for healing cancer should have to adhere to the same rules as everyone else. My freedom of speech has not been infringed one jot.

  4. The science on parenting seems to show that it doesn't matter what gender a child's parents are, or if they are biological parents, or even how many of them there are, but how much money they have. Parents with money tend to produce far "better" children, who have better life chances and live longer, whether they are gay, straight, single, couples or poly, than traditional married couples with no cash. The reason traditional married couples correlate with "better" children is that it's only the rich folks that tend to bother getting married these days. Chris Dillow has collated a lot of research on this point if you want to find out more.

  5. Nobody wants to force churches to hold equal marriages if they don't want to, but it would be quite nice if all the religions who are in favour of equal marriage (reform judaism, quakers, etc.) could be allowed to marry non-het couples if they want to. Whilst I agree with you that it would be illiberal to force religions who don't want to have equal marriage to have it - which is why nobody sane is pushing for that - surely it would be equally illiberal to force religions who WANT to have equal marriage to not have it just because some religions don't want to?

  6. Your posts are normally a lot better thought out than this, and I'm fairly sure you normally allow comments too. Are you feeling OK?

More blog admin

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 03:39 am
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Right, have totally redone layout. It's nearly 4 AM now, though, so I;m going to stop tweaking because I have to be up at 8 to take Holly to school.
Things still to do include:
  • Sort out positioning of title
  • Make metadata and entry text more distinguishable - with colour or font
  • Sort out how to rename "syndicate" to "subscribe" and "profile" to something else in the sidebar boxes
  • Sort out how to reorder nav links, and change what they link to
Plus anything else that you guys can see that's an issue. Do comment and let me know it;s all gone horribly wrong, assuming you can now comment...

Blog Admin Stuff

Sunday, March 11th, 2012 12:58 pm
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Layout is still screwed for some people, some of the time, in some browsers. I am aware of this, but am unable to replicate it on my machine, which makes it hard to fix. For now, a workaround you can use if this problem is affecting you, is to put "?style=mine" at the end of all the urls.

Additional to this, I am not getting comment notifications for all comments. For instance, last night's rather bad-tempered post has (currently) 19 comments on it. I got notified of one; so if you don't get a reply to your comment, it's (probably) not that I'm ignoring you, it's just that my comment notifying software is.
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... really is a load of old bobbins, isn't it? I love the depth of feeling with which Tom suggests going to the pub in the first episode, and the interaction between Tom and Lis is a joy, as always, but really, whose idea was it that they'd make the doorways so low that everyone has to duck? And Roy Skelton has never sounded more Zippy-like... I think I enjoyed Invasion of the Dinosaurs more. I wish we'd shown it to [personal profile] innerbrat while she was here, though. Her incredulity at it's crapness would have been worth having to tie her down and force her to watch it... ;)

In other news, thanks to personalised tech support from it's creator, the lovely [personal profile] andrewducker, I have finally got autoposting set up for link posts. But tomorrow morning there may be a double post, and it might contain some of the links that were in today's post. This is partly due to a time period overlap, and partly due to me clicking the wrong thing. After tomorrow morning it should be fine, though.
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Women are the majority, in blogging as in life. You wouldn't know it from a casual glance at either, though. For some reason (or, more accurately, a vast swathe of reasons) even though more women are out there saying stuff, the men get more attention. This is something I have been banging on about for quite some time. Of the top of my head, some of the reasons are as follows:
  • women do not tend to be as self-promoting as men. People who shout about how awesome they are get more attention, even if it is others shouting back no you're not.
  • men are in almost all the positions of editorial power and they (consciously or unconsciously) tend to link to and promote other men.
  • the atmosphere of what has been christened The Blokosphere can be toxic and unwelcoming to all who do not wish to be adversarial and shouty.
  • The definition of political tends to include male-centric things and exclude female-centric things
This morning, as you may or may not know, a report came out on lack of female participation in the political blogosphere. One of the report's authors (all men) was someone whom I have been talking to about this issue for quite some time. So far He Who Shall Not Be Named's sole response has been to cherry pick what I told him, discard the rest, and take credit for his research (i.e. what I had told him) when talking about the issue.

However, I don't wish to demonise this man. All he has done is make the most of the opportunities offered to him in the way he sees fit. The fact that the way he sees fit is not the way I would have done it is not really something I can complain about. And I have been guilty of cutting my nose off to spite my face in some regards: for example, I have refused to write for or link to Lib Dem Voice because they accept money from an advertiser I disapprove of (pro tip for firefox/chrome users: install ad block plus). High-minded principles are all well and good, but this is not helping the representation of women in the blokosphere.

So I am going back on my word. If I want to increase female participation in the political blogosphere I am not going to do that by refusing to participate in one of the top ten blogs. The greater good requires that I sacrifice my principled stand. I want to put on record that I still do not approve of MessageSpace or their management (for examples of the reasons why see here and here), and I understand that some people will think the less of me for making this decision. It is not a decision I am taking lightly, but I am taking it none the less.

I hope that any other ladies who are reading this who are Lib Dems will also consider writing for Lib Dem Voice in the near future (you can submit stuff to voiceATlibdemvoiceDOTorg any time you like - or helenATlibdemvoiceDOTorg if you'd rather a person). The men aren't going to help us on this, although some of them might hand-wring from time to time, so we have to help ourselves. Let's show them we have voices. Let's show them we can say interesting things, and that we deserve to be heard.

Blog Maintenance

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 06:09 pm
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Have been tidying up my sidebars and permanent entries today, among other things. Something have moved, some things have gone completely, some things have been added.

And I need to sort out the share buttons thing on this laptop, do remind me about that, won't you?
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... are the ones who want to "share" it with the rest of us?

I want to blog about stuff: elected House of Lords, royalty, the awesomeness of Vince Cable, the shitstorm that has blown up around Gail Simone this weekend, my wife's marvellous bread-making abilities, internal party election rule changes and why they are needed, etc. etc. etc..

And yet somebody outside the house is playing loud irritating music and I can't form coherent thoughts to put down on the screen. All I can think is SHUT UP SHUTUP SHUTUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!! I mean, is there any need for Mika? Just because it's sunny?

In other news, Ash at work has decided he is going to start calling me Eeyore. I doubt these two things are unrelated.

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Twitter is below 200, Facebook is down to 127 and LJ is less than 50. I haven't finished with DW yet, though, mostly because a lot of the people I give access to are a hangover from LJ days, and thus a good half of my access list is people who are no longer on my LJ f-list, but whom I still want to be friends with and give access to... it's all so complicated. And I haven't started on my feed list either...

ANYWAY. I feel much more sane now and am going to reward myself with a bowl of cereal.

At some point I shall tidy up my feed list, and then maybe clean out my email inbox. Now THERE'S a challenge...

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My f-lists are getting too big again. I am going to be doing a cull before new year, probably after my birthday.


This is going to big the biggest cull; I aim to get my personal f-list down below 100, and a definite maximum of 150. The people I am going to remove will be people I have no interaction with in real life; if I only speak to you online you are likely to fall into this group. At least 50 to 100 people are going to be removed, possibly more. If you are on my facebook f-list and wish to keep up with me, please follow my public profile. As those of you who follow both will know, there's not much you miss out on by following the public rather than the private, and I do respond to comments on the public page, if not as quickly as on the private. This is nothing personal, it's just me trying to keep my personal profile for socialising and everything else separate. Please don't be offended if you get defriended, it doesn't mean that I don't like you, simply that I feel it's unlikely we are going to be attending a social occasion together anytime soon.


I am getting to the point now where I am pretty close to abandoning Livejournal altogether. Everyone who was on my f-list when I moved over to Dreamwidth still has access to f-locked posts if they log in to DW with open-id, and that's not going to change. But my LJ f-list is probably going to go down to 20 or less. There's a syndicated feed of my DW posts on LJ at [livejournal.com profile] miss_sb_dw so you can still read if you want to, and if you want to move over I have some invite codes.


Twitter is alot more free and easy about who follows who and such, so I don't expect anyone will be offended by me unfollowing them, but I thought I'd better put this in anyway: I'm going to cut twitter down to below 150. This will mean about 75 people being cut. Again, this is nothing personal, it's just that I don't have time to keep up with you all, and I am missing stuff...

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This morning Andy Reeves blogged about an unfortunate twitter mistake made by ITV News. There was a tweet publicising the blog post which was retweeted by a number of people. Suddenly he is now unable to access twitter.

I am sure that this is totally coincidental. But just in case it isn't, I'm going to reproduce Andy's blog post here, and amplify ITV's embarrassment. I suggest you do the same.
Oh dear, whoops a daisy, crap etc etc

Earlier this morning the ITV News twitter account sent out the following tweet:
Nigella Lawson is nowhere near as attractive as she thinks she is
I do feel for the person responsible for tweeting this, but it shows when you have a personal account and you operate a business account, check which you are logged into before you tweet.

One of my followers pointed out that Nigella is the same age as Gillian McKeith which means whoever tweeted this from ITV News is wrong anyway!

The offending tweet has been removed but as you can see above it was real.
For your reference, here is Tim Worstall comparing the two ladies. I know whose side I'm on without looking. Nice lady who likes her food, or the quackish poo-examiner? That's not difficult at all...

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This is mainly because I looked in my "things to link to folder" and swore hugely and loudly at how big it was. Words to the effect of I'll be pimholed if I'm going to manually code THAT lot were used. So I asked [personal profile] matgb to help me set up autoposting from delicious, like wot he does.

The first resulting post should come through in the morning, and I'm afraid it's going to be a biggie. After that they should be more reasonably sized. Do feel free to comment on, share, and whinge at me about the size of the post as much as you like.


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As Paul at Liberal Burblings puts it: His Daley Dozen will continue, his blog will still be there and he’ll be updating it with posts when he feels like it. Which is….er…..blogging. Oh, and he’ll still be tweeting – which is micro-blogging. So this is the dramatic flounce exit-that-isn't-really-an-exit which those of us who have been active on the internet since the early nineties are so wearily familiar with. He's going to be like Dorries, isn't he? One of those bloggers who pops up from time to time to whine on about how he hates blogging and bloggers are all stupid and evil, and what he does isn't blogging at all, no sirree...

The less frequent posting to The Tosser's blog is a bittersweet victory for those of us who love blogging, and unlike the lovely Justin I won't be getting the champagne out. It is clear from the content of Dale's post (which, as per my policy, I'm not going to link to) he is giving up blogging because his blog has acheived its aim, and got him a career as an overpaid, underbrained media darling. So we have yet another media personality for whom we can bewilderedly wonder how they got the job (like Claudia Winkleman on Film 2010, for example).

Like Paul, I was particularly amused by this bit: I hate the backbiting that goes along with (blogging).I hate the character assassination that is permanently present. I'm sure your many targets feel exactly the same Iain. The political blogosphere in the UK used to be a small and friendly place, with a collegiate atmosphere on all sides, and now it isn't. That the change seems to have been concurrent with the rise of Westminster bubble gossip bloggers like yourself is entirely coincidental, I'm sure.

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I know I'm a bit of a stuck record on this point, but here is some concrete evidence of how the blokosphere works against women, all the while pretending not to:

Mark Pack blogs that the majority of UK bloggers are female. Someone asks him how he knows that; he replies that he got it from the ONS.

Mark would never have known about that ONS data had I not told him about it, but it never enters his head to credit me with the information. It's just information, it's in the public domain, it doesn't really MATTER where he got it from... Right?

I mean, the fact that when blogosphere stories enter the mainstream, the MSM normally credit Guido or the Egregious Tory Tosser, even when the story was almost always broken by someone else and they just picked it up off their RSS feeds or Twitter... as long as the story gets out, it doesn't matter who the source was, right?

Even more obviously: all those black people whose songs Elvis ripped off... As long as the music gets out there, who cares who wrote it?

Even when female bloggers DO do something worth noticing, we never get the credit. And we're told we should be grateful, because at least the information is out when the men deign to notice. I'm sure that this was not a conscious snub by Count Packula. I'm sure he's very wounded that I am even typing this. But you know what? Women are conditioned from birth to know our place, to not speak out in case we upset someone, to keep our heads down and just be grateful... Well fuck that. Sometimes someone needs to have their cage rattled.

If you're seriously about solving the problem of women being excluded, Mark, you might want to stop perpetuating it. Just a thought.

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There may be a slight delay in getting the next blog award category up; my mum is in hospital with an insect bite which she is having both an allergic reaction to, and an infection in. It's not that serious, in that it's serious enough for her to be in hospital overnight, but unserious enough that she may be home today. We hope. If not home, they should at least be taking her drip out...

* trying to not appear as worried as she is, and failing miserably *

Anyway, blog awards will resume tomorrow and you can, of course, still vote in the two categories that are up so far - pollyticks and fandom.

In other news: YAY district judge Vaughn Walker, BOOO coalition government, and DOUBLE BOOO Theresa May.

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Nominations for my blog awards are now closed. Polls will be coming up in the morning. And I have a new Sponsor. Who will have a graphic when he gets back to me on what he wants for his graphic...

And now, back to looking at phones (my phone contract is up tomorrow and if I renew I get a new phone. I want an HTC Desire, but might have to settle for a Wildfire...). Review of Sherlock coming up later.

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Apart from all the stuff recently detailed on here, there has been drama aplenty at work and in personal life, and I have been poorly (again) and I am involved in TWO (count 'em) Top Sekrit Speshul Projects - one of which won't see fruition for a few weeks, and one of which should be up on Monday or so (or at least, the first installment of it should be). Oh and various blog redisgns, including a minor one on here, which isn't live yet...

So, you know, still here, just about. Just mega mega busy. Am going to answer comments soon, I swear.

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Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I am not sure there's anything more any of you lot can do to help, other than being the fabulous lovely people you already are. Offering me work is no good because I haven't got the time or the spoons to do it; offering me free money just makes me feel like a sponging shit, and I already owe so much money anyway... Offering hugs is great, though, and much appreciated, especially from my two big beardy comfort blankets and the delicious [personal profile] magister, who delivered me a Rumpole box set yesterday ♥.

However bad things are for me, though, they aren't as bad as they are for Florence and Precious Mhango, who are facing deportation back to an abusive situation and being separated. The thought of someone trying to take my Holly away from me fills me with a visceral terror that I can't even begin to describe, and the idea that Florence and her daughter will be taken away from their adopted city and their friends by pettyfogging bureaucracy fills me with rage. Caron has been posting lots about this, and I encourage you to 1, read her posts, and 2, Do Something, if you can. Even if it's just writing to Theresa May (the postcode entered there is of Barclays Bank on Maidenhead high street, btw ;)).

Other links of interest:

- Everybody point and laugh at Rupert Murdoch, who can hear the tumbleweed blowing through his webservers, and probably a bell tolling in the distance.

- and while you're doing that, point and laugh at Daily Fail readers and their obsessions, depicted here in the form of an Underground map.

- of course sometimes PoliticalCorrectnessGawnMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD actually has a basis in fact...

- How sexism hurts men too, and why we should all care about it.

- what's the difference between civil partnership and marriage?

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