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Saturday, June 20th, 2009 10:50 am
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Fresh Squeezings from the veins of the internet:
  • One of my current favourite blogs is Crust of the Grouch ([syndicated profile] crust_of_the_grouch_feed). Grouch is a non-aligned political commenter. The text of her comments tends towards the pithy, so she won't overwhelm your f-list with essays like some. But the best bit is that she's an artist, and therefore each post has a satirical illustration of some kind. The one that jumped out to me today is here.

  • Count Packula, Prince of Markness documents what happens when the twitterverse applies itself to a Daily Fail poll. Basically, hilarity ensues.

  • The European Court of Human rights has SENSE shock! Via Feminist Law Professors ([syndicated profile] feministlawprofessor_feed) comes the news that the European Court of Human Rights has unanimously found that a state violated the human rights of the applicant and her mother in failing to protect them against domestic violence. Hurrah!

  • Of all the fallout from my resignation from Liberal Conspiracy, this is the bit that makes me saddest. Aaron was the person who convinced my to write for LC in the first place, and although he might not have the purity of liberalism some of my fellow Lib Dems would like to see, he's a good man, and his heart's in the right place, even when his typing fingers aren't. Hope the sanity break does the trick, sweetie.

  • Today's Lib Demmery: Mr Quist is one of many commenting on the Michael Brown thing today. Honestly, other parties have SHITLOADS of dodgy donors. We have ONE and nobody will ever let us forget it... And Lib Dem Voice has a post illustrating the importance of literacy. Nob = posh person. Knob = cock. Spelling is important!
And now for today's meme:

If your comment to this post includes the words Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable I will ask you five questions. You must then answer those questions and make a similar offer on your own blog.

[ profile] sideshow_meg asked me the following five questions:
  1. If you could buy anything, what would it be?
  2. What did you want to be when you were little?
  3. What is your favourite tv show?
  4. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
  5. Where would you like to travel if money was no object?
and the answers are under the cut )

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PSA: Liberal Conspiracy

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

The straw has landed. The camel's back is broken. I have tendered my resignation.

I wish Sunny all the best, and hope the site continues to be successful, but I can no longer waste the mental energy required to beat my head against the brick wall of the various issues I have with the site. And yes, before anyone asks, the straw was the bitter, nasty, juvenile, ill-conceived and factually inaccurate piece posted by Rupert Read today. I suggest scrolling down to the comment by [personal profile] matgb (#39) if you're going to actually go and look at the article. I have had to resist retitling the article Wah, I failed to get elected and it's all the nasty Lib Dems fault!!.

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Charlotte Green's dulcet tones really cheered me up this morning, as I was reluctantly dragged from the arms of Morpheus. The 9am news bulletin on radio 4 went like this:... and then the first item on BH was a nice long interview with Nick Clegg in which there was much talk about Vince's forensic dismantling of Darling in his *shudder* Daily Fail column. Add to that that the Observer has endorsed the Lib Dems for the Euro election, and CiF has a piece by Andrew Rawnsley about how we are the only party which is serious about electoral reform, and we seem to be dominating the headlines today.

So what are the top stories according to Newswire on LC? Not a single mention of the Lib Dems. Oh dear. I think the mice have been nibbling his cables again.

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