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So, you're trying to tell me that East Coast Trains can't cope with radio 4??? Dammit, I need to feed my addiction, I've been at work most of the day and I've been deprived!

Still, I've fixed 'em. I found those Crotchwoot audio plays on my HD that I hadn't listened to yet. And in this world, Ianto isn't dead....

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I'm just asking, but can SPOILER! ) not be produced synthetically, and save all this hassle?

And then nobody would have had to SPOILER! ), and everyone would be fine.

And yeah, clearly set up for this is totally, definitely the end. Or is it? territory. And after ratings like that, they have to bring it back. Right? With Lois?

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That was just... Yeah.

I wonder what Rusty's big reset button is going to be this time? Shall we have wild speculation?

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This episode of Crotchw00t will henceforth be known as the one with SPOILER! ). First SPOILER! ) was SPOILER! ), and then SPOILER! ) and then, of course, SPOILER! ), who spent pretty much the whole episode SPOILER! ), in true and glorious return-to-form stylee.

SPOILER! )'s character development is a bit unbelievable - SPOILER! ), but I suppose that could be painted as a commentary on just how much trust in the machinery of government has been eroded. Still, I bet possible SPOILER! ) - after all, the SPOILER! ).

I like the SPOILER! ), who is clearly having far too much fun SPOILER! ). And I'm loving SPOILER! ) and SPOILER! ). I also loved SPOILER! )'s little scene in the SPOILER! ), talking to SPOILER! ) about SPOILER! ) LOL. Do we know if it's actually SPOILER! ) at all?

I'm glad the SPOILER! ) will finally SPOILER! ) next episode, though. I think the build-up has been enough now.

All in all, it was still good, but I'm not as blown away as I was yesterday. Possibly because I was actually expecting it to be good and therefore it was facing a higher level of expectation. The worry that this is going to descend into the usual Rustyish cock-up by the end is growing, though.

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Oh. My. God.

That was actually GOOD. Better than good. It was great. Pacing was perfect, suspense was building, ending was a stunning cliffhanger: wa-HEY!

I was SPOILER! ) when Rupesh SPOILER! ) because SPOILER! ). And Peter Capaldi is clearly SPOILER! ) which is SPOILER! ) because that's a bit predictable. Is his secretary SPOILER! ) by the way? I forgot to check the credits.

I liked Tim/SPOILER! ). He was a nice quirky detail. And I loved all the little domestic touches. Stephen's mum and SPOILER! ) were a nice character study, and Ianto's SPOILER! ) were a scream. And the couple stuff between SPOILER! ) was just SPOILER! ).

I didn't like the fact that there weren't that many good female characters in comparison to male characters, and the outstanding new female character was the woman who SPOILER! ). They could have had one of the ministers or something be female. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing SPOILER! )'s character develop. She looked pretty cool. And pretty. But A+ for racial and sexual orientation diversity (which is normal for Crotchw00t, really), even if they had a bit of genderfail. And didn't Colonel Mace have a GORGEOUS voice?

All in all, I am really looking forward to tomorrow :D YAY! I ENJOYED IT!!

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