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  1. The hurried nature and poor wording of my previous post; I emphatically was not taking aim at people who have trouble with mooncups in general, but at the original poster of the review, whose tone reminded me so much of so many people I run into on a day to day basis. People who have decided that just because they can't do something, nobody else should be allowed to, and anybody who can, or wants to, is some kind of freak. That I unintentionally fell into a kind of mirror of this myself is an irony that isn't lost on me.

  2. My lack of timely replies to comments on that post; this is partly due to general crapness on my part (see the next item) and partly due to comment notifications being VERY sporadic at the moment; I am getting email notification of maybe a third of comments; I'm going to see if it's a problem with my spam trap, and if it's not, I shall report it to DW as a bug.

  3. Abject lack of regular posting. Part of this is due to my automated link posts failing; a problem which I am trying to sort out now with the help of [personal profile] andrewducker's marvellous contrivance, which you can find at http://feedthistothat.appspot.com/ , but mostly it's due to me being rubbish, and simultaneously having various crises and getting addicted to a couple of stupid games, which are so much easier than blogging/tweeting.

  4. Linked to the previous, my total failure to blog what I thought of ANY of the festive telly and films. FWIW, I quite liked Christmas Who despite the gender fail (detailed beautifully by the lovely Daddy Richard), but not as much as last years WomanInAFridge. Great Expectations was glorious, beautfully shot and lit, but Gillian Anderson's performance really messed with my head. The mannerisms and pathologies she was exhibiting reminded me so much of myself... *shudder* Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was very good, despite what they did to Irene Adler, and despite naked!StephenFry. I liked [personal profile] innerbrat's description of it as Victorian Batman. I loved the visuals of it, especially the scene in the forest, and I loved the wit and sheer enjoyment oozing from every frame. BBC Sherlock, otoh, I found equally frustrating and enjoyable. I loved Sherlock's relationships with Irene and Mrs Hudson in the first ep, but found the entirety of the story somewhat... I dunno. Distasteful? I don't like this thing that seems to be current of making Irene Adler subservient to Moriarty (this also applies to Game of Shadows) when in the books she was clearly and obviously very much her own woman and proud of it. This week's ep, though? I adored. Yes, there was genderfail, but there was so much ConanDoyle geekness in there that I forgive it. So, my soft spot for Gatiss continues... I watched other stuff, but that'll do for now.

Foot/ankle is now almost back to normal; because of lack of gymness - due to foot/ankle amongst other things - I am back on the happy pills; depression continues spiky; Roxy appears to be getting used to life without Byron. I think that's about it...

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