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Finally getting around to doing last week's [community profile] fannish5: Name your five favourite fictional marriages.

  1. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and Sgt Benton (Doctor Who). Nobody is ever, EVER going to convince me that Doris is not a post-op Benton. Right from Benton's first appearance in The Invasion she is clearly in love with the Brig, and there are LOADS of bits of body language throughout the UNIT era between the two characters which suggest at something a lot more than a professional relationship. And then in Battlefield, where you get Doris with lots of screentime, the Brig actually refers to her as Benton in the garden centre. It's a very sweet relationship, and a victory for trans acceptance.

  2. Lady Sybil Ramkin and Sam Vimes and Carrot and Angua (Discworld). These two are one entry because they are essentially the same relationship dynamic, just with different specifics. Both feature a strong, powerful woman, and a man who is empowered, rather than emasculated, by having a relationship with a strong, powerful woman. Hollywood scriptwriters, take note.

  3. Bill Adama and President Roslin (new Battlestar Galactica). Shipped them from Season 1 of BSG, and my ship came in. Despite my issues with the ending of BSG, the relationship between these two characters is beautiful, complex, and well-realised.

  4. Sarah-Jane Smith and Peter (The Sarah-Jane Adventures). Although it was set up as a sham by the Trickster, Sarah-Jane and Peter's love for each other was very real, and Peter's moment of self-sacrifice at the end of the story is so quietly, understatedly noble... And, you know, Nigel Havers. I would.

  5. Spock and James T Kirk (Star Trek TOS). This is totally not just an excuse to post this (NSFW) video again:
I was trying to think of a Batverse one, but apart from Animated Series Harvey Dent and Pamela Isley (which only got as far as engagement) there isn't really a Batverse relationship that I don't have issues with for one reason or another...

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