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Unless this is the first entry of mine you've read, you'll know that I am active in politics.
You will also know that I am active in a lot of geekeries (Doctor Who, obvs, but lots of others too).
The thing about both of those things is that they can sometimes cause a teeny tiny slight amount of stress to enter one's life. If I get stressy, one of my main ways of destressing is to look at Cute Doggy Pictures. A clear majority of the Instagram accounts I follow are hounds of various stripes, and a healthy smattering of the Twitters I follow are doggies too. @arthurwhippet and @smiththewhippet are two of them. I've been following these two for a while. They live together, with some humans obvs, and are utterly adorable. I mean, who can look at Arthur's excitement about a flat rugby ball and not feel all squishy inside?

This morning I was leafing through twitter, and the following tweet caught my eye:
A tale of 2 leaders; May talks at a group of constituents and orders 'no questions', Tim Farron chats to the passing public in Manchester.
tweet by @TammRehgallag (Matt Gallagher)
I'm pretty sure the use of the words at and to were very deliberate in that tweet. Attached to the tweet are two pictures. One picture is of Theresa May, looking shouty and authoritarian and offputting. The other is of a nice lady with pretty hair and a fab coat talking to Tim Farron. She was walking some dogs in the picture. I did a double take at the dogs. Hang on... I know those dogs!

It turned out that my politics world and my cute doggies world had collided with some force. My friend April even got to pet Smith and Arthur and their friend Ziggy! I've never met Arthur and Smith in real life, only on twitter, so I am quite jealous of April for that. And it appears I am not along in thinking that doggies are more exciting than party leaders.

If you, too, think that doggies are better than politics, you may wish to follow @arthurwhippet and @smiththewhippet on twitter as well.

(why yes, this post really was just an extended and belated Follow Friday post O;) )
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There's a few of the doggy accounts I follow on instagram (and if you're an instagram user who's not following Inna The Iggy, Whippy Jim, and Angharad's Athena you totally should be) whose doggies get subscription treat/toy parcels.

Any of you lot tried any of these? Any recommendations for or against? From googling there seem to be LOADS of them, but I can only find one offering a multidog package...

ETA: the ones I am leaning towards are:
  • Barks and Bunnies because they have such a wide selection of types of box, including a multidog box

  • Top Collar because they are treats only, and come fortnightly which is a nice frequency, and while I do like the idea of the odd new toy, I worry that any which include toys might end up with the toys not being used much

  • Hound Haus because they contribute to homeless doggies upkeep

  • WoofBox because I like the rating system for how often you would like to get the various categories of product.

Ones I have looked at and rejected for various reasons: Pawsome (awful website), Barkbeats (awful tales of their customer service), Houndbox (stupidly expensive), Pawpost, the tail wagger, and many more. What REALLY bothers me is the number of these types of service that there are reviews of online, having started in the last couple of years, that have gone bust or are no longer there (Fings for Fido and PoochPack for example). I don't want to start a subscription to something that's going to disappear in a couple of months. Been there, done that, bought the Marvel Hammer Horror Magazine...

So yeah, any thoughts will be gratefully recieved.
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So I ordered collars for my hairy babies from Celtic Hound a couple of weeks ago. They have a little waiting list because everything is handmade to order. They arrived this morning.

OMG they're amazing. The workmanship is beautiful, and the leather feels properly sturdy, and the suede lining is mega soft. You can see pictures of Spike and Roxy modelling them on my instagram, but my photography skills aren't really the bestest.

I'll say this though: they are totally worth the money. Every single penny.
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... is the Sighthound community on instagram.

Greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, Italian greyhounds etc. All the Sighthounds.

All the Sighthounds supporting all the other Sighthounds in their little peculiarities of really thin skin that gets cuts dead easily, and wanting to run REALLY FAST then sleep immediately after all the time, and sleeping in really stupid positions, and all the other little idiosyncracies of the Sighthound.

Sighthounds are ace, really.

I loves my doggies.

Disclaimer: there may have been wine consumed this evening. You're lucky I'm being soppy about the dogs and not any actual humans.
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"I think we should train the dogs to make breakfast"
"A fine idea in theory, but I fear it would not work in practise. Spike would go into the kitchen, get the butter dish to butter the toast, and hide under the dining table eating it. Roxy would spin round in small circles making Wookiee noises while the toast burnt."
"But that means one of us has to get out of bed..."

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