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Two of these don't count as drabbles, as I went over 100 words. Sorry. I hope Ponygirl and Finmagik can forgive me. :/ Some of these were a lot easier to write than others...

For Vert: Rocky Horror/Who crossover with Ten ) (for extra bonus here's my first Rocky/Who crossover drabble)

For Ozzy: Six/Peri, Victorian era, featuring a Vincent Price character )

For Ponygirl: New!Trek, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Tarsus IV: <q>I never wanted to see this place again</q>. )

For Tez: Sam Tyler/Servalan )

For Finmagik: Six/Peri <q>I can be cruel but let me be gentle with you</q> )

For Grouchy: Davros in the three bears cottage, genre: mystery, including the phrase <q>penis bearer</q> )

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Fic mojo

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 02:12 am
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For the first time in maybe three years I have fic mojo. The thing is, I haven't written for so long, I wouldn't know a plot bunny if it stood up and bit me... Give me prompts, people. Give me prompts, and I'll give you drabbles. Would prefer a fandom I'm familiar with - Who, Blake's 7, SGA, BSG, dodgy old horror films, etc - but am not averse to a bit of research. Happy to do crossovers.

Pls to be providing:
  • Fandom(s)
  • Genre
  • Characters to be included
  • Any particular phrases or scenarios you'd like me to work in
... and if you do I promise you a drabble. A proper one. Not one of this 103 words malarky. First come first served.

ETA: I should mention, I don't do Real People. Will have something for you guys when I get home from work,though.

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