Quick Update

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 09:05 am
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- FCC report coming soon. Am currently sitting on m'friend Mary's spare bed in Surbiton having stopped over here after the meeting yesterday, tapping away on my new-to-me laptop, which I'm thinking of calling Ken (because it's very very red).

- Prior to the FCC meeting yesterday I had a somewhat more informal meeting with one of the Shadowy Gay Men Who Secretly Rule The World, which was lots of fun (because he's lovely) and very useful (because we had some interesting exchanges of information now I've become Acting Chair of LGBT+ LDs). I now have pages and pages of Stuff To Do, though...

- Next few trips to London are:
  • June 3rd (FCC) - for which I have a place to stay lined up
  • June 17th (LD English Council) - for which I could do with a place to crash on Friday the 16th
  • July 8th (FCC and Pride) - for which I'm thinking possibly make a weekend of it with [personal profile] matgb and daughter
  • July 23rd (Women's Krikkit World Cup Final)
If any of you Londonny types wish to arrange any meetings for any of those trips, do let me know :)

- Like [personal profile] solarbird I am now getting f-list slide when reading! Woo! I know it's harsh for those who have recently moved to DW from LJ, but it's almost gleeful for me. It's like LJ used to be in days of yore! Like, I might actually join some comms! Or revitalise ones I'm already in! It all feels very hopeful.

Hello there!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 05:24 pm
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*waves at the sudden glut of LJ deleters on DW*

Nice to see you all here!

I have finally obtained a working Laptop, so I should hopefully be more about on here than I am when I'm stuck with just phone and Office PC.

If you're an old LJer I haven't seen on here before, do hit me up :)

Dreamwidth Wishlist

Monday, May 25th, 2009 06:14 pm
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So, I am fully bedded in here at DW now, and I think it's not TOO awful for those of you who have stayed over on LJ to still read and such... DW is much more suited to the way I do things than LJ, feels much more intuitive, and I am generally much happier with the way they run things. The things that I love are too numerous to list, but the things I would really like?

Things that LJ doesn't have:

  • Proper tag management. Seriously, DW folks, Tag Merge would make me want to kiss you all. I have WAY too many tags to be arsed to manage them manually, and some of them need merging and some of them need deleting, and some of them need merging and then renaming... Proper tag management would be a dream come true for me.
  • Ability to add feeds to the reading list of a community, so that communities can establish reading lists for their members, and not just show members' posts as a reading list. Which I didn't know you couldn't do until I just tried to do it. Arse.

Things that LJ already has:

  • Image hosting. Yes, Scrapbook is rubbish, but any image hosting at all on DW would be lovely
  • Reading Filters. I got used to using them on LJ and I can't on here, but I am doing the vast majority of my reading on here, now.
This list may be added to or changed at whim.

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