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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 04:03 pm
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So my Endorsements page hasn't been updated in... probably several years. Anybody want to endorse me, or change an existing endorsement?

This entry prompted by Andrew saying "*anything* is a masterclass in innuendo when read by you. You could find innuendo in the Highway Code." on twitter, which struck me as perfect endorsement material :)
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The following people have said informative things about me:

  • Respect - Dan Hodges, Torygraph columnist

  • There are ways of handling a situation diplomatically and then there's unleashing Jennie Rigg at a problem - Alisdair Calder McGregor

  • We liked this blog a lot because of the irreverent tone and variety of content and it's clear this is a serious blogger. - politics.co.uk

  • She drinks BEER! She has BOOBIES! She eats Daily Mail readers for BREAKFAST! She's [personal profile] miss_s_b and she's fearawesome. - [livejournal.com profile] burkesworks

  • I find myself agreeing with Jennie more than almost any other blogger, especially when she says I'm always right. She is in possession of uncommon sense (much rarer than the common kind) and gets annoyed at all the right things. - Andrew Hickey

  • More a non-shrinking Venus Fly Trap than a shrinking violet - The Honourable Lady Mark Valladares.

  • brimming with imagination, irreverence, the right amount of darkness and a tiny little sprinkling of evil in its purest form. - Caron

  • man enough to take on all comers (though not quite man enough to put me on the turn) - Daddy Alex

  • She has taught me more about real ale than any other political blogger ever could. - [livejournal.com profile] sideshow_meg

  • You do come out with some random stuff, you do. - Ex-Councillor Bob Thompson

The following people have, in the past, given me money to advertise on my blog:

(although please note that I don't take advertising of any kind any more)

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