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Sorry. Quoting Rage Against the Machine again. Becomes habit after a while.

Anyhoo, I suspect that the labservatives are rubbing their hands together with glee about the prospect of tomorrow's debate. Their entitlement complex is such that I'm willing to lay down money that Cameron still hasn't read our manifesto - he has a flunky to do that sort of dirty job, doubtless - and that Brown will be carrying on agreeing with Nick like a stalker who won't take no for an answer. Both of them are pretty likely to paint us as unquestioningly europhile, and try to say we will sell the country down the river. So how is Nick going to pwn them both this time?

Well, regardless of what Mummy Helen's photograph might have you thinking, I don't have a direct mental link with Our Glorious Leader. But I can happily tell you what I think his (and the party's) strengths are on Europe.

Firstly, our commitment to an in-out referendum. Yes, we as a party think it's better to stay in. But we also strongly believe in democracy, and that the people should decide. We'd want to persuade you that staying in is the best option, but we'd let you take the actual decision.

Secondly, we have vast swathes of policy to reform Europe from the inside, assuming the public says yes to staying in.

Thirdly, Clegg has BEEN an MEP. He knows how Europe works, and has the inside track in a way that the other two can't even come close to. His experience and insider knowledge will help him to be confident and authoritative in the debate, where the other two will be waffley and unsure.

Those who are predicting that this will be the weakest of the three debates for us might have a shock coming, I reckon. And with the way the tories deal (or rather, DON'T deal) with Europe, I wouldn't want to be David Cameron tomorrow...

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