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Yes, yes, I know, there's a team at LDV and Mary R and Joe O and Mark V and Nick T and Ryan and various others work hard too. For no pay, either, mark you. But Caron is the Editor In Chief, and the most public face, and thus Caron is the one who gets the majority of the hassle and shite when freeze peach artists want to slag people off on LDV.

Caron has a full time job, and a family, and sits on federal board, but she still gives ridiculous amounts of time pretty much every day, even when she's on holiday, to running LDV. Most of the time, all thanks she gets is mouthy arseholes telling her she's Doing It Wrong. A case in point being the article she posted yesterday about how women get treated on the internet, only to immediately attract that kind of treatment from two commenters on that post, who then got upset when she objected.

Now, I've said this before and I'll doubtless say it again, but if you don't like the way a website is run - especially a private website, run by volunteers, with no official status - you are perfectly free to go and set up a rival website. Especially if you are a free market Liberal. You are not entitled to take the fruits of somebody else's labour and crap all over it because you have some half-arsed idea about entitlement to other people's time and effort. And it is not censorship to have your comments moderated on a private website, not when you are perfectly free to go set up your own site whenever you like.

The reason I think Caron deserves a lot more appreciation than she gets is that I couldn't put up with what she puts up with. Not with anything like the good grace that she does so, and certainly not without being paid quite a lot of money (I've got used to this Being Paid For Things thing now; it's rather nice). So I'd like to issue a little plea from my little corner of the internet: please, folks, be nice to Caron when you're in hers.

Thank you.

(this post brought to you while I'm on a really boring conference call)

Thank you [personal profile] nadriel

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 09:30 pm
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... Birthmas gift recieved xxx
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Look at the comments to my last blog post.

It IS possible for the comment section to work like we all think it should.
There are people imparting information. There are people disagreeing with each other, but respectfully. There is kindness and an apology when a tiny bit of friction happens. People are civilised!

Now, if that can happen - and indeed ALWAYS happens, because my f-list is made of awesome - on my humble blog why the blue buggery fuck can't the newspapers with all their money and paid moderators manage it on their sites? I mean yes, there's scaling issues, but surely it's not beyond the realms of possibility?

Quick Update

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 09:05 am
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- FCC report coming soon. Am currently sitting on m'friend Mary's spare bed in Surbiton having stopped over here after the meeting yesterday, tapping away on my new-to-me laptop, which I'm thinking of calling Ken (because it's very very red).

- Prior to the FCC meeting yesterday I had a somewhat more informal meeting with one of the Shadowy Gay Men Who Secretly Rule The World, which was lots of fun (because he's lovely) and very useful (because we had some interesting exchanges of information now I've become Acting Chair of LGBT+ LDs). I now have pages and pages of Stuff To Do, though...

- Next few trips to London are:
  • June 3rd (FCC) - for which I have a place to stay lined up
  • June 17th (LD English Council) - for which I could do with a place to crash on Friday the 16th
  • July 8th (FCC and Pride) - for which I'm thinking possibly make a weekend of it with [personal profile] matgb and daughter
  • July 23rd (Women's Krikkit World Cup Final)
If any of you Londonny types wish to arrange any meetings for any of those trips, do let me know :)

- Like [personal profile] solarbird I am now getting f-list slide when reading! Woo! I know it's harsh for those who have recently moved to DW from LJ, but it's almost gleeful for me. It's like LJ used to be in days of yore! Like, I might actually join some comms! Or revitalise ones I'm already in! It all feels very hopeful.
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I received a complaint today from a regular reader that although she enjoys my links posts, and often finds interesting things to read in them, because they are so regular it makes it hard for her to find and reread my substantive posts. Now, there are ways to solve this with tags and so on, but as a temporary fix until I decide what I am going to do, I thought the best thing would be to offer her... a links post! So I hereby present a Year in the Life of my blog.

Sept 2012 featured a post in which I slagged Cleggy off, a post in which my (then 9 year old) daughter slagged Cleggy off, and fan favourite Lib Dem Leadership Runners and Rider With Added Star Trek Metaphor.

October 2012 was mostly taken up with Federal Party Elections. For reasons best known to my own (lack of) sanity I decided to ask questions of ALL THE CANDIDATES! And like CLEAN ALL THE THINGS it didn't quite come off, but more answered than didn't, and several people told me their voting had been swayed by the answers I got, so I am actually pretty proud of this. I'd certainly like to see it become a feature of federal party elections, although not necessarily run on my personal blog. Digital engagement isn't just a buzzword, it's a way of life. I didn't get to cover the results till November, mind ;)
October wasn't ENTIRELY taken up with federal party elections, though. I also found time to blog about poetry, the othering of Jimmy Saville, science programming on the telly, how Tories anchor debates, and carving a Halloween "pumpkin".

November 2012 involved me turning a post about Any Questions into a post geeking about metal, a very enthusiastic review of low-budger British horror flick Cockneys Vs Zombies, me helping to save the Naked Scientists (it worked, we saved them!) some ideas as to why turnout was so awful in the PCC elections, a song wot I wrote, my three strikes and you're out policy for party emails, and a report from my daughter's first ever comic con - which we are totally going back to this year.

December 2012 involved me making lots of suggestions to people. I had a suggestion for press regulation which nobody has picked up on, a suggestion for Eric Pickles to have as a song on Desert Island Discs, suggestions for George Osborne as to why people mightkeep their curtains closed, and the not morbid at all suggestions for what should be done when I die.
I also reviewed the very first issue of Ad Lib (I didn't like it) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (I did like it). December also contains one of the finest examples of the sort of poll put out by politicians I have ever produced. Yes, of course, it's about Doctor Who. If you click on the polls tag on the bottom of that entry it'll take you to many further examples...

January 2013 was when Burchillgate kicked off. I commented myself and did a roundup of other people's comments. I was also rather irate with Andy Burnham and racist photocropping, and I offered two how to guides: one on managing Twitter and a guide to coping with snow for Journalists.
But the best post in January was actually quite a short one, yet showcases the sort of awesome comments I get from my regulars. On the Gendering of Films really does demonstrate that the oft-quoted maxim about never reading below the line does not apply here.

February 2013 followed the usual tradition of being bloody awful. There's just something about February. Anyway, the only substantive post worth linking to is an Open Letter to the Editors of Lib Dem Voice, which I am pleased to see it has only taken them seven months to finally take some tentative steps towards doing something about...

In March 2013 I praised Helen Duffett and damned Ricky Gervais

April 2013 appears to be mostly swearing, and avoiding the internet because of the death of Lady Thatcher. But I did write some Doctor Who fanfiction

May 2013 was local elections month, and I was slightly annoyed at people who try to project general election results from the results of local elections. I spent quite a lot of May either being tested in hospital or getting the results of said tests and generally not feeling well enough to blog, although I did manage to make a somewhat subdued contribution to the House of Comments Podcast. I also found the energy to thank some of the MPs involved in getting the Same Sex Marriage Bill passed - which led directly to this, which I am insanely happy about. Although possibly not quite as happy as Alex and Richard.

June 2013 I was still pretty ill, but I did manage to rant about the illogicality of linking to The Daily Mail

July 2013, by comparison, featured a veritable explosion of blogging. Perhaps it was brainstorming Rolling Stones filks for Glee Club at Lib Dem Conference which started that off, and more wonderous creativity from my lovely regular commenters. I also did the race for life with my mum and Holly as part of my strict exercise regimen. I talked about Charles Saachi and Nigela Lawson, whether or not twitter installing a report button would solve anything, and LibDem infighting. I also made some recommendatons to Our Glorious Leader as to who ought to be ennobled.

August 2013 started with a continuation of my 27 year long campaign to get Colin Baker recognised as THE BEST DOCTOR, and, of course, my reaction to the casting of Peter Capaldi in the iconic role. I analysed Why Membership of political parties is falling, pointed out that moral panics rarely lead to good law, and laid into Jamie Oliver. I am deeply sad to have seen several otherwise sensible people defend the overprivileged clueless idiot since that post, BTW...

And this is the first proper post I have done in September 2013, unless you count posting a photo of my armpit. I hope this is a long enough linkspam summary for you, dear reader. And I'll have to look into that tagging thing, because this has taken me AGES. Mostly because I ended up re-reading all the comments on most of the posts and giggling, but still...

Thank you Nanila

Friday, January 11th, 2013 05:29 pm
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Got a lovely postcard with a Tardis and an invitation to visit on yesterday. Really made my day

* hugs *

Doctor Who post coming later.

Quote of the Day

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 09:39 am
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At lunch time I scared myself by contemplating the size of the chickens that lay the giant chocolate Easter eggs. - [livejournal.com profile] pinkweasel has the best brain in the world and I adore her.
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This weekend we have welcomed the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nadriel to our humble abode. We haven't seen him for ages, so this was a good thing. We also played Carcassonne on the dining table and [personal profile] matgb didn't win both games (although poor [personal profile] magister didn't win any at all :().

More visitors would be nice. MOAR VISITORS. People heading Yorksherwards can happily be accommodated here and we like seeing people. If you are on my f-list you can click my contact details to find out how to get here.

Also gin is good.
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I see from the latest Pravda communique (no, I'm not linking to it; you know my policy on sites with messagespace ads) that Mummy Helen has been appointed Minister of Truth in our glorious new world order. She is now in charge of Internal Communications for the Liberal Democrats. One assumes that this refers to internal as in within the party, not as in voices in one's head...

Anyway, now we know who to complain at about those godawful party emails that treat us all like idiots to be preached at and told what to do, don't we, children?

* mischeivous grin *

Seriously, though, congrats to Helen. Communications is an important thing to get right, as evidenced by the fact that in war the first thing you try to do is scupper the enemy's communications, and I'm sure the party will be better off for having Helen in this pivotal role.

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My f-lists are getting too big again. I am going to be doing a cull before new year, probably after my birthday.


This is going to big the biggest cull; I aim to get my personal f-list down below 100, and a definite maximum of 150. The people I am going to remove will be people I have no interaction with in real life; if I only speak to you online you are likely to fall into this group. At least 50 to 100 people are going to be removed, possibly more. If you are on my facebook f-list and wish to keep up with me, please follow my public profile. As those of you who follow both will know, there's not much you miss out on by following the public rather than the private, and I do respond to comments on the public page, if not as quickly as on the private. This is nothing personal, it's just me trying to keep my personal profile for socialising and everything else separate. Please don't be offended if you get defriended, it doesn't mean that I don't like you, simply that I feel it's unlikely we are going to be attending a social occasion together anytime soon.


I am getting to the point now where I am pretty close to abandoning Livejournal altogether. Everyone who was on my f-list when I moved over to Dreamwidth still has access to f-locked posts if they log in to DW with open-id, and that's not going to change. But my LJ f-list is probably going to go down to 20 or less. There's a syndicated feed of my DW posts on LJ at [livejournal.com profile] miss_sb_dw so you can still read if you want to, and if you want to move over I have some invite codes.


Twitter is alot more free and easy about who follows who and such, so I don't expect anyone will be offended by me unfollowing them, but I thought I'd better put this in anyway: I'm going to cut twitter down to below 150. This will mean about 75 people being cut. Again, this is nothing personal, it's just that I don't have time to keep up with you all, and I am missing stuff...

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This morning Andy Reeves blogged about an unfortunate twitter mistake made by ITV News. There was a tweet publicising the blog post which was retweeted by a number of people. Suddenly he is now unable to access twitter.

I am sure that this is totally coincidental. But just in case it isn't, I'm going to reproduce Andy's blog post here, and amplify ITV's embarrassment. I suggest you do the same.
Oh dear, whoops a daisy, crap etc etc

Earlier this morning the ITV News twitter account sent out the following tweet:
Nigella Lawson is nowhere near as attractive as she thinks she is
I do feel for the person responsible for tweeting this, but it shows when you have a personal account and you operate a business account, check which you are logged into before you tweet.

One of my followers pointed out that Nigella is the same age as Gillian McKeith which means whoever tweeted this from ITV News is wrong anyway!

The offending tweet has been removed but as you can see above it was real.
For your reference, here is Tim Worstall comparing the two ladies. I know whose side I'm on without looking. Nice lady who likes her food, or the quackish poo-examiner? That's not difficult at all...

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[community profile] doctorwho has a friending meme going on, and via it I discovered a couple of LJ refugees who I am familiar with from doing the Daily, one of whom ([personal profile] darthfangirl) posted THIS:

(link here)

SQUEE! Sarah-Jane hugging Jo, and Eleven running about like an ostrich with hair, and big evil robots, and ClydeySplodey and... and... Goddamn, doesn't that look AWESOME?


Anyway, if you fancy making more Whoey buddies, that [community profile] doctorwho friending meme is a good place to start.

Later today there will be a restart of my blog awards, and finally getting round to doing Caron a graphic, and possibly some other stuff. I have the flu, so am mostly stuck in bed - missed Stephen Fry's live thing at the national media museum last night because of it - and you guys know that means spamming ;)

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... Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Total Bollocks Willy-Waving Contest. This makes the top ten Lib Dem Willy-Wavers approach gender balance, as there are myself, Caron and Sara in the top ten, and the very top site, despite what Count Packula would have you believe, is pretty much run by Mummy Helen, with TechnoRyan for the technical stuff.

It would be nice to see more bloggers of colour and LGBTers up there as well, but perhaps that's a campaign for next year.

I shall be making proper badges for the mantelpiece when I get home from visiting Posh Boy tomorrow. Hopefully.

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Collies are good at problem-solving. It's one of the endearing features of the breed. Last night Byron realised he wasn't going to be able to get his cone of shame off, and set about trying to solve the problem of how to get at his wound because it was itching. The solution he hit upon was to rub it on the carpet... He was in danger of re-opening it, and was making the most heartbreaking piteous mewling sound I have ever heard, so this morning he has been back to the vet for some more painkillers, which will hopefully numb it. He's not crying now, anyway. He's taken to lying in the doorway, which is tiled, and I think the coolness of the tiles is helping.

Thank you all for the love and support and get well cards and donations and everything. You're all so lovely, and I'm completely bowled over by the level of concern.

Rest assured he is getting lots of cuddles and pampering (and home-cooked food, at the moment, because he has to have soft food after having had a tube down his throat for the anaesthetic). Hopefully the results of his biopsy will be back tomorrow and we'll know better what the prognosis is.

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I picked Byron up from the vet's this teatime, and he was very sorry for himself, and still somewhat groggy from the anaesthetic.

click here to see where your money went - black dog on black sofa, so not great image. Wound-free. )

Despcription of what happened at the vet's )

Anyway, the upshot is that we still don't know what it was, but it's been removed. The vet says if it turns out to have been malignant it will almost certainly come back, because the composition of it made it impossible to be sure he'd got every last bit, although he tried his best. Byron has to go back on Saturday morning to have his wound checked, at which point we should hopefully have the lab results too. He has to have the bucket on his head until the stitches come out (those of you who have seen our house will know how much fun that is) and he's not allowed off his lead for at least 10 days. And he's on anti-biotics, which he hates taking.

But he's still alive, and he is almost certain of complete recovery if it's non-malignant. I don't want to think about if it is malignant, but we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it...

Thank you all so much for making this possible. I don't have the words to express how much it means to me. Byron is my hairy baby, and we've been through so much together. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to spend a bit longer with him. And I will be posting the stuff you bought out soon. At the moment, I am just clinging to him.

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I will be doing an f-list/reading list cull across several platforms today. This is (again) due to time reasons, and not anything else.

What does this mean for you?

  • Dreamwidth - if I take you off my reading list and you have access, I won't take you off my access list. If I take you off my reading list and you don't have access, I'll just stop reading you. I won't be offended by reciprocal removals.

  • Facebook - I use my personal facebook profile in a very restricted way. If you get removed, and you're not horribly offended at being knocked off my f-list and still want to keep up with what I'm up to, you can follow my public profile.

  • Livejournal - I am slowly reducing Livejournal to a rump If you crosspost from DW to LJ, you will be removed from LJ. However, if you get removed from my LJ f-list and you're NOT on DW, the chances are you will still have access to f-locked posts on Dreamwidth... But this will necessitate you moving to DW, which I recognise is a big ask for some of you. I have some DW invites, and there is a codesharing com and you can add my public posts to your f-list here. But, again, I recognise that f-list removal may offend some of you terribly. Sorry.

  • Twitter - if I stop following you, it shouldn't affect you at all. So don't worry.
I hope you're all going to be very understanding about this.

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the loathing for my fellows rises steaming from my brain,
In the bath,
In the bath

And condenses to the milk of human kindness once again,
In the bath,
In the bath

Oh, the tingling of the scrubbing brush, the flannel's soft caress,
To wield a lordly loofah is a joy I can't express,
How truely it is spoken one is next to godliness,
In the bath,
In the bath

Am feeling much better now. Have had a good long bath, and listened to lots of shouty music, and had several good cries. And have seen a woman driver take the top spot on the Reasonably Priced Car lap time board again, albeit briefly. Now we just need Ellen MacArthur to come back...

Anyway, I am now at the que sera sera stage, even if I have to wait till the 23rd of August to see sera (don't ask - if you do, you won't get an answer). Thanks are due to three beardy comfort blankets this time: [personal profile] matgb for taking me out with the doggies and causing comedy to happen in the park; Andrew Hickey for sending me silly songs that made me giggle on Spotify; and Lady Mark for lovely text messages. Plus the non-beardy Duracell Bunny gave me a lovely phone call, and my first smile all day.

At some point in the near future there will be a linkblogging post, but first: Sherlock.

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Thank you!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 12:37 pm
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A thank you to the donor who donated a donation this morning. I presumably know you by an internet handle (if I know you at all) because your real name is not ringing any bells. Mind you, that could just be because I am rubbish with names... You're going to be somebody I know fairly well now I've said that, aren't you?

Perhaps should spend the donation on memory drugs of some kind... Sadly the donation wasn't enough to buy this, but if anybody DOES want to give me £175,000 (preferably anonymously so that I just feel generalised rather than specific guilt) I won't say no. The donation link is in the sidebar to your right.

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Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I am not sure there's anything more any of you lot can do to help, other than being the fabulous lovely people you already are. Offering me work is no good because I haven't got the time or the spoons to do it; offering me free money just makes me feel like a sponging shit, and I already owe so much money anyway... Offering hugs is great, though, and much appreciated, especially from my two big beardy comfort blankets and the delicious [personal profile] magister, who delivered me a Rumpole box set yesterday ♥.

However bad things are for me, though, they aren't as bad as they are for Florence and Precious Mhango, who are facing deportation back to an abusive situation and being separated. The thought of someone trying to take my Holly away from me fills me with a visceral terror that I can't even begin to describe, and the idea that Florence and her daughter will be taken away from their adopted city and their friends by pettyfogging bureaucracy fills me with rage. Caron has been posting lots about this, and I encourage you to 1, read her posts, and 2, Do Something, if you can. Even if it's just writing to Theresa May (the postcode entered there is of Barclays Bank on Maidenhead high street, btw ;)).

Other links of interest:

- Everybody point and laugh at Rupert Murdoch, who can hear the tumbleweed blowing through his webservers, and probably a bell tolling in the distance.

- and while you're doing that, point and laugh at Daily Fail readers and their obsessions, depicted here in the form of an Underground map.

- of course sometimes PoliticalCorrectnessGawnMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD actually has a basis in fact...

- How sexism hurts men too, and why we should all care about it.

- what's the difference between civil partnership and marriage?

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Yesterday was fun. I went to lunch at [personal profile] djm4's house, which was lovely. It was good to see David and Giles and the kids, and eat lovely home cooking, and lounge on the lovely comfy sofa and watch Top Gear and various home movies. I always feel really relaxed and secure in that house; it's one of my happy places. Unfortunately this means I generally end up late for whatever is happening afterwards, which happened again yesterday... Oops.

Still, when I DID get to the Bree Louise, I ended up having a lovely evening. [personal profile] djm4 came along with me, and we met a pretty diverse crowd, including [personal profile] nanila, [personal profile] rhythmaning, [personal profile] innerbrat, Andy Strange, [livejournal.com profile] davegodfrey, [livejournal.com profile] ginasketch [livejournal.com profile] nadriel and Jon Ball. I didn't get to spend as much time with each person as would possibly have been ideal, but they all seemed to be getting on with each other, and the pub was lovely, with good beer and edible food at reasonable prices.

I am now on the train home, composing this on my phone, and I have a lovely 8 hour shift at work to do when I get back... Hangover does seem to be dissipating somewhat, thankfully.
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I have had a bad brain day today. This has meant I have listened to all of my podcasts and have none left and am thus craving new ones. Here is a list of what I currently listen to (starred ones I consider to be essential listening):

6 Music Recommends - BBC 6 Music
Analysis - BBC Radio 4
Best of Natural History Radio - BBC Radio 4
Beyond Belief - BBC Radio 4
Click On - BBC Radio 4
*Dirty Whoers - independently produced
*The Eleventh Hour Podcast - independently produced
*Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist - BBC Radio 5 live
Feedback - BBC Radio 4
File on 4 - BBC Radio 4
*Friday Night Comedy - BBC Radio 4
*Gardener's Question Time - BBC Radio 4
Gardening with Tim and Joe - BBC Radio Leeds
John Pienaar's Political Review - BBC Radio 5 Live
*Law in Action - BBC Radio 4
Material World - BBC Radio 4
*Newsjack - BBC Radio 7
Nights with Alice Cooper - some station in the US
Outriders - BBC Radio 5 live
Politics UK - BBC World Service
Science in Action - BBC World Service
Science Weekly - The Grauniad
Scotland's Funny Bits - BBC Radio Scotland
Test Match Special - BBC Radio 4
*The Pod Delusion - independently produced
*****The Wyrd Ways Rock Show - independently produced, and awesome, and you should all listen to it
Today in Parliament - BBC Radio 4
Tom Robinson Introducing - BBC 6 Music
*Weekly Political Review - BBC Radio 4

As you can see, I'm very heavy on the radio 4. A lot of the time, I hear one or other of these shows live (like Law in Action today) and don't need to listen to it on the podcast. I'd like to broaden what I listen to. I want more music stuff, more stuff with girls in, more fun and funny stuff. Rec me!

Stuff I don't want reccing:

- anything US-centric (sorry, USians, I do love you guys, but...)
- anything overly testosterone-laden
- music podcasts that don't actually have any music in them (like most of the 6 music ones)
- any more politics stuff - I think I have enough (oh yes, and the reason House of Comments isn't on there is because I still can't get the bloody thing to download to my phone)

Stuff I DO want reccing:

- stuff with Northern accents
- geekgirl stuff
- a girly rock show would be awesome
- stuff that has a sense of humour

Help me, oh f-list, you're my only hope!

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My flinty old heart is melted into a big pile of goo right now. The number one global trend on twitter as I type is #NickCleggsFault - a typically British reaction to being told what to think by the dead tree press. Everything from Andrew Hickey's new bald patch to Shappi Khorsandi's inability to impersonate Geordies is, apparently, Nick Clegg's Fault. Because what do we do when some hysterical extremist tells us what to think in this country? We point and laugh, and we take the piss.

Oh internets, I love you. Don't ever change.

PSA: F-List Cull

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 08:55 pm
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For most of today I have been at home sick. I have utterly failed to do anything constructive, and not been able to keep up with ANYTHING. I am therefore having a cut of f-lists.

Dreamwidth and LJ

My Dreamwidth f-list doesn't need much trimming, and LJ just needs ones that are duplicated on Dreamwidth removing. If you find yourself removed from LJ, you'll still have access on DW, and you can follow me as syndicated on LJ ([livejournal.com profile] miss_sb_dw) if that's your preferred reading method. DW has both RSS and atom feeds if that's your bag, and most of my posts will remain public.


I will be unfollowing a large number of people. Sorry. This does not, of course, mean that I want you to unfollow me, but if you want to reciprocate, I won't be offended.


I am drastically reducing the number of people I call friends on Facebook, cutting it right back to people I actually know and who are friends. If you find yourself removed from my facebook friends list and still want to follow what I'm up to, I fully intend to update my public profile on a regular basis, and you are welcome to follow that.

Thank you for understanding.
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This week's headline figures:
  • 494 absolute unique visitors (down slightly)
  • 1593 visits (up 100)
  • Busiest day: Monday
  • Readers' favourite browser: Firefox, 52.54% (up a tiny bit)

more Google Analytics statporn under here )

Exciting stats not from Google Analytics:
  • # of unread emails: 17
  • # of websites requiring work: 5
  • # of blog posts I am committed to write that I haven't written yet: 10
  • # of logos/headers to design: 2 (still one for Sarah at Same Difference, and one for next month's sponsor)
  • # of Dreamwidth Invite Codes Available for handing out: 2
  • # of people added to reading list this week: 3
  • # of people removed from reading list this week: 0 (man, [staff profile] mark, please hurry up with those reading filters...)
  • # of times I forgot to take my happy pill this week and ended up taking it late: 1
  • # of times I have had a panic attack and ended up crying on the bed scratching myself to pieces today: 2
  • # of times I have burst into tears in gratitude at how wonderful my friends are today: 3 (so far)
  • Amount of shit to put up on eBay: approx 1 million metric fucktonnes.
  • Amount of shit put up on eBay so far: 0 (but hopefully this will change by tomorrow)
I'd like to say thank you to all of you guys who have helped me through today's various crises. You are awesome, and I couldn't cope without you

* group hug *

The other thing I'd like to tell you about is [personal profile] amazing_holly's school report, which I received this afternoon. It's excellent The attainment ranks go from 1-5 and the effort ranks are A for above average, B for average and C for below average. She got 1A for most things (including literacy, numeracy, art, science, and music) and 1B for most of the rest, except for listening to the teacher, in which she got a C for effort and ICT, in which she got 1C - i.e. she is well ahead of the rest of the class, and therefore doesn't put any effort in and finds it boring.

She's so much like me it's uncanny.

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Jesus Wept...

Monday, July 6th, 2009 12:35 pm
miss_s_b: (Mood: Terrified)
I thought I had had a pretty rough weekend and was in need of some sympathy. Then I backread my friends list. Muggings, broken bones, poorly cats, doom, gloom and horror...

Note to self: there's always someone worse off than you.
Note to f-list: anything I can do, I will (obviously if it involves money we have a problem, but if you need an ear, or advice, or Mat to bake you cookies...).

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