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Because with the removal of the RSS button and the status bar, both of which I use a lot (and so does my wife), and the fact that extensions now opens as a webpage, instead of an options dialogue, we are only seeing downsides...

Thankfully the add-ons to put the RSS button back and reintegrate a statusbar have already started arriving, so the problem is easily fixed, but it's still annoying.

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Since Mat has a new laptop and I have a login on it, I thought it was about time for on of my periodical lists of what Firefox extensions I have installed. All of these are current and working.

click here to be nosey )

Hope some of you find that useful :D

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I was a bit harsh on the Stylish ff extension earlier. I mean, for starters it has made Lib Dem Act bearable to look at...

But what is this Stylish thing? I hear you cry. Well, if you are using Firefox, you can install Stylish and use it to make websites with colour schemes which you don't like, or which give you a headache, or which you can't read due to vision impairment... You can use it to make them better.

Let's use Lib Dem Act as an example. Here is what it looks like in it's natural form:

Now, lots of people really like that. It's a Tory colour scheme fresh and trendy and exciting. But two minutes looking at that big sea of white + very bright colours, and I'll be having a migraine. This is the reason my blog is coloured the way it is.

Install Stylish, and add the style "Lights Out" and it looks like this:

MUCH more bearable.

However, I realise that there are lots of you out there who like to have the pattern of your retinas emblazoned on the back of your skulls. If you're one of these, you want "Black Text on White Background", which makes Lib Dem Act look like this:

And my blog look like this:

Horrible, isn't it?

* shudder *

But yes, Stylish allows you to customise the web to make it look how you want it to be, whatever that might be. You can even, Cthulhu help me, make everything pink if you should so desire.

So really, seriously now, you have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to complain at ANYBODY about how they design their blog. You don't like it? Change it your bloody self and stop whining.

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I think that Stylish is simultaneously the best and most frustrating firefox extension there is. It allows you to change the colour scheme of any website to one which is more comfortable to your eyes, and judging by the number of dark themes available, I'm not the only person who likes dark themes. Where is the frustration, then?

Well, the frustration is mostly caused by the fact that there are two types of style - global, which affect EVERY website, and site-specific, which affect only specific sites - but no in-between state. There is no way of having a global setting which applies to all site EXCEPT ones which already have a colour scheme you like, which means you either have to set up site-specific theme for lots and lots of sites, or you have to have a global theme and toggle it on and off every time you switch tabs, which can be several times a minute for me.


Other minor frustrations involve finding a style which a first glance seems to be exactly what you are looking for, and which then turns out not to do what it says on the tin, or even doesn't work at all (this one is the one I am thinking of at the moment).

Honestly! Why can't everything just be perfect and do exactly what I want it to do?

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On Monday I'll be booting up the desktop and sorting out the extensions on both computers. To that end, here is a list of what I have on McGruder at the moment. Expect a master list on Monday ;)

list under the cut ) - isn't computer maintenance FUN? ;)

* goes to sort out all her bookmarks *

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Firefox and its lovely add-ons make me happy. Click here to find out what shiny shiny Add-ons I have installed )

Also, Dreamwidth continues to make me happy. For instance, one of my bugbears with LJ was having to use the clunky and inefficient LJ Toys to track usage. But now? Now Google Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now.! YAY!!!!

Now all I have to do is hope that the lovely lovely customer who said he would take a look at McGruder, and if he can fix her will do it for parts + a couple of pints, will be able to sort her out...

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