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Solo Blog: Milena Popova. Political blog with a open rights/lefty/feministy/internationalist slant. VERY well-written and incisive. Syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] milenapopova_feed

Group Blog: SportSister. A great news resource for women's sport. Syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] sportsister_feed

Twitterer: Bradford Batman. Like a superhero, but Yorksher. Witty, charming, loves his city, and seems to have a reasonable level of intelligence (he's a Blake's 7 fan ;))

Podcast: Relic Radio: Strange Tales. More old radio dramas - horror/sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Occasionally features actors like Vinny P and Peter Lorre. Almost always interesting.

Pinterest Board: Nyctophilia. Catering to all your pretentious goth needs, of which I have a fair number ;).

Radio Show: Neverwhere. Hasn't actually started yet, but I'm going to plug it anyway. Look at the cast! It's a nerd's wet dream! Sir Lee, Frumious Bandersnatch, Sophie Okonedo, Tony Head, THE CRIBBINS!!, the dude who was Professor X before he went bald... Tell me you're not excited by the prospect of that lot doing Gaiman?

TV series: Person of Interest. Yes, it's another show with a tough lady cop in it. I like tough lady cops. This one has a big near-furture sci-fi element as well, and nice, intricate little case-of-the-week stories slotting in well with a light over-arching plot.
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Solo Blog: Disturbing the Universe by Dave Clements. A heady mixture of scifi and actual science. Fun and interesting.

Group Blog: Geek Feminism. A nice mix of articles and a regular (not quite as regular as mine) linkspam.

Twitterer: West Yorkshire Police Dog Unit. A nice mix of safety advice, wit, and pictures of cute doggies.

Podcast: Sherlock Holmes Adventures. Interesting old radio shows from the previous century with Nigel Bruce, now in podcast form. Some Doyle originals and some "new" adventures. And adverts for KREML HAIR TONIC. THAT'S K-R-E-M-L.

Pinterest Board: Icons by Kiddý Ámundadóttir. Kiddy has broad-ranging tastes, but the pictures she posts to this board are always interesting whether you're a fan of the person or not.

Radio Show: Earthsearch. Classic radio scifi which you can just catch on iPlayer if you're quick. Lots of fun.

TV series: Elementary. Beats the shit out of Sherlock. Sorry Moffat/Gatiss, but it does. Lucy Liu's Watson is bloody awesome.
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Solo Blog: Life Less Ordinary by Stephadoo - especially worth reading is her Guide to the ladies of classic who.

Group Blog: Brian May in Places - Hilarious photoshopping of my favourite curly-haired old hippy* guitarist.

Twitterer: DM Reporter. Spoof Daily Mail journalist. Hilarious and sharp.

Podcast: Mitch Benn music podcast, this week featuring EXXCITING COMIC RELIEF NEWS!

Pinterest Board: Cosmos: the Universe. Amazing photos of stars and galaxies from a huge group of people.

Radio Show: The Film Programme. Beats any film programme on the TV by a country mile, and better than Kermode and Mayo by dint of not having the incredibly irritating Simon Mayo in it. Presented by the incomparable, analytically sound and understatedly witty Francine Stock.

TV series: Bones, sadly not on terrestrial, but available on netflix/lovefilm/etc. The most recent series is just as awesome as the foregoing ones so far :)

* this is not me being rude, it's how he refers to himself
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Today I am adding in TV and radio - I'm going to try and steer clear of the prime time mainstream stuff, though, and point you towards interesting things that you might have missed. Also, I'll try to link to internet sources (iPlayer for the BBC, for example) where you can obtain the content if you missed it on broadcast. Anyway, on with the motley:

Solo Blog: Thagomiser by Debi Linton - if you like me, and you like my views on pop culture, but would like to read someone who covers things other than Doctor Who, then Debi is the girl for you. I am particularly enjoying her current series entitled "Debi watches Arrow so you don't have to".

Group Blog: Dogshaming - Hilarious photos of dogs who have done things deemed to be naughty. Cats? Who needs cats?

Twitterer: Very British Problems. Amusing glance at how we British make ourselves suffer out of misplaced regard for politeness and not bothering anybody.

Podcast: Nerdflix, not to be confused with NerdFlix or Nerd Flix or many other similarly-named podcasts, is a podcast in which the hosts and occasionally their guests talk over sacred cows of the scifi/horror/etc. genres. Becca and Tony are very knowledgable, and I particularly liked their episode on Quatermas and the Pit, HOWEVER I am reccing it for shameless self-promotion purposes. If you like me you should download the episode which should be appearing this week in which I fight with the other guest Glenn about pretty much all aspects of the Five Doctors. And bear in mind this is me trying to be civil. Because it's a podcast, you can't see the number of times I mouthed "that's bollocks!" ;)
* shamelessly ramping up the controversy for clicks *
* but not as shamelessly as some coughcoughBurchillcough *

Pinterest Board: Anne De Campo's Doctor Who board. Stuff from here often gets repinned by other people because Anne is good at selecting interesting stuff.

Radio Show: Call Clegg. If you're a masochist, or a Lib Dem, or just like shouting at the radio, Call Clegg is a fun way to spend half an hour on a Thursday morning. Myself, I found myself shouting at the presenter more than Clegg ("stop interrupting! That's a straw man! Christ you're annoying!") but YMMV. Count Packula has a helpful guide to how to listen if you're outside of London.

TV series: Father Brown, which is on weekday afternoons, even though it looks as though it was made for a prime time Sunday slot (which is where they normally put the premium versions of what Waterstone's call "cosy crime" - weekday afternoon is normally reruns of Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote) is actually really well made and acted. The victim with his head stoved in in the first episode has make-up that would make Phil Leakey or Roy Ashton proud. Arthur Weasley is grand as the titular Father Brown, but the stars for me are Kasia Koleczek and Sorcha Cusack as Father Brown's battling parish staff.
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Solo Blog: Vambo Rools - a heady mixture of comedy, metal and a dash of politics.

Group Blog: Political Betting, mostly run by Mike Smithson, but with regular posts from other people, is still the best place to go for political analysis, mainly because these people actually make a living from putting their money where their mouth is.

Twitterer: Zoe O'Connell. Yes, I know I recommended her blog not long ago, but her tweets are grand too. Pithy, politically interesting, and educational.

Podcast: Verity!, a new podcast in which a bunch of international ladies discuss Doctor Who. I listened to episodes 0 and 1 last night, and while it can be a bit rambly, the ladies are of a diverse enough opinion set to make it interesting.

Pinterest Board: Caron Lindsay, our very own Sassy Scot, has just started pinning. Go and show her some love.
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Solo Blog: Peter Black, a Lib Dem Welsh assembly member. Peter is a great Lib Dem news aggregator, with a slant towards Wales and away from the Westminster Bubble, which can only be a good thing IMHO.

Group Blog: Classic Who Facts, all of which are totally true and not made up at all.

Twitterer: @historyweird - hilarious historical facts/news stories.

Podcast: Clarkesworld - science fiction, fantasy and horror stories three times a month. The host has a voice that doesn't grate on my ears, and the diverse mix of authors they feature is fantastic, lots of women and PoC.

Pinterest Board: Doctor Who - Daleks by Kat Ann. I want a Christmas Tree Dalek so bad now.
miss_s_b: Animated Viking shouts lots of words that originated in Viking language (Viking)
I've been a bit lax about this lately, haven't I? Oops

Solo Blog: Complicity, by Zoe O'Connell. Zoe is incredibly knowledgeable about a number of subjects I know just enough about to know that they are important. Worth reading for anything to do with IT and technology systems, and LGBT+ issues.

Group Blog: Geek Feminism. Often slightly longwinded (Think Alex Wilcock ;)) but always interesting, even if I don't always agree with what they say.

Twitterer: @AAEmmerson. Yes, I know I recced Andy in FF#3, but I'm doing it again. He's a very conversational twitterer, and you'd like him.

Podcast: The Pod Delusion. Look, this isn't self interest because I haven't submitted a piece for ages. Worth downloading today's End of the World Special purely for the theme tune, which is a relyriced version of That REM Song - instead of singing "feeling pretty psyched" there's a very heartfelt "fuck you Daily Mail" which made me splutter into my cornflakes this morning.

Pinterest Board: We Are Whovians. Sing it with me, people: ... so lets set the world on fire...

Might resurrect "Other" and "Google Plusser" when I'm actually doing anything other than minimum internetting... -_-"
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Here are my recommendations for stuff on t'internet you should check out:
  • Solo Blogger - For those about to Rock - A tumblr dedicated to all things metal (and occasional silly jokes). A bit Kiss-heavy for my tastes, but I love all the old photos of Motley Crue in their days of most ridiculousness.

  • Group Blog - [community profile] scans_daily - a source of news and comment about comics which is refreshingly free of all the het-white-male-privilege-bullshit that normally infests mainstream comicsy sites..

  • Twitterer - The Fantastic Films Weekend official twitter feed - this is where I shall be this weekend.

  • Pinterest Board - Icons by Kiddý Ámundadóttir - Kiddy is a person I came across pretty randomly, and she has such broad yet refined taste. Her Icons board covers film, music, and other stars, and generally the pictures she posts of them are very well chosen.

  • Google Plusser - Saturn - all the other planets and planetoids are worth following too, but I have to follow Saturn for Holly ;).

  • Other - Argyle and Bute Council - who are today learning about The Streisand Effect after banning a nine year old from blogging about her school dinners. A NINE YEAR OLD, people. Go and tell the authoritarian arseholes what you think of them stamping down on a child with the full might of bureaucracy.
Right, and now I really must away to bradford. I have a film festival to go to! Tata!
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Here are my (somewhat Doctor Who heavy this week) recommendations for stuff on t'internet you should check out:
  • Solo Blogger - Nanila - A scientist working on (amongst other things) the Cassini space stuff and other things of awesome, Nanila is also a genuinely engaging writer and a cool person.

  • Group Blog - Doctor Her (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] doctor_her_feed) - Feminist Who discussions. Very indepth and intellectual, and utterly absorbing.

  • Twitterer - Colin Baker - the best Doctor on twitter. Also, it's his birthday today, so send him felicitations.

  • Pinterest Board - Dirty WHOers by Terry Lightfoot - Terry is one of the crew for the Dirty WHOers podcast, and here she pins pictures that are generally pretty funny, an always Who-related.

  • Google Plusser - Doctor Who - which I am now on the mod team for :).

  • Other - The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Podcast - covers all things rock and metal for two hours a week, from the depths of black metal to classic Queen to cock rock to emo. Also is presented by a guy with a comfortingly Northern accent, and who is not afraid of playing stuff by bands with GIRLS in. For one thing, he introduced me to the fabulous Nightqueen... Comes with the Miss Holly seal of approval, mainly because when you download it you get a shiny new picture of The Mighty Thor every week.
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Apologies for slight radio silence at the moment - just as I get more hours at the Lib Dem call centre, so I get extra hours at the pub (again). Work totals about 50 hours a week at the mo. On the one hand, YAY MONEY! On the other, boooo tired... Anyway, here are my recommendations for stuff on t'internet you should check out:
  • Solo Blogger - McGillianaire - An eclectic mix of sport and culture from a guy who is about as multicultural as anyone I know.

  • Group Blog - Full Fact (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] fullfact_feed) - Fascinating indepth fact-checking of claims made in the media and/or by politicians.

  • Twitterer - Andy Emmerson - witty and proflific Lib Dem twitterer. Often sweary, always opinionated, always entertaining.

  • Pinterest Board - Sci-Fi by George Takei - most of George's boards are worth following, but this one and Epic are the best.

  • Google Plusser - Science Museum - lots of interesting stuff here.

  • Other - Women Write About Comics Carnival's Quick Hit Special - write something on the topic this Saturday and get included in the carnival!
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Here are my recommendations for stuff on t'internet you should check out:
  • Solo Blogger - Did You Make That? (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] did_you_make_that_feed) - One of my favourite sewing blogs.

  • Group Blog - Den of Geek (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] den_of_geek_feed) - covers pretty much every TV show it's possible to geek about, including (obvs) Doctor Who.

  • Twitterer - Louise Jameson - I love the community of old Who actors on twitter - Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant and Frazer Hines are all also worth following. Katy Manning is as mad on twitter as she is in real life. And Louise? Louise is an interesting mix of theatre acting, Who stuff, and feminism.

  • Pinterest Board - Bad Paid-For Tattoos by Ellen DeGeneres - sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying, always a reminder to check before getting inked.

  • Google Plusser - Technogran - she's a tech-literate gran, what more reason do you need? OK, she's also a prolific and intelligible reviewer of tech products of all kinds, and also a good source of tech news.

  • Other - BBC Podcasts Directory - the problem with which is deciding which ones NOT to listen to. I definitely recommend Friday Night Comedy, More or Less and Weekly Political Review.
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Here are my recommendations for stuff on t'internet you should check out:
  • Solo Blogger - Colin Baker (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] colinbaker_opinion_feed). Yes, yes, I know, I'm biased. Also available on twitter as @SawbonesHex.

  • Group Blog - Who Daily (syndicated to DW as [syndicated profile] who_daily_feed) - a comprehensive daily list of pretty much all of the Doctor Who related activity on the internet.

  • Twitterer - FEMINIST HULK, who doesn't post as often as he used to, due to the arrival of HULK BABY, but each tweet is still either entertaining or enlightening or both.

  • Pinterest Board - James Brough's Cinema Board, which features a growing collection of James's favourite film posters, most of which are not going to be the ones you see outside the local multiplex.

  • Google Plusser - Robert Llewellyn, a heady mix of Krytie and liberal/green politics

  • Other - OK Comics - my favourite, fairly local, comic shop.

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