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I'm going to put this simply, so that everyone understands. If this bill passes, Peter Mandleson will have the power to cut off YOUR internet. Not just your home internet, but your work internet, your school or uni's internet, ANY person or body's internet, because someone who uses your connection IS SUSPECTED of downloading copyrighted software. There's no court, no burden of proof, no appeal. Your entire family's internet could get cut off because your kid does something stupid. Your entire workplace could get cut off because of that one dude in sales.

This, like many other new Labour laws pisses all over the principles our legal system was founded on: innocent till proven guilty, punishment should not be collective for a single person's crime, beyond reasonable doubt, etc. etc. etc.

This bill is going to be pushed through in the wash up. That means no proper debate, no chance for further amendments, nothing. It WILL become law if we don't do something.

Now, we Lib Dems have done what we can. At our spring conference over the weekend, we bitchslapped our MPs into realising that this is not a good plan and they ought to vote against it. But there's only 63 of our MPs. There's nearly 600 of the other buggers. So we, as a country, as constituents, ALL OF US, need to write to our MPs and tell them that we don't like this. 38 Degrees have put up a webform for you to do just that, if you don't want to do it yourself. It takes 2 minutes, literally. Please go and fill it in.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, and he wants you to write to your MP about this too.

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