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So. Is beer better than sex?

Well firstly you need to define beer. If we're talking lager here, then pretty much any sex is going to be better. Even with David Mellor in his Chelski shirt. But I don't touch that crap. So we're talking a nice real ale... THEN you need to define what you mean by sex. I mean a brief snog with some people can be better than an all night session with others (I am reminded of Nicholas Soames' mistress' description of what it was like having sex with him: like having a wardrobe fall on top of you with the key sticking out of the door - even lager's probably going to beat that).

I can think of beers that are better than MOST sex - Abbeydale Absolution, for example, or Thornbridge Jaipur - and I can think of a rare few instances of shagging that are better than any beer. So the answer to the question I was asked is "sometimes".

But of course, if you can get good beer AND good sex on the same evening, that's the best of all :)

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