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... Not talking about it publicly is really REALLY hard.

That is all.
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Had a comment passed back to me today by my mum. One of her friends, who is a local voter, has apparently opined that nobody is going to vote for me because I have 'all that ironwork' in my face. Well, yes, I have a small eyebrow piercing, and my tongue is pierced. Now, aside from the question of whether this has any impact whatsoever on my ability to represent local people and/or hold the local council to account - and I would posit that it doesn't - the guy in question is someone who is to be regularly found in the pub complaining how politicians are all the same, they are all corporate guys in suits, they don't understand the concerns of the working man, they're only interested in lining their own pockets, etc.

I just don't get it. If the electorate don't like the idea of self-important corporate men in suits being your representative, why don't they stop voting for them, and instead vote for someone who is none of those things? Or is an eyebrow ring more important than all that?

Don't get me wrong, I always knew that my appearance would be an issue, I'm not that naive. It's just a bit depressing to have the kind of attitude expressed by someone who has known me since I was eight.

Oh well. All I can do is put myself before the electorate and let them make their judgement. Hopefully not all of them will judge on how many piecings I have - or, for that matter, what colour my hair is - and will instead look at what I stand for.

Post Feminism

Friday, December 18th, 2009 10:28 pm
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I just read this post and it made me cry with frustration. Why is this sort of shit even necessary any more?

And yes, before the (white) blokosphere jumps on me, I know it's a single post, I know it's anecdotal evidence, I know it's not scientific proof. But, for Cthulhu's sake, how many more anecdotes do we need before someone does the research? Oh yes, I forgot, they have. The Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation have. The British government have. They found that job applications with exactly the same text but with female (or ethnic) names were much less likely to be given interviews than the same applications with white male names.

And what was the reaction to this news? A huge cry rang out from pretty much all the big employers, that they want to be able to to keep on discriminating in favour of the white male.

So when are we going to stop pretending we live in a kyriarchy that systematically downgrades the Other? Because I'm pretty fucking sick of it myself.

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But I might as well be. I'm in Solihull.

My laptop charger cable is broken, hence the lack of blogging/email answering recently. I have borrowed my dad's Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee to type this and I have 351 unread emails which number I am desperately trying to reduce - eeeeeeeeek! Brother is trying to mend laptop cable for me, but he can't find his soldering iron so he's using a little blowtorch... I can't see this ending well, but I shall keep you posted.

Anyhew, I am in Solihull because I am going to the bike show with daddy dearest, so blogging would likely be light anyway. Expect much whinging over the next few weeks about how unfair it is that I can't afford a motorbike anymore... But the point of this post is, if you need to contact me desperately, the best method is to text/call me on my mobile phone. Number is here (you'll need to be on my f-list to click the link).

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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 04:03 pm
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I wish I had the money to buy and the space to fit one of these. Sometimes Wii boxing just doesn't cut it.

That is all.

((ETA: just thought I ought to add, in case anyone was worrying, the source of my frustration is that an eminently qualified and intelligent man would rather believe that a self-selecting technorati survey is more authoritative than the office for national frigging statistics than believe that he might possibly be perpetuating some unconscious sexism. First step to solving a problem is recognising that THERE'S A FRIGGING PROBLEM. Ahem. But I'm not going to shout at him about it - or link to it so that you guys can shout at him about it - because I know it's unconscious and he's generally a good feminist ally))

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