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So, my friend made a game. It's a classic point and click adventure in the style of things like Monkey Island. You click on things, you talk to characters, you solve puzzles, you win the game. Except... I thought Monkey Island was dead boring. This is not dead boring. I've even played the tutorial through three times, just to see what the different answers do, because it's so laugh out loud funny.

So yes, I'm slightly biased here because the game is made by someone I know, and is set in a fictionalised version of a town two train stops away, and my daughter voices one of the characters (look out for small child of indeterminate gender Little Bilge)... but this is the most fun I've had playing a game in ages. It doesn't try to screw you for more money, it doesn't make you do stupid repetitive daily tasks, it doesn't rely on ninja reaction times. It's happy to just make you laugh and warm your heart. In times like we are going through now, that's more valuable than diamonds.

Honestly, guys, you know I wouldn't bullshit you about anything involving money, I'm from Yorkshire.

Go buy Yorkshire Gubbins. You won't regret it.
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Why is it that in most games you can't choose who you are going to be? I mean, the games I remember fondly from mumblemumble years ago when I was at uni, you were either a disembodied hand (possibly with some kind of weapon in it) or you could choose who you were going to be. Why doesn't this happen any more?

Because all this "men will only buy games with male protagonists" vs "we need more diverse protagonists" crap could be sorted out if games just allowed you to choose who you were playing, surely?

Would it add all THAT much extra time to development to have one male actor and one female actor record the lines your character says (if necessary - a lot of protagonists don't speak at all, from what I've seen), and to make characters customisable?

I mean, clearly I'm missing SOMETHING...
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Marvel Superhero Squad is now available in trading card/CCG form. And while I approve of many of the cards (Captain America doing the washing LOL), This one is clearly the best trading card ever made:

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Doctor Who Trading Cards

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 09:46 pm
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Expect this table to fill up as time goes on :D

table behind the cut because it's rather large )
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For those of you who wanted to hear it, mine and James' very sweary "commentary" on Tomb Raider is up on my Jennie Reads Stuff tumblr. It basically consists of him trying in vain to teach me how to play the bloody game, and me making lots of noises of frustration.

There's also been some buggering about with my sidebar and profile on this blog of late, so they might be worth a second look if you feel like it.

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Another one that we picked up for virtually nothing second-hand at Ninja Games.

Madworld is a totally over the top beat-em-up game, in which you basically play a Ron Perlman lookalike and you have to kill as many people in as amusing a manner as possible. This means much waggling, punching, and circling with the Wii remote as you punch, kick, trap, throw, knife and baseball bat people into oblivion. By the time I had finished the first two levels I was knackered; I suspect those who are in the peak of health might last somewhat longer, but there really is a lot of movement involved in this game.

The gameplay makes great use of the Wii controls, but the best thing about it, for me, is the art. It's like being in a Carlos Ezquerra or Brian Bolland 2000AD strip. It's GORGEOUS. Every two seconds you are re-enacting Gaze into the fist of Dredd and it makes me squee like a squee-y thing.

Predictably, the reason it didn't sell too well is that Nintendo have been too successful in marketing the Wii console to non-gamers, so now hardcore gamers are really snotty about it. Waaaaah, we don't want to play this on the Wii, we want it on the PS3, they whine, ignoring the fact that the mechanics of the game are perfect for Wii controllers, and it would just be pressing boring buttons on the PS3. The conservatism of these supposedly hardcore gamers is ridiculous.

Fie on them, say I! MOAR silly blood-soaked action games for the Wii, please, Nintendo! Preferably with four player capability.

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Since I am off work at the moment, and can't do anything too strenuous, I am playing lots of Wii games. The following reviews are based around the experiences of someone who is pretty crap at computer games anyway, and has been rendered even more crap by the inability to performn sudden movements.

Speed Racer

Normally this is one of my favourite games, but you have to do a lot of lateral jerky movements to perform attacks on your fellow racers, and this hurts like buggery after abdominal surgery. For anyone in the peak of health, though, this is a fabulous racing game. Yes, I know the film is utter bobbins, but I promise you, the game based on the film is one of the nicest racing games I have played, and supports up to four players racing against each other on any unlocked track and with any unlocked character.

Goldeneye 007

This is a rebuild of the N64 game with updated graphics, and is therefore just as playable. The multiplayer feature supports up to four players, playing with any Bond character from, like, ever, and a huge array of guns. We haven't fully explored it yet, because the control system takes a bit of getting used to, but it looks like it's going to be excellent. Two downsides: the multiplayer doesn't appear to have a co-op mode, and it's Daniel craig Bond and not-Sean-Bean as Alec. You still get Judi Dench M though :D

House of the Dead 2&3

Two games on one disc, lots of good old fashioned shoot-the-zombies stuff. You can play this as a co-op, and it's very silly and lots of fun.

Resident Evil 4

Great graphics, good game engine, too plot-heavy for my tastes. Also has a worryingly fetishised attitude to putting barely-legal-girls (whose tits gets remarked on by a character in the game) in boxes.

Alien Syndrome

Incredibly annoying camera angles ruin what otherwise would be a perfectly good sci-fi shoot-em-up, if a bit basic on the graphics front. But it only cost us three quid.

de Blob

Really silly, really fun game. Evil agents of greyness have sucked all the colour out of your city, and you have to bounce around splashing paint on things to put the colour back and free your fellow citizens. It's a very subversive and silly game, and I like it lots. The sequel comes out soon and is available for pre-order on amazon. It's on my wishlist (this is me, being subtle).

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

This is a port of the original game with updated graphics too. It's ruined by the most irritating control system in the world. For instance, you have to point the wii remote to aim your gun at stuff, but the camera angle moves so frantically that whenever you aim at something the thing you are aiming at has moved speedily away. Also rather plot heavy, and how in the hell you are supposed to work some of it out without a walkthrough is beyond me.

Overlord: Dark Legend

This ia another very silly game, but lots of fun. You play an evil overlord who has to take back his kingdom, and you have evil minions to do your bidding and everything. I wish it had multiplayer, because Holly and I both love it. It gets some rather harsh reviews on amazon, which I think is a bit unfair; it's probably not for the hardcore gamers, but it's a lot of fun, and that's what gaming is supposed to be, right...?

Anyway, speaking of fun, unbeknown to us, Mat put the voice recorder software on his phone going while James and I were playing Tomb Raider last night. Who wants me to edit the resulting commentary manageable length and put it up for you to listen to? Warning: contains strong language and scenes of mild peril ;)
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