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The Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue came today. I want lots of things from it. I'm already growing some of these, but I also want this and this and this and this and (of course) this... And a big enough garden to plant them all in. And a shed.


It sucks being poor.

Still, at least Alan Turing has his posthumous apology. That cheers me up a bit. It means my electronic signature wasn't wasted.

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Mah Plants

Saturday, August 8th, 2009 03:12 pm
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You may have noticed that blogging has been a little thin on the ground recently. Well, this post will show you why. May I present, The Plants:

This is George, my Habanero Chili plant.

more under the cut... )

If you click through to flickr, there's a description with each photo that gives you further details. I'm off to get ready for work (another thing which is taking up lots of time).


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... and the planning of gardening (my seed potatoes came today! And also I have planted some of these, because what more appropriate flower could there be for our garden?) and work... today, I are bin mostly making these.

They should be just about ready for my birthday.


Hope you are all well. I should be back to normal soon; I actually have some days off coming up! Imagine the luxury! Also, lots of unread emails and unreplied-to comments to sort out, but I will get to them, I swear.

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Gardening Stuff

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 09:46 pm
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Today I are bin mostly:
  • Making my potato barrel from two old dustbins, a lot of elbow grease, and judicious application of drill and the trusty Spear and Jackson Predator. There may be photos later, because I am really proud of it.

  • Cleaning the yard and the steps

  • Sorting out the existing pots in the garden, weeding, and getting ready for the arrival of the compost bin.

  • planting out beetroot and radishes

  • Getting my hair done
A productive day, I feel. :D

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Dreamwidth Geekery

Monday, July 27th, 2009 11:59 pm
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I like the new logged-in homepage. It's one of the things I am clinging to about today which hasn't been really awful and depressing.

The other thing was being out in the garden with [personal profile] amazing_holly planting sweetpea seeds earlier. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit early for late planting and a bit late for regular planting. But she wanted to do it, and it was fun grubbing about in the compost with her.

I'm trying not to think about anything else that happened today. Work was particularly awful; this is made worse by the fact that I've had a good long stretch of really enjoying it, and today was a big jolt. Also Mat was really stressed (for mostly good reasons) so neither of us were in a fit state to be the support to each other we usually are.

Instead, I'm going to run myself a bath, and sink into it, and think about how cool it was to be planting stuff with Hol, and what a little angel she's been today, even though I have been grumpy as all hell.

I am a very lucky mummy.

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Gardening Stuff

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 12:47 am
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I am getting properly into this growing your own lark. The thing is that normal people, when drunk, go look at porn or cars or something. I have spent the last hour and a bit on various gardening websites. Why did nobody tell me I would become so obsessed?

The frustrating thing is that I will have to wait for next year to do a lot of what I want to do. But I can get prepared! I want one of these! And a couple of these. And two or three of these, too. I might only have a tiny yard, but I aim to make the most of it...

Of course, given the lack of funds, some of them might have to be homemade... But that's not a problem, really, especially not given the time-frame. F'r'instance, there's the old chimney-pot factory near here. I bet we could find SOMETHING round the back of that for the potato barrel and/or strawberry planters...

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For [personal profile] innerbrat

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 11:00 pm
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... In case you didn't see it on Andy Ducker's LJ. Other dinosaur geeks may also find this amusing:

I show you comforting dinosaurs (and spend time in the garden) because politics is just too weird and scary to contemplate right now. I mean, rumour has it that Gordo the Magnificent is actually thinking of Mandy for foreign secretary... Is he actually TRYING to scupper the ship before he's forced to walk the plank?

But I'm not despairing. I'm going to go and talk to George and make him grow up big and strong and give me lots of nice tasty habaneros. Even George has more sense than to put Mandy in charge of the foreign office, and he's a PLANT, for Cthulhu's sake!

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Gardening Update

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 04:45 pm
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We went to B&Q this afternoon, for some curtain hooks. We bought the Oregano plant for the spare pot (Country Cream Variegated) and we also ended up with an extra basil (because we use LOTS of basil) some coriander, a grow-your-own propagator kit with Rocket and Coriander seeds (because Mat loves rocket), and, because I couldn't resist it, a baby orange habanero chilli plant.

I have bookmarked the Royal Horticultural society website, and a couple of chilli grower websites, and I listen to Gardeners Question Time on the radio obsessively anyway, so I should be cool LOL.

I now have the dirtiest fingernails in the world.

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