State of the SB

Sunday, December 19th, 2010 04:58 pm
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- In the last two weeks I have left the house exactly five times:
  1. To go obtain sick note and then take it in to work, which took me three days to recover from.
  2. To go to Ninja Games to obtain boredom-busters, which took me two days to recover from.
  3. To go to Tesco to obtain food so that I do not starve, which took me a day to recover from.
  4. To go to the tattoo parlour and see Bob about sorting out his web presence, which took me a day to recover from.
  5. To go to the National Media Museum to interview Tony for [community profile] mygoditsthebaggageman, which took two and a half hours (not including travel) on Friday and from which I am just about recovered now. I slept 17 hours Friday night.
From this it can be seen that my recovery time from doing any sort of activity at all is getting less, but is still nothing like normal.

- [personal profile] matgb and [personal profile] magister have both been utterly amazing. The have both looked after me fabulously well - getting me dressed, helping me in and out of the bath and up and down stairs, getting me food and drink, walking the dogs for me - all the things which normally I would do without blinking, but which now require herculean effort. Our little household has been cramped but happy for most of that time, and it's 99% due to the efforts of my boys, and I love them both very much, particularly because they have both put up with my frustration and annoyance at my inability to perform simple tasks so well. I am now routinely referred to as lazyarse. [personal profile] magister has had to go back to Merseyside today, and things are going to be harder on [personal profile] matgb now he is sole carer, and hasn't got James to tag team with, so please be gentle with him, he may get grumpy. And I have to wait till my birthday to see James again. Woe :(

- I haven't heard back about housing benefit yet. This is irritating. I don't like messing my landlord about because he's an absolute sweetheart, and that's a rare thing in a landlord. I also haven't heard back about sick pay, which is unfortunate...

- Mum and Dad come back from their holidays tomorrow. This should take a bit of the pressure off Mat because he can always offload me onto them if I start driving him really insane.

- The three small keyhole surgery wounds are pretty much gone now, and the gret big one that was made after they realised keyhole wasn't going to wash is looking ok. Because she sewed it up from the inside, and because of the positioning of it, I don't think it's going to be very noticeable. The pain is barely there when I am sitting still now, and only flares up if I move at all. I still feel ten times better than I did before the surgery. So softly had gideon crept up on me that I hadn't realised what a profound effect he was having.

Anyway, yes, this post can basically be summed up as: Jennie is feeling shit, but better than she was, and getting better all the time, which is good. How are you lot?

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I think I did too much on Monday going to the doctor's AND to work to drop off my sick note because I was completely wiped out yesterday. I got out of bed for maybe 2 hours in the evening. The whole "don't lift anything heavier than a cup of tea for at least three weeks" thing is getting very old. Things heavier than a cup of tea which I normally lift without thinking include:
  • Roxy
  • Holly
  • plates of food, pots and pans
  • pints of beer
Thankfully, [personal profile] magister has stuck around to be nursemaid, which is lovely. It takes a lot of the pressure off [personal profile] matgb, and means that I don't have to plan everything (even going to the toilet) like a military manoeuvre. And Holly thinks it's fab because she adores him. And we have done lots of podcast bits; expect episode 2 today at some point.

Doggies are being great; Roxy has only jumped on me once, and Byron is being SO gentle with me.... Mind you, he knows what surgery is like.

Anyway, an important question has arisen which I think you should all answer:
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Cherry pie and cream is a perfectly healthy breakfast.

View Answers

20 (74.1%)

Of course it is
19 (70.4%)

It's got fruit in and everything
25 (92.6%)

Ticky box!
21 (77.8%)

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My belly has gone all sorts of interesting colours.
I have lost my belly button piercing because one of the keyholes has gone right through where the fistula was.
Having a bath is AMAZING, even though it's difficult to get in and out.
In fact, movement of any kind is difficult. You don't realise how much you take your capabilities for granted until you don't have them any more.

Anyway: task for today is to obtain sick note from doctor and take it in to work so that I can have SSP, which is a MASSIVE £79.15 a week. My friend Ted is coming to pick me up soon and I shall go on this adventure. [personal profile] magister is coming with me to aid in the walking and things. It should be fun...

Oh yes, and the descision is made. The most quintessentially English thing is Brian Blessed in cricket whites singing the Doctor Who theme at the Last Night of the Proms, broadcast on radio 4.

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Gideon is Gone

Monday, December 6th, 2010 07:54 pm
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Yesterday, when I was getting ready for work, I fell down the stairs. this caused minor bruising on my elbow, a slight carpet burn on my hip, and Gideon to twist himself round my uterus. This caused absolutely excruciating pain, and an ambulance was called.

After the usual being asked the same questions about a million times, I ended up in emergency surgery. The surgical team (Linda, Claire, Carol, Olga the Anaesthetist, and Doctor Chan the surgeon) were absolutely amazing. I couldn't have wished for a safer set of hands. [personal profile] magister and [personal profile] matgb waited for me to come out and were both there when I came round. And... Well...

gory details ) I feel SO much better, better than I have for weeks. Also, Doctor Chan told me that if I hadn't fallen, I would have ended up in A&E for emergency surgery before Christmas the rate Gideon was growing.

I now have to have 6 weeks off work, and I'm not allowed to do heavy lifting or karate for at least 3 months.

This sucks.

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State of the SB

Thursday, November 25th, 2010 10:50 pm
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Have been off work sick yesterday and today. This is not good.

Saw the consultant yesterday; Gideon is a fibroid. He needs to be taken out, and I've been booked in for February (three months away FFS!), with the proviso that I can go in earlier if the surgeon gets a cancellation. My GP has given me some super extra strength painkillers to keep me going. I feel very down about the whole boiling.

Podcast is all recorded, but there have been some hiccups with the editing. I may put up a rough cut, just to get episode one out there.

Holly is having The Hobbit for her bedtime story and I got so into it that I was reading to her for three quarters of an hour tonight. She's loving it. She managed to wangle herself onto a school trip that we had no idea was happening today too, the little so and so...

Blogging mojo is all out of kilter.

All the above, though? None of that is why I am not going to help out in Old and Sad. If we lose the by election, the party will be wounded. The media will whap us with it. But if we win, with that candidate? I can only see damage resulting from that too. So I'm hiding under the duvet as far as Old and Sad is concerned. For more information, Andrew Hickey has written a post which is full of the conflict I feel.

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Mister Choy, the consultant gynaecological oncologist at the MacMillan centre, was very lovely. I have had more blood taken because although the initial blood tests checked my blood cell counts and liver and kidney function and blood sugar they didn't actually check for cancer markers. This is possibly because the first suspicion was an ectopic pregnancy.

Gideon is slightly bigger than a walnut. He's about 7 centimetres in diameter. It's still possible that he's a fibroid or a cyst, and I may need to go for another scan.

I have to go back in two weeks (unless I need a scan) when they have had chance to analyse my blood and have a meeting about me.

So, all in all we don't really know a lot more than we knew yesterday, aside from the fact that Gideon is more grown up than we at first thought.

Two weeks...

I am trying not to panic, but it's really hard.

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News of a sort

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 11:37 pm
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Got a phone call from the hospital earlier today. They have an appointment slot tomorrow afternoon - must have been a cancellation to be that fast, I reckon - so I am going to go see the specialist at about 2.30 tomorrow.

Speculation is rife. My mum had fibroids at about my age - well, she'd had them for ages, but was diagnosed at my age - and has told me all about how awful they are. I have had messages from people telling me a bout other stuff too. Apparently the most likely option for a person my age is an ovarian cyst.

Whatever Gideon is, I hope I will know tomorrow, and I hope that it's easily dealt with. It's been sat there aching dully all day and it's getting old. The only thing that seems to relive it is being in water, which means that Holly and I spent two and a half hours at the swimming pool this afternoon. She was proudly showing me how she could swim underwater, and making me pretend to be a water zombie and chase her for her brains.

More news as I get it.

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So I went to the doctor and...

Well, the lump that I christened Gideon after our dear chancellor turns out to be a tumour about the size of a walnut in the area of my left ovary. The C-word hasn't been mentioned; I need to have more tests to find out what it is. All that is known at the moment is that there is a lump of something that shouldn't be there.

I'm not losing weight abnormally.
My blood tests came back normal, which is what I am clinging to at the moment, because if it was a horrible malignant cancer there ought to have been something in my blood.
I have been unusually tired and grumpy, and have lost my blogging mojo. At least now I know why.

I'm going to get called or written to by the hospital in the next week to ten days.

I am trying not to panic too much, but it's hard. I am responsible for my household. How am I going to keep things together? Clearly this is going to involve some time off work. The timing could not be worse. I've so far resisted the urge to get roaring drunk and blot it all out, but must confess to having hidden under the duvet a bit.

Thank you to everyone who has phoned and texted and twittered. It helps so much to have such a wonderful collection of amazing friends. I can't tell you how much it means to me.

I'll keep you all informed.

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