Sunday, August 19th, 2007 09:56 pm
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Last night was really cool. [ profile] susannah_banana is a fab DJ and played lots of cool stuff and also much amusing cheese. [ profile] matgb and I did some utterly filthy dirty dancing and lots of snogging and there was a boy with the world's most amazing hair (yes, [ profile] puddingcat, even better than the bassist from Trivium) and also a boy wearing a T-shirt that said on the front "Schrodinger's cat is dead" and on the back "Schrodinger's cat is not dead" which was very cool.

Also, transport was not that bad. Nights out in Leeds are feasible! Hurrah!

This morning... well, there was one of those perfect moments, when you're laid in a post-coital snuggle in the arms of the one you love and you don't want it to ever end. Sadly, it had to end, because I had to get up for work, and the wonderful [ profile] nannyo and Mup had arrived with breakfast. Theoretically, they were coming to pick up some stuff I had borrowed. This somehow turned into them arriving with croissants and smiles and making breakfast for very bleary [ profile] matgb and I. And then giving me a lift to work. My gratitude for this wonderfulness knows no bounds.

And now I am home. [ profile] shrublette is at her dad's for the week. The house is all quiet and empty. There's no click-type-giggle of Mat on the laptop behind me. It just feels... odd. Like there's a bit of me missing and I can't quite put my finger on what it is...


Anyway, there has been wedding discussion. Nothing is concrete yet, but we're looking at May next year. Venue(s) are still under discussion. Finances are totally up in the air. We're thinking that, rather than a wedding list, we'll possibly ask people to contribute to a honeymoon fund, because, well, we already have toaster and juicer and stuff... Does this sound like a plan? Also, we definitely don't want to have a SOPPY first dance, but are unable to agree completely what it should be... Front runners at the moment include Misshapes by Pulp and The Love Cats by the Cure... thoughts of the f-list?

As for clothing... Well, I can't wear white, can I? It would be false advertising. So I have had the madcap idea of having six bridesmaids, and doing the colours of the rainbow. I'm bagsie-ing violet, and then Shrubby in Indigo, and others in red/orange/yellow/green/blue. This way I can make [ profile] puddingcat wear canary yellow! Yay! And obviously [ profile] ginasketch = red. [ profile] missdiane, would you prefer blue or orange? For Sarah-ex-lodger is having green, and best-friend-Claire says she's not bothered and can wear any colour... And is it possible to get morning suits in black? Because, you know, Mister Mat in a cravat? Rawr.

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