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I have been waiting all my life for a Yorkshire Doctor and now we've got one! Yay!

In no particular order, I things especially loved included SPOILERS! ), onna train! Also SPOILERS! ), the stunning performance of SPOILERS! ), and actually SPOILERS! ).

But OMG Jodie Whittaker! She's so utterly Doctor! Genuinely, genuinely loved her, and I'm so relieved.

Can't wait for next week!

Carlton does a happy dance
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I just noticed I haven't posted an actual post for ages and it's all been linkspammy, probably because I've been spending most of my Expressing Myself spoons on drawing things and putting them on instagram, so I thought you'd all appreciate a little update
  • Item: I am standing in the council elections. Again. The last 2 years I got exactly 103 votes. I am hoping for a modest increase to 104 this year, because Alisdair will be able to vote for me, living in my ward as he does now.

  • Item: Mental and physical health things are more-or-less under control at the moment (she says, hoping not to jinx things).
    Mentally, I've had less than the usual hiding-under-the-duvet days since surviving The Februaries, and I'm managing to mostly stick to my exercise-away-the-mentals schedule. These things may or may not be related. I am now at the level of fitness where it is almost impossible for me to consume the number of calories I am burning, so the weight has started dropping off again. I may be able to fit into nice clothes by autumn conference, which will help with self esteem and things. We shall see.
    Physically I'm still having some debilitating pain days, but not so many, and managing to at least swim, even when I can't manage the weights because of a pain day. I am lucky that if necessary I can work from home, so it doesn't actually impact work. Speaking of which...

  • Item: Job continues to be good, and interesting. Every day is a different thing. I approve of this. A lot of what I get to do is research things so that the boss can spend 5 minutes reading my summary email, rather than three hours googling. I now know lots about various things I never even considered knowing about before. Yay learnings!

  • Item: Daughter appears to have developed some bits of executive function; she's by no means perfect, but is getting into the routine of wake - shower - breakfast -brush hair and teeth - get dressed - go to school in a morning, and come to mummy's office - do homework - go home - get changed - eat tea in an afternoon. It's only taken nearly two years...
    (Seriously, given how awful I can be with executive function, I am incredibly proud of her. At this point in my career at the same school I already had the school detention record under my belt; she's doing WAY better, and it's not entirely due to having a diagnosis).

  • Item: Doggies continue adorable. As do boys. Mum and Dad are both good...
I think that's about it, really... Hope you lot are all good. I do try to remember birthdays and stuff but I'm pretty rubbish at that.

*big hugs for everybody*

(especially you, Duffett, I know you're out there)
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It's not often you'll see me post to my blog officially in my capacity as chair of the local Lib Dems - mostly because I know it's not something that most of my readership is interested in - but today I'm making an exception to that.

First, a little background. Calderdale council is currently run under a cabinet system by a minority Labour administration. There has been frustration among all the OTHER councillors (Lib Dem, Tory and Independent alike) about the levels of secrecy and lack of transparency this entails for some time. This has recently come to a head over the proposed council budget, agreed by Labour councillors in secret among themselves without any consultation whatsoever with the rest of the councillors.

Now the eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted the phrase "minority administration" in that previous paragraph. You see, the thing is, if everyone else bands together, there's more of us than there are of Labour. Which has led to this: http://calderdalelibdems.focusteam.org/2014/02/19/agreement-reached-on-budget-changes/

My Council Group is a diverse bunch of people, all of whom are fierce intellects and Liberals. As you might expect, sometimes this leads to debate, and even disagreement. But with this? With this there has been mature and rational discussion, negotiation, fact-finding, costing, checking and double-checking, and ultimately a proposal reached which both we and the Tories can agree to. There were some initial proposals which we made that the Tories didn't like, and some that they made which we didn't like. But both groups sat down like reasonable human beings and worked something out.

This is how things are MEANT to work, and I am immensely proud that my team have achieved this. Well done guys and girls, and especially my negiotiation team headed by our group leader Janet Battye. Really well done.
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New phone

(picture taken on old phone LOL)

Note to self: still have to do laundry and tidying and sorting out computer stuff for James today. Must not spend all day playing with new toy.

* immediately goes to App Rec post to start checking things out *
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I'd like to thank all those of you who have commented/tweeted/emailed/phoned/texted to wish me a happy birthday.

So thanks to (in no particular order, and hopefully not missing anyone):

[personal profile] magister, [personal profile] matgb, [personal profile] evilawyer, [personal profile] po8crg, [personal profile] el_staplador, [redirect profile] lb_fish71, [personal profile] sir_guinglain, [personal profile] purplecthulhu, [personal profile] gominokouhai, [profile] dave_godfrey, [personal profile] sfred, my mum, my dad, my brothers, my daughter, my ex, Helen Duffett, Nissemus, Andy Emmerson, Aremay, Stephen Tall, Dave Page, CJJC, ACMcG, MrsREJC, pickwick, eruvadhril, Abi__Normal, WGP_Josh, TeaKayB, Holly and Andrew (or possibly Andrew and Holly), ZooRockGirl, and possibly some other people who I can't find by scrolling back through twitter replies and blog comments. Somehow I find it comforting that over half of those people are folks whom I know by a pseud, even those whom I have met and spent time with in meatspace.

Anyway, you're all lovely and I am a very lucky old trout indeed.

*snuggles you all*

My birthday has been a somewhat LotR-filled day, having watched (and live-tweeted through) the 1978 animated film and had both Mat and James playing Lego LotR on the Playstation while I do stuff on the computer. I haven't got dressed all day, and it's been lovely and relaxing. And best of all, after some wrangling with T-mobile on the phone earlier, my new phone will be coming soon (although given the time of year, postage, etc, not soon enough).

This year has been a bit odd, and seen a total change of career, but I have certainly ended it pretty happy. I have a decent job with great colleagues, a nice house, and lots of family and friends I love and who love me. I could do with more time and more money, but both are better than they were this time last year. All in all, I am feeling very contented as I sit here with my G&T typing this.
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And here is the proof:


This time yesterday it had over 2000 messages, 483 of which were unread. I feel a warm glow of acheivement!

Also I have tidied up my links list and sundry other sidebar items (look to the right of your screen), made a post to my audio blog on tumblr, tidied up some of my blogging tags (although this is still very much a work in progress) and spent an hour on the phone to the mobile phone company, which while initially frustrating has resulted in them promising to send me my new phone out forthwith.

Who knows, the way today is shaping up, I may even get dressed!
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For no other reason than that they cheer me up when Gideon is being a pain in the ovary, and you can never watch them too many times, here are some of my favourite dalek videos:

Kitkat advert.

Hitchiker's Guide to the Daleks.

Dalek election debate.

How to improve the new design daleks - short and to the point.

And of course (you all knew this was coming, right?):

My Pet Dalek featuring the most wonderful little girl on the planet.

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Lots of people have already written about special conference, so I'm not going to rehash everything that's already been said. I do want to thank [personal profile] po8crg for being such a lovely chauffeur, and buying me breakfast. It was lovely to see so many of the Lib Dem Massive, even if there were a lot of white heterosexual blokes in suits called David (some of them far sexier than others - my my, doesn't [personal profile] djm4 scrub up well?). There were loads of people not called David* too, and I lost count of all the hugs and kisses I got from people who I really do consider to be part of my family these days.

Ros chaired with her usual grace and humour. Evan moved a brilliant amendment (which I signed! :)) complete with Woddy Allen reference, as did the gravelly-voiced sex pot and Dave Page, the world's most activist activist. But my wildest cheers were reserved for [personal profile] djm4 and [personal profile] sashajwolf's amendment on the Digital Economy Act, Daddy Alex's fabulous and witty intervention, and everyone's favourite eMP Lynne Featherstone, who did an absolutely barnstorming speech about working on the Equalities brief. I'm afraid I giggled through Simon Hughes's speech because he sounded more and more like Davros as he carried on, and the fact that the person next to me (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) saying ... and with this coalition, I SHALL HAVE THAT POWER!!!! in Davrosian tones did not help stifle my giggles.

Anyway, I came away from the conference feeling pretty euphoric, despite being ripped from the bosom of my family by an impending shift at work. We're not in any danger of losing our identity, or being subsumed by the Tories. We've not lost our radicalism, our integrity, or our sense of humour. We're a vibrant, diverse party with a determination to do good that I have never seen in any other organisation. I think the guys at the naughtily-named Nick Clegg fan blog said it best:

Whatever the eventual result of this coalition, I'm proud that we've taken the risk to get our policies implemented, I'm proud to be a part of this family, and I'm proud to have voted in favour of the main motion and all of the amendments to it. We're doing the right thing, and it feels good.

* aside from all those mentioned above, shouts going out to El Presidente and Lady Mark; Sian, Emma and Manny; Adrian, Jason, Romer, Crofty and the rest of the stewarding crew; Mummy Helen, Daddies Richard and Alex, and Millennium; Tessa Munt, Lynne Featherstone and Linda Jack; Susan Gasczack (one day I shall learn to spell your name) Jon Ball, Ian and the rest of the FCC and FE gangs; Ali G, Dazmondo from Bracknell Blog, Mark Reckons, Lloyd Harris, Andy Strange, James Blanchard and Gareth Epps; and most importantly of all the smallest conference delegate, Steph Ashley's daughter Alex, who is AMAZING and very cool, and I want to introduce her to Holly as soon as possible, because I think they would get on like a maison en flambé.
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Take three minutes and fifteen seconds out of your life to watch this video (yes, Imogen, this means YOU):

It was made by a bunch of activists, unpaid and unprompted. As Alix Mortimer says, money CAN'T buy that kind of campaigning - which, to be frank, is good, because we really haven't got that much money. What we have got is the right policies, and the people who fully and wholeheartedly believe in them. We have hope, and we have good positive ideas, and we don't need to attack the other parties because we can stand on our own merits. I watched that video, and I felt proud and inspired and happy. The kind of feeling I haven't had since those Discovery Channel ads about how awesome the world is and how glad we should be to be part of it.

I am part of a political party whoich doesn't just exist to cling to power, or to protect the interests of the priveliged few, or to blindly attack other parties. We want to make this country and the world a better place for everyone, by giving YOU more freedom, more say in how things are done, and more money in your pocket. It's not fantasy politics, it's fully costed, and we CAN do it. All we need is your vote.

At this point, what have you got to lose but another five years of Labservatism? Vote Lib Dem. You know it makes sense.
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The game has changed, but most of the dead tree press and the BBC are still playing silly buggers despite the fact that on Thursday night Nick Clegg threw a six. Another YouGov poll has us is first place today. This is not an isolated blip any more. This is a sustained pattern. The Tory media outlets are shitting themselves.

The Tories are in meltdown, terrified that we might actually get STV in and they'll never see an outright majority again. Labour are boasting that even if they come third in the polls UNS still gives them the most seats like it's something to be proud of. Lots of media outlets are attacking us, and even the beeb is repeating the old vote Lib Dem, get Labour/Tories canard, even though the VoxPop on the Today programme is telling them that the electorate are seriously considering us.

How about this?

Vote Lib Dem, get Lib Dem.
Vote for change, get change.
Vote to totally shake up this country's cosy political system, get a new political system.

It's been a truism for years that if everyone who leaned Lib Dem actually voted Lib Dem then we'd win. This time it might actually happen. Nick Clegg's conference speech is starting to look less like mad posturing, and more like prescience. Imagine Vince Cable as chancellor. Imagine Lynne Featherstone doing Harriet Harman's job. Imagine David Laws in charge of education. Imagine a science department under Evan frigging Harris. Awesome, isn't it?

James Graham had a fantastic article in Comment is Free this weekend:
What is needed at this stage is not nuanced psephological arguments but a clear, disruptive, brutal message: vote Liberal Democrat and change the system.

When my computer starts doing odd things, I don't spend hours faffing about trying to debug the operating system. I hit the reset button. When my phone jams, I hit the reset button.

Courtesy of Nick Clegg's phenomenal performance this week, a vote for the Liberal Democrats has just become the equivalent of a bloody great big reset button. You can either press that button on 6 May or sit there in your respective comfort zones complaining about nobody has any real power to change things. It really is up to you now.
World? The time has come to push the button.


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 11:05 pm
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I love this show, and Holly loves the books so much that her copy of the original one is completely knackered now... They should totally bring it out on DVD. But until then, there's always this YouTube channel...

My March Sponsor is Mark Reckons. I wonder what his favourite obscure kids' TV show is?
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... but I had a really good day today. It started with me getting my new bra, took in a nice time with [personal profile] amazing_holly and a fun karate lesson and a rather enjoyable and wideranging conversation with the Duracell Bunny, and ended with a viewing of The Wicker Man in tribute to Ed Wood Wood Wood.

Also managed to get some stuff sorted out with a few people, and set up my dad's new laptop on t'intarwebs.

Most satisfactory :D

The thing is, I don't want to go to sleep now, because I am enjoying the lovely warm feeling today has engendered, and I know tomorrow can't possibly be as good...

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Monday, September 7th, 2009 12:20 pm
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Today is shaping up to be quite a nice day.

Holly is safely at school, the dogs are walked, and Mat and I went back to bed for the morning. We are currently snuggled up in lazy mode. At some point I have to get up and do some gardening and DIY and cleaning and things, and I also have to parcel up stuff that got sold on eBay and take it to the post office. But not just yet. Right now, laid here with the dogs at my feet and Mat by my side (reading his recipe book that he got from his sister for his birthday) I am very content.

Contentment is to be savoured, I feel.

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Two Things:

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 05:12 pm
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I have climbing chalk under my fingernails, and my arms ache like buggery, and I smell like a yak has been nesting in my armpits. Yup, daddy and I went climbing for the first time since [personal profile] matgb moved in with me, and it was fab. I am a very happy bunny right now. Will definitely be going again next week.

Secondly, those of you who have been wanting a proper logo to link to your position in the Total Bollocks Botties can feel free to use this one, what I made:

Simply copy this code:
<a href="http://www.libdemvoice.org/top-75-lib-dem-blogs-the-total-politics-list-15984.html"><img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/miss_s_b/pic/000sw02h.png"></a>
... and paste it into the relevant coding area of your blog's template. Obviously if I make the overall chart I'll be *ahem* amending the logo for that too.

Oh, and for those of you who haven't seen the full list? It's under the cut )

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Oh. My. God.

That was actually GOOD. Better than good. It was great. Pacing was perfect, suspense was building, ending was a stunning cliffhanger: wa-HEY!

I was SPOILER! ) when Rupesh SPOILER! ) because SPOILER! ). And Peter Capaldi is clearly SPOILER! ) which is SPOILER! ) because that's a bit predictable. Is his secretary SPOILER! ) by the way? I forgot to check the credits.

I liked Tim/SPOILER! ). He was a nice quirky detail. And I loved all the little domestic touches. Stephen's mum and SPOILER! ) were a nice character study, and Ianto's SPOILER! ) were a scream. And the couple stuff between SPOILER! ) was just SPOILER! ).

I didn't like the fact that there weren't that many good female characters in comparison to male characters, and the outstanding new female character was the woman who SPOILER! ). They could have had one of the ministers or something be female. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing SPOILER! )'s character develop. She looked pretty cool. And pretty. But A+ for racial and sexual orientation diversity (which is normal for Crotchw00t, really), even if they had a bit of genderfail. And didn't Colonel Mace have a GORGEOUS voice?

All in all, I am really looking forward to tomorrow :D YAY! I ENJOYED IT!!

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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 02:08 pm
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First ticket I have bought in ages, at least a year!

OK, so I only won £20, but still. I'VE WON THE LOTTERY!!! Woo-HOOO!!!
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Today I went to Leeds shopping with Imogen. Ostensibly this was to get me out of the house so that Mister Mat could work without me under his feet, but really, it was so I had an excuse to buy silly things. Like make-up. I haven't bought make-up in TEN YEARS. And underwear. I have never ever in my life before had matching bra and knickers before, because underwear has always been purely functional and... Well, yeah. Mister Mat was so impressed with new purple bra that I got ravished on the spot when I modelled it for him (and very pleasant the ravishing was too ;)), so HURRAH for Marks and Sparks, say I. And, you know, am still wearing it now and looking down and... well, there's cleavage there. Quite a lot of cleavage. Also, fairtrade cotton vest tops for £3.50? Yes, was quite impressed with teh M&S.

Also, Next Clearance store is FAB! I finally, FINALLY have a nice long black skirt to wear with my corset, and it's perfect, and fully lined and everything, and it was £15. And jeans with sparkly bits on.

BOO for the Corn Exchange being renovated, and thus almost empty and lotsly closed, YAY for the lovely lady in hippypottermouse (such a shame the dress didn't fit Imogen), BOO for pervy men on the train, but YAY for fabulous lunch in Whitelocks. Also, YAY for nice jam in the organic food supermarket.

And then getting home to be greeted happily by the [livejournal.com profile] shrublette was lovely, too. She asked: Is Mat going to stay, Mummy? I think Mat should stay with mummy! Forever!.

He said he was working on it, which made me smile. I still occasionally feel surprised that he hasn't run away screaming yet, but I'm rather happy that he hasn't.
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... two things.

1, On the way to the recording [livejournal.com profile] matgb and I picked up a freebie London paper. For reasons which needn't be gone into here he was spanking me with it at one stage. Then when we were in the drill hall it was on the floor at our feet... And Marcus Brigstocke picked it up. And read it. And then shoved it in Hugh Dennis's face, repeatedly. I therefore have in my possession a newspaper which has been in close physical proximity to my (clothed) bottom, and has been touched by Marcus Brigstocke's hands and Hugh Dennis's face. The bidding starts here.

2, Wearing the Forbidden Planet T-shirt was definitely a good idea. I got an impressed eyebrow raise and eye contact with Mitch Benn.

* fangirly swoon *

Also, Mitch was by FAR the funniest person there and doubtless half of his funniness will be cut.

* suspects that Mat will have something to say about that last with regard to Sue Perkins *

But yes, I laughed so hard my belly hurt and the company was great and I had eye contact with Mitch Benn. I am a very happy bunny.

And that's without even going into activities before the show, which I am sure you can all imagine, so I won't bore you with the detail but good god he's fantastic.

* feeble attempt at innocent expression *

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