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2007-02-12 03:20 pm

Despite lovely [profile] crashmatt's last minute offer of a lift...

... I'm going to be good and not go and stalk Sam West tomorrow. I can't afford to, for one thing (£20 on tickets is a couple of rounds of drinks on thursday even at London prices, I'd wager) and for another thing it's going to be difficult to sort out the Shrub-sitting, and Ian will just be difficult.

And I'd only sit there and stare and go red anyway...

Stupid self

Had a lovely time watching TG with [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat last night; we practically laughed ourselves sick.

Hurrah for the cricket!

* happy dance *

Watched the last bit of Castrovalva this morning - hurrah! for Ainley!Master flashing bare flesh!

I did pants at climbing this afternoon, don't know why. Am going to go and soak in a hot bath and try not to think too much about the chipmunk that they've cast in Ant's part for season 29 of Who, or the fact that I've just chosen Sandi Toksvig over Sam West.

* smoochies for [livejournal.com profile] crashmatt anyway for the offer *

You'll have to come over for a drinkie one evening.
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2007-01-27 08:47 pm

Hot Men picspam

[livejournal.com profile] ginasketch tagged me to post pictures of my top ten celebrity crushes. I am declining, but only because I couldn't POSSIBLY restrict myself to ten (it was hard enough trimming them down to 15) and I aren't posting them in any particular order. click for hot sexy manflesh )