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I see from the latest Pravda communique (no, I'm not linking to it; you know my policy on sites with messagespace ads) that Mummy Helen has been appointed Minister of Truth in our glorious new world order. She is now in charge of Internal Communications for the Liberal Democrats. One assumes that this refers to internal as in within the party, not as in voices in one's head...

Anyway, now we know who to complain at about those godawful party emails that treat us all like idiots to be preached at and told what to do, don't we, children?

* mischeivous grin *

Seriously, though, congrats to Helen. Communications is an important thing to get right, as evidenced by the fact that in war the first thing you try to do is scupper the enemy's communications, and I'm sure the party will be better off for having Helen in this pivotal role.

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