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Friday, January 20th, 2006 11:18 am
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Pimpin': <-- for the artists on my f-list. Mnemo?

No letters from the inland revenue today. This worries me more than another letter would have.

Smoke-free days: three
Bodycount: none.
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You guys aren't going to believe this...

This morning, I recieved another letter from the Inland Revenue. It was dated the 19th of December. It said they were stopping my tax credits and would I mind awfully paying them back the amount they had already paid me, which was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT amount to the amount that they said they had already paid me yesterday.

So, I rang them up. Now apparently the lady yesterday told me I needed to find my P60. This was news to me. I pointed out that she had told me that there was nothing she could do and that she would send me out an appeal form. I said, if you can wait 30 seconds I can find my P60, it's here, among all the letters from the inland revenue. It's here from when I copied it out onto the form that you're saying you haven't received.

* headdesk *

Anyway, the upshot of it is that I need to find SE's P60 as well and phone them back tomorrow (can't do it today because he's made ONE change today and if he makes two the system will crash) and hopefully that should get the collection department off my back.

ETA: still smoke free. Body count zero.

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