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Monday, August 15th, 2005 11:36 pm
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Since fun has been poked at my Yorkshireness from various quarters this evening:

A God-fearing American Christian - let's give him a nice stereotypical name like Billy-Bob - decides he is going to spend his vacation in England, touring historic cathedrals. He starts at Winchester. Having taken in the glorious architecture, and been suitably humbled by the age of the building, he notices something strange. In a hidden corner is a golden telephone, and above the phone is a discreet sign which reads "Direct telephone line to God. Please deposit £1 million per call. Credit cards accepted."

Billy-Bob can't believe what he's seeing, so he finds a member of the cathedral's staff, and enquires about the phone.

"Yes, my son, the telephone connects you directly to the Almighty himself", the verger informs him.
"Wow! Neat!"

Unfortunately, Billy-Bob doesn't have a million pounds to spare (being as the dollar's worth about tuppence at the moment ;)). Impressed but disheartened, he moves on to the next cathedral on his list - Salisbury. Here he finds the same thing - glorious architecture, huge weight of history, half-hidden golden phone. And it's the same at every cathedral - Canterbury, Rochester, Ely - until, having worked his way north, he comes to St Peter's in Bradford. Now, St Peter's isn't as impressive architecturally as some of the others, and it's not in as beautiful a location (being sat slap bang in the middle of Bradford), but it's still a pretty awe-inspiring place. And, as expected, it contains a golden phone. Unexpectedly, however, the sign is slightly different.

"Calls to God 10p. No soliciting"

Billy Bob is completely taken aback. He finds the nearest member of the clergy and expresses his amazement:

"Everywhere else it's a million pounds!"
"Aye, lad."
"Why is it only ten pence here?"
"Aye, well, you see, from here, it's a local call"

Oh, and a quiz thing with some surprises and some not...

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This Fun Quiz created by Valerie at BlogQuiz.Net

Cindy, I just KNEW your Gallic will would not be able to resist my English gorgeousness ;)

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